Man Murdered by Police in Bogota, Colombia in Way Similar to George Floyd

Man Murdered by Police in Bogota, Colombia in Way Similar to George Floyd

Man Murdered by Police in Bogota, Colombia in Way Similar to George Floyd

It’s Tuesday night, September 8, 2020 in Bogotá, Colombia. Two cops subdue a man for allegedly violating the Coronavirus restrictions. You see blows, they press him to the ground. Over and over you hear the electric shocks of the taser. People who record the video asks the cops: “Please don’t do more of that to him.

The victim is a 45 year old lawyer who substituted his income as a taxi driver. His name was Javier Ordóñez. He didn’t survive the constant application of pressure to his vital organs while being beaten and tased.

In Colombia, the citizens are comparing the extrajudicial execution of Javier Ordóñez to that of George Floyd in the USA, except in the case of George Floyd, all evidence points to a staged event with Floyd having been an actor whose autopsy was performed by Dr. Michael Baden – TPTB’s go to man for fake autopsies.

The killing sparked a series of protests and riots which in the first night of them happening, left at least five people dead, according to the Colombian Minister of Defense Carlos Holmes Trujillo. Local media reports however raise the number of fatalities to seven.

The Defense Minister condemned the police actions and said that there is already an open investigation of the two perpetrators, who were fired from their jobs and placed in the custody of the military justice system.

Lawyer Alejandro Lanz, who studies acts of police abuse, sees the deeper problem and says the reason deaths like this happen is “because of a police culture and a corrupt system that rewards acts of abuse of authority“. Yeah, not just in Colombia…

According to a police report obtained by the media, the plandemic lockdown enforcement has generated 400 cases of police abuse in recent months in Colombia.

Props to Best Gore member @tonymontana1 for the videos. First the vertical video of the killing of Javier Ordóñez, with vertical videos of ensuing riots appende after it:

And one horizontal video of someone apparently killed during a riot sparked by the execution of Javier Ordóñez. Not sure what this guy’s problem is. Why is he recording like a sane person when everyone else holds their phone like a total retard:

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      1. Hey Mark @Vincit Omnia Veritas just wanna say first, I really appreciate your work. Second, how do I send video suggestions to you? I have a few really good ones I always wanted to send, but I don’t know how to go about it. Got a few you might like! Got one in particular that I think will make a really good article on here. Let me know! And keep up the awesome work!

        CryWolf 😀

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    1. Esto es real, el tenia varias multas, era un vecino problemático y conflictivo. Bebía todos los dias licor y estaba ebrio e insultaba a la policía…
      Pero como siempre la izquierda y los progres satanizan a la policía…

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  2. God help them if the aftermath is anything like the George Floyd one whereby the protestors mostly ignore the police, government and all other viable targets for retribution against random people and home owners instead with quite a lot of looting, arson and murder to go along with it.

    The above is why people hated the George Floyd protesters because their actions were akin to being punched by the bully at school only to then go outside and attack a random granny in revenge whilst your friends simultaneously burn her local Bingo hall down as well.

    Still. The police really are pushing their luck. Doing this shit to actual scum of the Earth criminals is one thing but doing it to random innocent people over this fake Corona nonsense is quite another.

    They’re going to be hated by the general public more than paedophiles are soon enough.

    1. “you cant use an act or statute as a instrument to commit a common law offence as assault”.

      Unfortunately you can as common law doesn’t usually apply to cops on active duty. Only the acts relating to policing itself and enshrined by law apply to them and most of which come with “self-defence” protection in the form of “reasonable force” in the face of “escalation”, perceived or otherwise.

      When it comes to police officers on active duty self defence becomes a very broad church.

      1. The left’s whole narrative since Trump won has been “RESIST”. I see it on bumper stickers quite frequently. Well, when you’re dealing with the police, don’t resist and instead of being an animal, call your lawyer and these things wouldn’t happen. Simple. Disgusted at this bullshit tearing up the country. Thanks Barrack the Magic Rainbow Chimp and Colon Cancer dick.

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  7. People should grab the arms and stand against police, they should not let cops do that anymore, remember guys, the ones that owns the weapons are the ones in control, the state and police has almost every weapon in Colombia, so people already lost

    1. That’s the problem, the people are fighting back but they don’t have the arms needed to fight effectively. I do see a civil war or revolution in their future. Most people are taking a stand but understandably they are shitting their pants the moment the military and police open fire on them.

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