Man Murders Wife and Little Daughter with Machete Blow to Head

Child with Skull Opened by Machete

Man Murders Wife and Little Daughter with Machete Blow to Head

I got very little backinfo about these photos, but apparently the man pictured in one of them murdered his wife and their little daughter with the machete also showed in one of the pics.

There is no pic of the allegedly murdered wife. But he sure landed the machete well on the child’s skull – splitting it wide open.

Brutal, though unsurprising. Women reject scores of decent guys for a ride on a dick of violent, crime prone Tyrone.

Props to Best Gore member @chowdog for the pics, and @hiiitsang for the pics of the wife supplied later on:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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131 thoughts on “Man Murders Wife and Little Daughter with Machete Blow to Head”

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      1. Damn! You are great! I can count on you for investigative work just like that member reuploading old once deleted by prochain. Forget the legend’s name. Goddamn it! My memory is shit lol I do remember all our good chats and laughs. That goes to everyone but caterpillar eyebrows lol

        Ive been in self time out lol no but really glad to be back. I am stronger than ever after rebuilding wings out of heavy duty titanium that is light as a feather hehe…but this site isnt about me. Its about gore goddamn it 🙂 “let the good and bloody times flow… Let the good times roll … With Mexican heads …”

        “Long Satisfying Death Blade”
        “Recently Unattached Man Selfie”

        Haha that “Harvester Of Feathers” 😉 author is funny…. Until he flew to short over the CUCKu nest

        Husband Kills Wife and Baby in South Africa

        A few images of a facebook post found recently. Don’t know much, only that it took place in South Africa. A man killed his wife and baby of 11 months and is still on the run.

        Props to Best Gore member @kittensoup666 for the images:

        “Rock a Bye Baby”
        “Long Satisfying Death Blade”
        “Recently Unnattached Man Selfie”

        Author GDPR Harvester Originally Posted on September 24, 2019

    1. Agree but pour the hot plastic over his penis than take him outside tie him to a stake and a firing squad of 12 pump him full of lead.My condolences to the deceased rest in peace their short lives ended much too soon by a complete moronic imbecile.

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  8. Killing the baby should result in an instant death sentence

    I’d remove his limbs
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  9. worse thing is that , that child probably didnt die instantly… blow seems to really barely touch the surface of the brain..

    soo he probably went KO before dying bleeding out.

    maybe a coma.. but cant say if you suffer in coma, body doesnt have reaction but, we all know that the human body will do everything necessary to try survive, including crazy adrenaline dose or electroc-brain-heart shock to pump the body back again.

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