Man Murdered by Wife and Stuffed Inside Suitcase in Mohali, Punjab, India

Man Murdered by Wife and Stuffed Inside Suitcase in Mohali, Punjab, India

In Mohali (also known as Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar), in Punjab, India, a successful businessman named Ekam Singh Dhillon was murdered by his own wife – 35 year old year Seerat Kaur, who shot him with a 9mm pistol, before recruiting her mother and brother and together they stuffed the corpse inside a suitcase for disposal.

She was caught trying to get rid off the suitcase and arrested. During the court hearing, she told the judge that her husband was wasteful with money so she committed mariticide (husband murder), but not before stuffing her claim with a mandatory “self defense” clause.

Indian courts, as well as the entire country as notoriously pussy whipped so women are handed arbitrary pussy passes, while men get the shit end of the stick as a matter of normal course.

The video depicts police officers and forensic experts unbagging the man from a suitcase. Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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54 thoughts on “Man Murdered by Wife and Stuffed Inside Suitcase in Mohali, Punjab, India”

      1. Lol…yeah, then probably eat Chapati with that same hand. The deceased was already in the state of rigor mortis. Fortunately he could be squeezed into a luggage, otherwise his wife may had proceeded to have him dismembered.

      2. This is why we should have never saved their filthy arses with vaccines for small pox, cholera etc, we should have let the filth die off in their own sewers, now they’re strong and attacking us in the west

    1. I’m not good at Punjabi.
      But they’re saying that he got shot below nose. (When they’re using pointers) after that the guy talking to SHO (police chief) saying that i want the murderer give alert to the whole city police , she must get caught.

  1. Ain’t love grand? Soooo many Indians, GOOKS,JEWS, MUZZIES,NIGGERS,HOMOS, FREAKS in the world. I’m a white boy and vastly outnumbered. I’ll be so glad when my time is done and i can leave this SHITHOLE rock. The living will envy the dead. Yes you WILL.

        1. Don’t let it get it to you… if it’s not helping stop looking at this page. I had a time when I was sick to my stomach from all the shit I seen online. Now I just appreciate my life and appreciate friendships more. We don’t have it so bad compare to the content we see here in BG. Cheers!

  2. Ha not normally the wife killing the husband. When a guy kills his wife over there it is her fault when she kills him it is still her fault lol! I’d prefer to know the back story before making judgement on these things..

  3. Why not just cremate the body? Find a stove, chop up the parts and throw them in there. I don’t understand why these killers always try to be creative. Maybe she just wanted to take her husband on one last vacation?

  4. Punjabi women are known for their physical beauty, their fighting spirit, their boldness and their large breasts.
    India women rarely murder their husbands without good reason.
    Indian women respect their husbands next to God.
    Or they used to, long, long ago.

  5. Notice, the suitcase wasn’t closed. It is impossible to stuff someone in a suitcase and close the suit case. I also think that there is something else going on here because generally it is impossible for anybody to be stuffed in a suitcase, and the man’s wife couldn’t have done it.

    1. It is not impossible. It has been done before and also stuffing corpses inside refrigerators and lockers is all too common. The suitcase looked large enough and you can clearly see the blood soaking up on it. Hold your knees tightly with your hands up to your face and you would be surprised how many places you can fit into.

  6. The victim was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 100 kg and thus Seerat along with another woman was unable to keep the bag in the boot. When she asked an auto driver to help them, he kept the suitcase inside but suddenly saw blood oozing out of the suitcase. He instantly fled from the spot and called the police.

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