Man Murdered by Gang on Busy Road in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Man Murdered by Gang on Busy Road in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

29 year old man was brutally murdered by a four member gang in broad daylight, on a busy road in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India and it was caught on a CCTV camera mounted on a nearby police station. The gang first ran into the victim with a motorcycle, then had a bit of an argument and eventually started beating him up and smashed his head with stones while commuters rode by.

What’s wrong with India? Many people stood and watched the gang attack the man and when the light turned green, they casually drove away, without a slightest attempt to help the victim. Is India the new China?

The victim, who worked in Coimbatore as a painter was later identified as Santosh. The police said the altercation started earlier in a bar. Santosh left after a drunken brawl but the gang caught up with him to square up. The police arrested the attackers within 45 minutes but because nobody stopped to help the beat up man, he bled out in the street.

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39 thoughts on “Man Murdered by Gang on Busy Road in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India”

  1. You know… I watched the video and I realized I am a human just like them. I’m capable to killing, creating, destroying etc.
    Why must some people choose a life of chaos, destruction? Humanity(70%+) lacks productivity.

    1. @Baked -70%? That may be a little high, considering that (for the most part) only the most banal, bestial, unsettling or violent content is revealed or portrayed by the media. Good people, doing good (& productive) things are commonly overlooked -sometimes to the point they even begin to doubt themselves. Don’t buy the Hype, human brother!

  2. I can’t believe they caught those four assholes!
    The dude who was picking up the rock/brick/whatever and smashing the poor bastard’s face with it should have the same done to his twiggy ass.
    At least now the four of them can get raped/murdered in prison together.

  3. I think the fuckin sewer rats have more class than most of those braindead fucks over there watching the poor guy with 4 on 1 . I’d like to tie those scrawny bitches up and start by pulling off their toe nails 1 by 1 then their finger nails and so on and so on .Nothing makes me madder than seeing a bunch of cowards beating up on 1 person .I’m a big believer in Karma so hopefully when those assholes go to jail they bitches to a guy with a huge dick !

  4. A murder on camera of a police station wow, as an Indian i think i can add something to the story here and its something that happened to me a few years back. I was on my way back home on my bike and after a minor altercation with another biker on a traffic stop with two as passenger on the other bike i was cornered in an alley n beaten up, n beaten up again as i punch back. anyway after a visit to hospital as i went to the police they asked me to resolve the matter with in. As apparently no blood was visible and didn’t took my complaint. Though until now in my life i never came across those three guys to ‘resolve’ the matter . The moral of the story in India don’t go to the police to lodge a complaint if you are NOT a : a) well know person b)relative of a politician c) foreigner ( they will take yours, to avoid any controversy in media until and unless you are murdered by some local n the police is paid a large sum to cover that up) . The police likes to keep the crime record clean their area… and welcome to india .

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