Man is Murdered by His Own Brother in Caruaru, Brazil

Man is Murdered by His Own Brother in Caruaru, Brazil

A case of fratricide from the murder capital of the world, Caruaru. The murder occurred near the Colégio (university) Luiz Pessoa in Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. 25-year-old Jeferson José dos Santos Bezerra (an ex-con) was riding on a motorcycle with one of his brothers when he was shot twice another of his brothers, in the chest and the back. The brother was apprehended and charged. He is believed to be a drug user but it is unknown if the murder was drug related.

To murder your own kin? Blood is the most important thing you have and I feel sorry for those who hate their families and wish death upon their own. Family should be everything.

Fun fact: This was the 11th murder in Caruaru for the month of January.

Props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops for the images and story.

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  2. I watched a documentary last night about an honour killing over here in the UK of a young girl in 2006. She was gang raped, strangled with a bootlace until it sank into her throat and finally stamped on until being put in a large suitcase and buried 5 foot under the ground. The people who committed these acts were, her father, her uncle and her cousins. A two hour ordeal which probably felt like an eternity. Basically what I’m trying to say is that…. All Muslims are to blame!…. Nah just kidding lol. The truth is when human beings are provoked, threatened, embarrassed, ashamed, etc etc. It either produces anger on an unprecedented scale or the shame is too bad to ever let it go and certain people don’t know how to handle it. This leads to an irrational and sometimes uncontrollable urge to kill or inflict damage. No matter if you’re family or not there are a few select people where this ethic will not matter and the desire to take revenge is too great. To bad for this guy that someone was his brother and he paid the price with his flip flop, big eared, moped riding life.

  3. Well, i never understood the concept of “family love”… so i understand how can one brother kill another. Just allow the brother to step on your toes well enough, or be the reason why your wife/girlfriend left you, or something among those lines… and you have a perfect recipe of family destruction there.

  4. It would seem these brothers don’t like to share.
    Dead bro and driver weren’t playing nice and road off on the third brother. Not today….”I kill you for taking my bike”
    I’m sure those words were uttered as shots were fired.
    All is well though, the bike was not harmed in any way during the bro-down…

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