Man Was Brutally Murdered and Got His Mouth Stuffed With His Own Penis

Man Was Brutally Murdered and Got His Mouth Stuffed With His Own Penis

This violent homicide happened in Caruaru, Brazil. The man in the pictures, Edson Ferreira do Nascimento, known as Som, was a blacksmith and lived in the place where he met his end, in one of the most horrible ways possible. His penis was cut off, while he was still alive, and put in his mouth. He was then stabbed multiple times in the torso area.

According to neighbors, two men entered the residence with Edson and at around midnight, agonizing screams could be heard coming from his house. They also asserted that the victim was an alcoholic, and that every time he got drunk, he showed his dick to women and children in public.

He was divorced and had already served time in jail for beating his ex-wife.

The police have no clues as to who the killers may be, but suspect that his behavior was the main reason as to why he was murdered.

Well I guess that Brazilians have their ‘special way’ to deal with perverts.

Live by the dick, die by the dick.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

146 thoughts on “Man Was Brutally Murdered and Got His Mouth Stuffed With His Own Penis”

    1. Lots of guys have thought about sucking their own penis. Probably most guys have at least tried. The well-hung and the lucky ones actually succeed and get to experience the fun of self-oral sex.

      So it probably isn’t as horrible an insult as the story makes it sound. The dead part and amputated penis and balls certainly isn’t good though…

  1. Fuck yes!!!..this is the kind of shit I like to see….thanks for this Portuguese..I wonder why the dick in his mouth though?…maybe the ex wife got revenge…lolz…I can’t even begin to tell you the times I thought of cutting off my ex husband dick and shoving it down his throat….he tried killing me and physically disfigured me for a couple of years…im usually a lesbian now because of him…once in awhile a guy will perk my interests…but ehhh…I’m cool…

      1. Lolz…it happened in 05 but I still have my issues…we get along now because we have a kid but when I’m having my off days and insomnia is keeping me up I sit by the window looking waiting for him to come get me….I know he won’t but I do that to this day…like it’s stuck in my mind he’s gonna get me….the fuck??

        1. It’s a major trauma.

          How can you get along with someone like that? I’m not saying one should feel resentment, since I do believe in forgiveness when the other person is truly regretful, but getting along? I personally couldn’t. Life goes one, each on seperate ways. But I do understand that sharing a child with that man mandates that you need to have some sort of contact with him.

          Maybe moving to a new place could help.

          1. No honey I didn’t mean it like that…we speak…trade the kid for summer he gets her for break and I have her the rest of the yr….but that just started a couple yrs ago before then I had her 24/7 365…it’s okay..she’s my life…only reason why I’m still here is for my baby…..9/25/05 was the day this happened..just past midnight….my last thought before I went unconscious was who was going to to take care of yaya if I die…then nothing….im just kosher with him because he is her father

          2. Yeah I understand. It’s not easy to deal with all those emotions.

            But on the bright side, you do have a motive to keep going. Your daughter, and then your grandkids, one day.

          3. That’s cool Portuguese…I believe ion making atleast one contribution to the planet…lolz….but trust me….children..marriage..divorce and single parent lifestyle wasn’t even in my plan…shit happens though and even though I was young I owned up to my responsibilities and still am…it’s not what I planned..but if all I know now…and if I was too lose it..I’d die……the day I lose my daughter is the day I lose my life….fuck this world…..

  2. A good blacksmith keeps his equipment locked up in his shed, he most certainly does not show them to women and children.

    To think that he would practice his drawing and lengthening technique in full public view, for shame.

    Good riddance I say, Any blacksmith who thinks that the upsetting process involves getting arrested for indecency deserves such a terrible end.

      1. I betcha its not as big a turn on as one would think…because your brain knows exactly what to expect as its in charge of whats going on…unlike when someone else does it ..the unexpected I guess is sometimes the turn on…
        ..I only say this cos I would associate it to the same feeling as sucking ones own nips…not as great as someone else doing it……errmm ive heard

        1. @citygirl well i had done that many times but i didnt go til full end
          I wanted to continue exercises to be flexible enough to do full fellatio but then yea it happend
          For some girls its a turn on if guy can do it. How about you CityGirl 🙂

      1. It’s a website that utilizes a hidden domain and encrypts the websites it hosts, making it difficult to track the source (nothing beyond the possibilities of what the FBI, CIA can do, however).

        It features several websites related to child pornography, contraband of weapons, drugs, murder for hire, stolen credit card information, etc. The FBI is actually monotoring it and making arrests based on who visits certain websites or makes purchases of illegal items.

        Don’t go there folks. Despite the high level of explicit nature we publish here on BestGore, we do so within the confines of the law. That website doesn’t, and you can really go to jail just by making a click.

        1. Exactly P Dog, my brother from another mother as the jive turkeys among us would say. if change is to be created then it must be done from within and not from outside.

          If we present ourselves as the morally decedent then we lose all moral high ground however if we assume the role of judge and jury then we must make sure that we are above those who we condemn.

          To resist our ego is to stand firm and to give in to our ego is to be enslaved.

          No one is perfect but we can try to be perfect or we can revel in our egocentricity, I leave the choice up to you.

          1. The owner of that website was recently arrested by the FBI and DEA. He claimed to not be aware of all the websites that were hosted, since people can freely utilize the Tor Network. (which is a lie, since he, as the admin, could place restrictions and rules as to what content could be exposed, and material should be verified before being accepted).

            What distinguishes us from them, is that what they do is illegal. Hosting websites that feature child pornography, hitmen offering their services (murder for hire), the seeling of drugs and weapons, etc, are all things we should and must oppose.

            We, on the other hand, only expose reality as it is. Real crimes, murders, torture, accidents, the zionist control of our nations, etc. The material isn’t pleasing, but neither is human nature.

          2. Eric Marques and Ross Ulbricht of the Silk Road were complete dumbasses. They used their real names on everything. They got cocky. And messed with pervy kiddy shit. Pretty stupid for two self proclaimed geniuses. I’m still not gonna knock the gore on there, though.

          1. The dark web is full of crazy shit. It’s definately enter at your own risk. Just always remember that nothing online is 100% untraceable. If we’ve found a way to hide it, they’ve already discovered 5 ways to find it. It’s just a matter of what you’ve done and how bad they want you.

        1. hmmm I don’t know….I do tend to radiate towards the puddy tats but I think the fact that he/she makes disturbing comments is just so appealing to me….I enjoy other disturbed individuals…makes me feel not so alone…lol

          1. @alicatt yes you are right. I find the disturbing cat comments awesome in a way. Lol.. wet cat farts? Lmao. I just assumed since ur name said alicatt u were the cat type. I look forward to more of your feline comments @catwigswholesale

  3. He showed his pecker EVERYTIME he got drunk? I do some pretty stupid shit when i’m wasted but I like to mix it up a little.

    Reading above about that Tor network scares me. I thought I was pushing it by being here. This is surely the end of the internet for me.

        1. Smart boy! Haha, I watched it a few hours ago. But I figured everybody would think the “religious girl” would be talking about the bible.

          Btw, love you, @skull. When is our first date gonna be? Ali won’t mind a bit. <3

          1. yes we are nextie….I think it might have something to do with those crazy birthmarks of ours…you know…those sixes on our skulls?? Who knew that if we were blessed with the sevens our life would be bliss….BAH!

          1. I live and die by Clive Barker’s works. Especially the Hellraiser stuff. Hey! When do I get a date! My wife threw me out on the street for looking at shit like this. FUCK HER!

          2. @spectreeight Love Clive Barker. When I was a kid I was terrified of Candyman. Made me scared of all black men for a good year.

            Wait.. Your wife actually threw you out for looking at gore? What a wuss. Sorry, though. 🙁 I’ll go on a date with you. I’m a little nuts, but I’m fun.

      1. @spectreeight im just curious. Did she actually catch u while u were bestgoring? Or by the web history? Im single myself right now and i wonder sometimes if i do get a chick. How will she react to me telling her about my curiosity of gore. Lol

        1. Honestly, When I looked at fucked up shit or did my thing i’d hide it from her and her normie self. She was non the wiser. At the end of the day I think she gave me the boot cuz she started to make more money than me. She works at a money hungry bank, go figure.

  4. @YourNextExGirl Candyman is a great story and the soundtrack is great too (Helen’s Theme)

    I pretty much had to hide or keep my interests to a minimum around her. It sucked but now I’m liberated and can do and look at whatever the fuck I want. I’d take you out to the finest cemetery in northern California 😛

    @obli: Whatever, I’ll get my revenge by living how I want. Muahaha..

    1. Yeah, I had a dickhead boyfriend like that. He thought I was insane for it. So I broke up with him and sent him the goriest vids and pics i could find every single day for two weeks just to be a good ex girlfriend. And a cemetery, eh? I think that’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever said to me.

      1. My ex thought I had mental issues when she found out I saw videos and photos of executions, murders, tortures, etc.

        Actually, these things fascinate me not because I get pleasure out of seeing them, but because human behavior captivates my attention. People are capable of horrible things, and I now practice Karate, and own weapons to defend myself, even if not fire guns. Now, I’m prepared for any motherfucker/s who try to take on me.

        That video of those two Ukrainian fucks who killed an old men and filmed it while having the time of their lives gave me an incentive to know how to defend myself and be prepared for anything.

    2. Lolz..oh how I know about the single life due to this lifestyle…when I was still trying to become a coroner I’d lose potential prospects just answering the “oh you’re in college..for what?” Question…oh well…fuck em all is what I say…. 😉

  5. Portugese Dude you mentioned dark web sites.
    WOuld it be good idea to go there and find some gore videos or stories so you can post it in here.
    Its not that illegal as you think. Things are going bad if you actually download, and start making something serious about information you get there….
    You can get there some good ideas maybe. I dont know your sources you cant tell, but this is 1 open loop

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