Man Padlocks His 4 Year Old Son’s Mouth Shut and Beats Him to Death for Being Evil

Man Padlocks His 4 Year Old Son's Mouth Shut and Beats Him to Death for Being Evil

You want something to make your fucking blood boil and make you see red like it did to me? Well, here you go. This…man, this motherfucker in Lagos state, Nigeria. Thirty year old Chris Elvis put a padlock on his son’s mouth to prevent him from screaming while he was burned with a hot iron and ultimately beaten to death. The father accused his son Godrich of being an “ogbanje” or “child of evil” and blamed him for all the misfortune in his own life. He disposed of the body by locking it in a plastic drum. The mother found her child when she returned home from the market and Chris Elvis has since been arrested and charged with murder. Chris did attempt to act mentally insane while talking to police, but authorities didn’t buy the act. The official charge reads:

That you, Chris Elvis, on February 10, 2014, about 5pm at 7, Adetola Adelaja street, Meiran Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did unlawfully kill one Godrich Elvis, aged 4 years by using hot pressing iron to burn him all over his body and putting him inside a plastic drum and locked the drum with padlock and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 221 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.

I don’t even know what to say. You don’t ever treat a child this way, regardless of race or religion. They are children, they are the innocents who have not yet had the ability to make the choice to become scum bags like this piece of shit. They are the closest thing that human beings have to purity and this abominable crime cannot be forgiven. I do not believe in hell, but I hope there is a hell on earth for this man in prison.

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      1. I would go to prison for the rest of my life to be able to murder, torture, and dismember this cocksucker on the streets. Please, police, put a bullet in his head and save everyone the hassle of taking care of him in prison

        1. a Bullet would be to good for him,tie him to a chair get hammer an nails,start buy hammering nails down his fingernails the to the toes then a nail through each bollock…and so on give him a stimulant so he does not pass out with get the jist.

  1. Are you fucking kidding me? As much as my view on blacks doesn’t let me feel that much compassion for whatever happens to them, this shit is thoroughly unacceptable! Poor kid!

    If you are unable to defend yourself, this kind of treatment is punishable by death in my opinion. These baboons collectively show their true colours time and time again even on their own kind they have no remorse.

        1. Hey, final solution just doesn’t get it. Watch the news. Watch the first 48, watch any reality shows, all u see is uneducated blacks getting arrested for everything and all talking the same exact way from coast to coast.. Man, u trippin, sheet I be all like fuk that boo sheet, l say man u trippin he be all like man I ain’t trippin u trippin I axed him man what u be sayin mutha fucka? Ever watch bait car? Every episode are niggers breaking into cars within seconds, SECONDS, of the driver leaving the car only to then steal it. The best are the episodes where black mothers loading their kids in a stolen car and driving away then using their cell phone to engage in another intelligent conversation with her friend. I done stole this bitch! Hell yea, I done stole this mutha fucka! Then when pulled over they all use the same excuse, I be just moving it for the owner.. fucking parasites yet make sure they are on every commercial buying brand new Cadillacs and Lexus or re doing the hard wood floors in their 3000 sq Ft house in ultra suburbia. Ya ok, show me that family. I’m sure they exist but in reality what’s the percentage that are like that? Maybe 1 percent? Lowest scores on the SAT tests, highest on welfare, highest breed having kids out of wedlock, and I think its 78 percent of black fathers abandon their children. Abandon.. Not seeing them on weekends, abandon which means u walk away and never look back. That’s great. I especially love watching the shows where they show black mothers giving birth in prison. That’s something to be proud of. Did I mention the highest breed in prison? Let me guess though,, they are really innocent its just because of their color is why they were found guilty.. Not the video tape of the robbery and murder, or the video of one of them smashing an 80 year old getting into their car only to beat and rob them, then steal the car.. Its not the video the cops have, its the judges just saying guilty cause their black.. WAKE THE FUCK UP! Ohhh so aggravating. Take care bro!

          1. I hope you guys realize we are all related the only reason there skin color is different is do to more proteins in the skin. plus I don’t like whites and i’m 75% white. but they took my tribes land and broke their word more than once on us.

          2. Why do so many other black people have to make normal black people like me look bad? Its so Dam depressing.Im just a regular afro American that goes to college is trying to get past all this discrimination, and be a surgeon. I hardly swear,never hurt a fly, talk normal. But stuff like this makes me hate being black, and also wonder why people think they have the right to judge people

          3. I refuse to watch reality shows, because Ihave a brain, but if ya wanna use tv as a platform for observingpeople, you should include the white trash dumb fucks on Jerry Springer. And I’m white by the way. Point is. There are pieces of shit that come in all colors. But smart as you are, I’m sure you know this.

          4. body builder? Cool name…anyways your views are so dead wrong yet its funny how you rant like you have a clue. Your scum. Scratch that. Shit that just needs to decay already. Your the ignorant fucj who needs to “wake up”.

        1. I live in the capital city of Mississippi. The United states’ poorest, most uneducated, most obese, most dangerous city (per capita). It is 76 percent black. This is not a coincidence. Anyone that rags on people for hating blacks has obviously never lived around them. They are dangerous animals, not to be trusted. Yankee blacks are not like Southern blacks. Members like The Judge Hate blacks for a reason. The Judge didn’t just wake up one day and decide to hate blacks out of the blue. I don’t know The Judge, but I can tell you I hate blacks because I have lived among them, been hurt and cheated by them, had things stolen and destroyed by them, over and over. I pack heat every time I leave the house, not just because I’m paranoid, but because blacks have proven over and over their capibility and willingness to take, hurt, damage, manipulate, shit… you name it, they will do it. So take your “I’m ashamed of the comments I read on this site against African Americans” comments and shove em’.

          1. Typically, they’re either roof rats or “norwegian” rats. Last time I thought a big rodent was on my roof, it was a cracked out haitian-“American” nigger with a hatchet shouting ‘I want your medicines now!’. I had a wonderful time dosing his kneecap w/buckshot for the police. I saved his ugly ass as they no doubt would’ve just killed him. Unfortunately, I let my sense of indignation get in the way of that.

        ?Your view on blacks??

        Do people have a “view on blacks”, or are people simply be making observations?

        Do facts and statistics lie?

        FinalSolution, do you have a view on blacks, if so, what is it?

      2. In America niggers don’t even like each other and were supposed to ? LMAO. Not a week goes by you don’t hear of some hood rat beating his child to death for peeing their pants or diapers or the bed. Fix yourselves it is not our responsibility to do it for you.

    1. Meh. I don’t give a shit about some dead niglet. One less n1gger to spread Ebola, one less n166er to rape white women, one less n1g6er to make money from Jews starring in porno movies and spread AIDS to the white population, one less n166er to rob white farmers, one less niggeR to rob liquor stores, one less ni6ger to take the place of a qualified white person in a university, and one less nig6er to steal resources from the other more intelligent races.

      1. @Redmyst & @judge yes, as unfortunate as it is for that kid , with a p.c goof dad like that he would of turned out to be another nigger for sure, the apple never falls far from the tree with that race, theyr not evolved enough to think for themselves and turn out otherwise.

          1. How the fuck is hatred for blacks now ‘old’
            Can you define this by time events and explain when exactly we’re supposed to have turned ‘new’ on this.

          2. @zeezee you sure you not saying that coz your one of those lil wigger broads who pollutes her bloodline by dating niggers?!? Coz that’s why i think your saying this,

          3. “Hatred of blacks is so old”

            Just like their crimes and crime ridden lives because they want all the newest and latest stuff but don’t understand the concept of working hard for your rewards and believe in the im different and deserve to get this for free attitude is ‘old’ and no longer applied by them. Just like their inability to talk
            English (unless you live in France)
            and be articulate is so ‘old’, just
            like their utterly dependent personality disorders is ‘so old’ and no longer applicable, just like their inability to pull them selves up and out of poverty and despair despite being surrounded by white supplied ladders, ropes, elevators,
            escalators, pulleys, ramps, staircases is just so irrelevant these days and just like all those countries that have black people and governments are shit countries that never seem to improve despite consuming billions of dollars of aid and investment every year, is also really old and now don’t need any assistance because they are thriving. Yes, I agree. All those black problems are so old now and totally irrelevant because they are doing just fine now…….

        1. @zen..
          Yes an apple would never fall far from the tree.. but still there are good tasting and bad tasting apple..
          If I got one wish..
          Ill wish that every white guy here who hates niggers falls truly madly deeply inlove with a black chick.. LOL!
          Peace y’all.. 😀

          1. I knew i would get your attention @boozer.. so you’ll be exempted on that wish.. haha

            You would not let a black bitch suck your dick? Haha.. Share your blessings.. lol

    2. You guys are disgusting. Stop acting as though whites are holier than thou. The racist attitudes shared by a good portion of whites is fucking disgraceful. We’ve fucked up this world 10x.

          1. @GreenArrow

            Steadfast resolve is my speciality boy and if you think I’m concerned about what your opinion is on me then think again. Do some research into black vs white statistics on crime, poverty, anti social behaviour, ethics, education etc etc, pretty much any comparison you make will reaffirm the comments made above and you will surely be writing me an apology and realise that the only narrow minded blind fool here is YOU!!

            Thank you


          1. Oh and that was for the black boyfriend comment not the other stupid comments the clueless race traitor meant. I personally would rather be white trash than a rich nigger. I happen to make well over 6 figures a year, have 14 more years left on my mortgage and own a brand new Lincoln. Say what you want, especially about being a bodybuilder cause I guarantee if u seen me on the street u wouldn’t say shit to my face cause u know you’d get knocked out in two seconds. Time to go watch first 48 and see 2 more “Blacks” get arrested for murder…and I must say I do feel bad for that black kid earlier who is trying to be a surgeon. Good luck and I hope u make it. Unfortunately you are the one percent who looks bad because of your people. The ones like u take the rap for the other 99 percent. Also, all these other idiots saying white people are just as bad and shit. Let me ask u this… If u and your family were flying across country and u can board a plane with a black captain who scored a 78 on his final test and got the job cause of his skin color, or wait an hour and take another plane with a white captain who scored a 98 percent.. Which plane would u board? I don’t know about u but I’d sit in the airport for a week if I had to get the only truly “Qualified” pilot. You liberals will probably state differently. That’s why your liberals. Peace out bee arch !

          1. Whites ended slavery – the only race to do so. Slavery is still practiced in many parts of the world, but not in predominantly white countries.

            Whites give more to charities supporting non whites than any other race. If you cut out donations from predominantly white countries, you’d be left with next to nothing. Whites are thus the only race that has been financially supporting people of different ethnic background on an ongoing basis.

            According to a study by Professor Lisa Leslie at the University of Minnesota, the breakdown of the differences in charitable giving was Asian (6%), Black (5%), Hispanic (2%), Native American (1%), White (84%), and non-resident alien (3%). She also found that all the minorities donated less to charity than did whites by an average $26.

            Whites welcome other races into their homelands. No other race is as welcoming of different ethnic backgrounds as whites.

            Luckily, many whites are waking up to the abuse their tolerance of other groups leads to. Especially from people who constantly refer to them as racists, when they bend over backwards to display collectively acceptance, tolerance and concession to people of color. I say enough is enough.

      1. Whites aren’t peaches n cream, miss. That’s for damn sure. But fuck, when it comes to going out your way to having a fat finger firmly entrenched in every piece of shit pie, the blacks have a greedy, ethnically proud patent on it. A lot of us are merely agreeing with them.

  2. Ehhehehehe… 😆 Hell, i believe the “man” opened his eyes and noticed how much of a threat his race is… “Holy shit!… Im black! DAYUM NUGGAH! That means all my children are evil too!” 😆 Who’s gonna bet hes gonna commit suicide in prison?

      1. Oh noez… I pissed off a black guy! 😆 Calm your titties dude, im like this all the time. Hell, heres a joke for you to cheer up:

        Q: Why are redneck murder cases the hardest to solve?
        A: Because all the DNA matches and there are no dental records. 😆

          1. But im a “racist”, (we all are at some point) after all, im white, and sometimes i dare to defend my identity like everyone else. Only that i treat everyone equaly… 😆

            But seriously, i only blame the enforced integrity of both of our races (and others) on the same society. Its like trying to put two cats on the same territory and try to not let them to fight eachother. Nothing that has ever been forced has ever had any positive results.

        1. Well, ill be here all fucking week ,got the beer ,snuff,tv ,my fucking cat,shit sir im game,haha j/k peoples.I like everyone as long ,im drunk fuck it,can we all just get along,,the brew is fucking with me.

    1. Seriously speaking, I think we need MORE n1ggers like this. He one-upped his rich nigg3r brutha Adrian Peterson. You go nigga ! Beat the shit out of your out of control N1glets ! Beat them to smithereens, cuz the white man is hamstrung by the Jewish laws and can’t do it. Let the ni66er daddies do their own sons !

        1. Niggers better start opening theyr eyes and realize that its the white mans ass theyr kissing whenever they collect theyr welfare checks, its the white man’s ass they kiss when they underservingly get a promotion solely coz of affirmative action laws . Its the white man who’s to thank for them still being on earth coz if it wasnt for slavery they all would of died from starvation and disease.

          1. True, when they decided to free the slaves, there was a large amount of them that died from starvation or cold. They had labour, daily meals, a roof and a bed to sleep, and they ditched all of that for “freedom”. Serves them right. 😆

    1. His ass may be up for auction, but I’m sure his mouth will be padlocked around a big bubba’s banana in no time. This is Nigeria, after all, where they have popular moonshine locally (and proudly) called ‘koo koo juice’, ‘man powa’, & ‘I push you’ 🙂

  3. Pure Evil, that truly is the depths of depravity. To inflict such wanton cruelty on his
    own flesh and blood, a four year old kid !, if there was ever a case for an eye for an eye, this must surely be it.

    1. No. This ape killing his own spawn is comparable to some guy jacking off into a kleenex and throwing away the kleenex into the toilet. EXACTLY the same thing. Let all n16GeRs Learn from this brutha and do in your own n1GLETS.

  4. Have I mentioned my child is of many of time in contemplation. That the understanding of fear is ingrained so that nothing is of concern. She looks apon me with awe still, profound be be The Lord. -951-

  5. How someone can do this to a child is beyond me. How can you live with yourself after doing something like that. He should be killed the same exact way so he can feel the pain that his child went through. Sick fuck.

      1. @obli that’s a very exact statement… A simple cup of ayauascha and a few peyote buttons after 3 days of fasting could turn all that around but nope theyd rather give the smackheads methadone and keep the meth/crackheads just how they are, that way the c.i.a makes money with all that coke they let in america and big pharma makes money from the opiate addicts THAT THEY have created with all the oxycodone/perks/hydromorphs/fetanol patches ect… Holy fuck bro, one of my guys i used to get from would smoke phetanol patches!!

        1. I used to smoke those fentanyl patches…
          Anyway, dude I totally agree. I’m a heroin addict on methadone now and they won’t let us use insurance to pay for it- we have to pay cash. It’s pretty cheap compared to smack- $70 a week where I live, but I hate that…. I’m far more productive on methadone then on heroin and I feel methadone is a much better alternative to shooting up dope all day, but it is very hard and takes a very long time to get off of it, also the clinic I go to never encourages us to attempt to get off of it because they obviously want to keep us around…

          1. @socio btw i wasnt putting you or anyone else down who smoke fentanyl patches, coz really that’d make me a hypocrite lol considering fentanyl is prolly the only drug i havnt done. And wow they ask for cash eh? I thought it’d be covered. Those fucks! It is tricky to get off of coz you can actualy die from quitting it cold turkey. Last summer i did 10mg of suboxone, probably one of the best highs I’V ever had…

          2. Sorry @zen_suffering

            I have to correct you there. No one has ever died from xeroxing from opioids. You can not die from this at all.
            The only withdrawals you can technically die from is alcohol and benzodiazepines. And then that is not directly involved in the detox process either. These two substances are the only ones that may cause a seizure in cold turkey detox. You can not die from a seizure in this contact either, it is only if you were to have a seizure while driving, or having a seizure and hitting your head or having a seizure while swimming, for example.

            But as for opioids, you can not die from opioid detox. You may feel like your death, but not possible.

  6. im sitting here talking to my cat about the survival of life and how i treat everything the way im treated survive and die by my own actions , im a meat eater so im not getting all preachy , but i woke up to a nest of spiders who conviently set up shop above my floor lamp so im currently watching them try to take out a single fly and this fly is not going out without a fight!!

        1. Lol @broke im glad you noticed i said that about the person in the comment above with the cat & fly thing, sorry i guess i pressed the wrong box to reply in, but you still figured it out tho 😀 damn touchscreens… But yeah shroomz, its been a while. Im thinking of ordering an ounce of red muscaria caps from 30$ an ounce!! Ill make shroom chocolates with it. 🙂 i actualy learned how to make those in toronto 😀

          1. Can’t ya just grow your own, I been doing it for years I’m sure you can find a print of that strain online. It’s also super easy to make them into chocolate bars. @zen you ever had truffles?

          2. @3rd eye yes i love truffles, that’s what i was talking about making. 😀 and im thinking about growing my own too, but 1 question: i live in a rooming house so is it fine to grow them in my room? Its just in an aquarium isnt it?

  7. Oh my fucking GOODNESS!?..what the Hell was this fucks problem..he’s an obgehowever the Hell it’s spelt!!..this is ridiculous!..I say they padlock this fuckers mouth shut and anally rape him with a nail studded bat before setting his ass on fire…motherfucker!!
    Rip mini Elvis!!

  8. Well duh they’ll use media worthy blacks on tv no one wants a boring black guy that’s unganster, every race has a stfu guy or girl in it, racism is just another way of bringing up convos and exercising our brains hate is just an evil trate we have w.o it the settlers back in time would of never won any wars or w.e the fu#k

      1. Super glue too, although it doesn’t come in fun colors, patterns and prints like the tape.

        Personally, I’ve never used an iron on inner demons. I found applying cold turkey worked best. Just don’t use the smoked kind. Demons are used to anything smokey.

      2. @BB – I had to laugh at your comment about duct tape. My mother actually used it over our mouths (3 kids) while traveling because she got tired of stopping the car to beat us every time we started bickering. My brother and I joke about it to this day. It did beat getting our asses kicked continually!

  9. I was wondering if you white guys, have the balls to go up to a black guy and tell them what you think of all African Americans. Or do you only tell them what you think, in the safety of your house or trailer? Most of you white guys(regulars) talk about your legal issues and going to jail. How are you guys any better. Just asking.

      1. If i knew that the one balck dude that i was going to talk to was not going to call the gang bangers to come and defend his pride with guns, then i would say to his face. But even then just cause he said it does not mean much. Its not as if blacks are known for keeping their word. You have to have respect for your self and a decent reputation to worry about keep your word. So no, only behind a keyboard. The reason for that is self preservation. Do you think we are just going to sit back and let other people walk all over us just cause we don’t have the guts to mention it? Just coz your race let your selves be walked all over for centuries….. Self preservation relates to the inability to have an intelligent articulate rational conversation with these people without the ‘animal instinct’
        kicking in, to bash the fuck out of anyone that
        dares question their totally unbelievable
        fucked up attitude to life.

      1. Of course not; because a well balanced black (some Al sharpton racist provocateur w/a chip on both shoulders who then calls a group of apes with ‘gats’) opening up on a white guy can’t be tried for a hate crime; or don’t you even know blacks, Mexicans, etc aren’t legally capable of committing racist hate crimes? Until you address that racist inequality perpetuating little gem, piss off. I use my keyboard. A white person even dares to *mention* contemporary racism and inequality aimed towards them, they’re racists. A black openly makes racist comedy, it’s free speech. *HE* gets shot, it gets the fucking justice department involved.

    1. I have no legal issues, Do not drink and only on a rare occasion will I smoke a bowl of hydro, that being said I would and have told nigger’s what I think of them. Contrary to what you might think most whites are not afraid, fear is a dangerous thing and people tend to eradicate their fears. If anything the white man has proven himself adapt at killing. Pray the PC gloves never come off if your a shit skin.

    2. Because of the J3wish controlled legal system, the Golden Days are over. Lynchings were an important social normalizing action, meant to publicly constrain the n1gg3Rs from doing what they naturally WANT to do… rape white women, rob and steal, and murder. Without the j3w laws forbiding lynchings, the white man could freely speak as he wishes. But since the treacherous apparent defeat of our last heroes, the warriors of the 3rd Reich, the dirty k1kes have used the n1gger to further his j3wish goals. But mark my words, the spirit of the Schutzstaffel will rise again.

  10. ok this racist bull shit is out of hand and needs to stop. cause of you watch

    you are breathing the same air as everyone else and if you don’t want to breath their air then you can’t kill them cause you will continue to breath the same air as them forever.

    so hating a race is pointless and does you no good and are just wasting energy and brain power doing so. I really thing if we don’t get our dumb heads out of our asses and start working as a planet we will never in 5 million years get our kids off this rock and onto another planet cause of all this bull shit about skin color, religious belief, ethnic background, financial situation, gender Bis, and even our suborn attitudes.

    seriously I understand we all voted and the majority ruled that it was mostly un-moderated but this site is a community that is hard to come by that sticks together when shit hits the fan.

    I don’t care about what your beliefs are or what your bis is we need to end this circle of hate or we will never get off is rock. And I’m damn sure we all want a better living for our kids and the next generation am I right or am I wrong.

    I’m not trying to take over the post but when I see shit that just repeats over and over and over again in a never ending chain of hate it really makes me wonder why we don’t just nuke the whole planet and stop all the hate once and for all.

    (sigh) sorry needed to get that off my chest.

    but seriously come on everyone enough with the racist bull shit and lets as a community stop with the hate already we all come and view this site regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, religion, and beliefs and yet even then we get along.

    again just needed to get that off my chest.

  11. I’m all for a joke, but the amount of racism on this post is really disgusting. A fucking child was brutally murdered and all you can say is “Fuck yeh! Another no good for nothing nigger is dead! One less to rape white women.”
    Honestly, it’s making my blood boil.

    1. @zyklon – although sometimes it appears that comments don’t go through, if you go back later they do appear. Not sure why some take longer to show up than others, but be patient or you will be like I was when I first started commenting – making double posts.

  12. Okay, my comment seems to not have gone through, which is kinda BS since the amount of hateful comments that are on this post did.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that the comments on this post really disgusted me. A child just got murdered and all you guys can say is, “aw yeh one less nigger around to rape our white women,, hell yeah!”

    1. Yes, it’s a child, who wasn’t old enough to make important life decisions such as those effecting the comments many of us make. And the crime could’ve taken place in any society within it’s margin of those that comprise it’s filth. The crime like this against a child is about as low as one can go. Unfortunately it’s hard to compartmentalize an act for what it is and not let irrelevant details into the picture to mitigate it. Is that wrong and disgusting? Hard to admit since one can get used to it, but yah. It was a child, and innocent, and nothing is written in stone as far as the future. He or no other child deserves this.

      1. Yeah man, it’s wrong to say remarks like “one less person to rape white women”..when a fucking child has just died. I’m pretty sure if the child was white, none of this shit would’ve been said.

        There’s good and bad in every race, that’s for sure. I just honestly feel live I’ve been transported back to the 1920s/1930s with these comments.

  13. Apologies if this is a re-post. Never know if your comment that doesn’t show up will actually ever show up.

    The only negative thing on BestGore that I see happens in the comments section. But even with that this site is the best site going by a margin. Love the OPs and their well-written posts. This site is where I get my information from.

    Now, seeing as the amount of racism in this post’s comments is pretty shocking, and since I’m in the mood to write a fair bit out, I’m just going to let it rip, people.

    There’s a difference between being a racist and being a self-preservationist. I’m the second one. I’d rather not have foreign races mixing with mine. When I look at the crowd in my country I only want to see faces of my own people. People I am similar too and share ancestral history with. However, do I hate other people? Do I lack emotions for them just because their skin tone is different? Do I wish death upon them because they look different to us? No. I personally wish them prosperity and success from within their own nations and that we can do business together and help each other out, of course, from our own places. I am only against the social mixing of two different peoples. This is what a self-preservationist is.

    However, there are way too few people who think like me. Except for people who can somehow completely ignore racial differences (respect), the only ones left are racists. This is the type I hate. The amount of hate I have witnessed in my life towards other people, especially vulnerable ones, just sickens me. Sure, you might not like the colour of their skin, you might not like their language, you might not like something that defines their race or whatever. There’s loads of things racists pick out. But do you have to voice that shit? Do you have to bully them into not feeling welcome? This kind of stuff stays with people for life. It mentally fucks people up. Then you wonder why they attack your kind later on, or then you wonder why so many Muslims run to ISIS and threaten to blow you up.

    Racists think they’re clever but they’re too stupid to even comprehend that they’re doing exactly what the Jew wants you to do. Most of these lot who join ISIS or Taliban, do you think they joined because they fancied a cool summer out killing people? They were obviously discriminated against and now look, as a result of racism, which happens far more than anyone will ever admit, they joined a radical group because someone sweet-talked them into “fighting back”. The Jews want this because they’re the ones who exacerbate these problems. The Jews, using their cronies, look for these vulnerable people and then they do what they will with them. I hate those ISIS lot, but to find out how this shit even starts, you have to understand what fucked them up in the first place.

    Remember, the comments on BestGore at specific times are so stupid that just think to yourself, how many Muslims probably stopped by, saw what half of you write and then felt vulnerable? In their vulnerable eyes they probably saw ISIS as heroes because half that shit they spout starts making sense to vulnerable people. They see ISIS as “my own people fighting back”. Since BestGore has a pretty large following, the chances are pretty high that a member of ISIS now probably did visit this site before he joined. So, essentially, your dumb comments are creating more enemies for your own race.

    A lot of people better hope I don’t come to power one day. I’m a firm believer in inferiority, and racism is the biggest trait the inferior have. I’m sure a lot of people would pay a good bit of money to see racists kill each other in a modern coliseum. Damn, imagine those ticket sales? Spend all that surplus cash making sure no one lives rough and the kiddies get good education. Well, maybe God gave us racists for a reason, eh?

    1. For the 1% of good Blacks, Browns etc.. The other 99% are a fucking disease and I honestly couldn’t give a fuck what they think.

      Go back to your own land and stop spreading your genes into the white race. The White race traitors are the reason our society is fucked and crawling with parasites. Shame on all of you.

  14. Wow just wow. … I hope when he goes to prison the inmates cut off his dick and balls, shove it in his mouth and padlock his lips together so he can suffocate while they burn every inch of his body

  15. Niggers? Pls is it the 20s? get over yourselves their not going anywhere….and so much hatred eventually begins to look like some sick and sad obsession, some white people can be so narrow minded and the comments section on this site is about as much action you’ll ever get with all these nasty unnecessary and irrelevant hateful comments

  16. Man, so much racist slurs on this one lol.

    I personally think that Whites are the least racists of all races I have ever came to contact with. Have you ever spoken to a purely Chinese person? Lol. Try to mention American, I bet your conversation will turn sour. Asians, I find to be the most racist of all races. Asians are very ethnocentric and would always think that their cultures are superior and they often despise the Whites and the Blacks. Anyway… just a thought from all these comments. 😀 Not that I hate being Asian but… my race do things I don’t necessarily agree on.

    I really can’t believe someone can do this to their own kid, regardless of race or religion. Makes me think the dad had some pretty serious mental health issues. I understand religion can be a very powerful and influential thing but killing your own kid JUST because you think it’s possessed? That’s just beyond reason. WAY beyond.

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