Man Paralyzed by Shot in the Neck Slowly Dies in Agony (video)

Man Paralyzed by Shot in the Neck Slowly Dies in Agony

This poor man was shot in the neck and the shot got him completely paralyzed. He appears to struggle to get by but there’s just no way for him and he dies a slow and agonizing death. The video doesn’t show which part of his neck was severed by the bullet, but I’m guessing he got it in his spine. His excruciating facial expression leaves no doubt he’s trying to withstand it but he’s completely paralyzed and unable to help himself. Sadly for him, none of the by-standers did anything to help him either. They were just like: “Damn, a man got shot. That’s quite awful! Let’s just stand here and ponder…

If you pay attention to the video you will see the bullet hole in the driver side rear window. He was in extreme pain but unable to do anything about it. And people just stand around and stare. Getting shot in the neck like that must be awful; you’d wish they’d get you in the head and blow your brains right out instead. Your remains would look extremely graphic with brains splattered all over the car’s interior, but you wouldn’t have to suffer paralyzed through the last seconds of your life with your mouth wide open like this guy did. The title at the bottom of the video suggests that victim’s name could be Vincente Sanchez. Not sure if it’s really his name or why the title is there.

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33 thoughts on “Man Paralyzed by Shot in the Neck Slowly Dies in Agony (video)”

  1. Yes, his name is Vicente Sanchez, cause it says victima– victim in Spanish.

    This is horrible. Maybe the second most horrible after the Mohammadine Salar execution. I agree with you. It would have been better for him to have died a swift and graphic death than this. This is sheer torture. This just grabs my heart and makes me tear up in sympathy.

    But then yet, the people won’t be able to do anything anyhow. If they move him, considering that it hit the spie, further damage could be caused, and in the end, he’d have no choice but to die. Just like in that film, The Sea Inside.

    1. wellsaid
      refreshing too to see omeone write something compassionate on here
      I question why I watch these films anyway without people taking the piss out of the victims involved
      as for this guy I think part of it was shock shown on his face
      dyeing the way he did was horrific but it was still reasonable quick

    2. Yes, my sentiments exactly. If you suspect someone has a spinal injury, best leave them alone or if they survive, they can sue you in this day and age. Moving them could cause absolutely permanent paralysis. Sure someone could hold his hand in his last moments as way of comfort, but as he is at least temporarily paralized, he won’t be able to feel it anyway.

      Dammit, if I was shot in the neck, I wouldn’t want any hypocritical comfort. Nothing can be done for me, and I’m dying a truly awful death.

      The only thing they can do is call the cops. And for all we know, someone may well have, they are just waiting for the pigs to turn up from wherever doughnut shop they are currently relaxing at.

  2. See whats happened is the bullet has paralyzed his spine and he cannot breath so he is slowly choking to death plus his lungs are filling with blood. He is aware what is happening but can’t do nothing while the vultures watch him drown in his own blood or choke to death because he can’t inhale or exhale.

  3. damn. that would be horrible. probably almost as bad as a beheading. worse than drowning. and people couldnt help cause moving him would have caused more damage to him. there was no saving him.

  4. I think in a situation like this, one feels helpless. What do you do? I’m sure someone called for help. But, professional help isn’t always quick to arrive. I know I wouldn’t know what the fuck to do. I don’t think I’d film it, but I don’t think I feel comfortable touching him – for fear of hurting him more. I feel helpless just watching it.

  5. well besides just watch .what would u recommend they do . mr. hero. what would you of done. i myself was in a horrific incident last year in new brunswick,canada and it wasnt very easy to come up with ideas in that situation.

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