Man Playing Cards Shot Dead In Front of Child and Friends

Man Playing Cards Shot Dead In Front of Child and Friends

This easily counts as one of the most cold blooded assassinations I’ve ever seen.

It’s a CCTV video from inside what looks like a place of business. The clock shows it’s after 7pm, so the shop is closed, and a group of friends sit around a table playing cards. There is also a young woman, a dog, and two children in the room, one of whom is just a toddler.

Suddenly, a man wearing a hat enters the room, and without a second of hesitation, pops several bullets at close range in the head of one of the men playing cards. In a manner of 2 seconds, he executes the guy and leaves just as quickly as he came. It all went down so quickly, some of the players took longer to realize someone just got assassinated right before their eyes, than it took the hitman to kill the guy and leave. The toddler didn’t even know what the heck to do, as everyone else just kind of dashed.

I don’t have much in terms of backinfo, but man… this is the definition of cold blood, if there ever was one.


This happened in rural area called Muzo, in Boyacรก Department, Colombia. Both the guy shot in the head, as well as the guy in white shirt reportedly died. Colombian authorities say the killing was over emeralds – green precious stones. Colombia produces 55% of the world’s emeralds, most of whom come from emerald mines in Boyacรก, where also the world’s highest quality gems are found.

The place of business in the video is a gas station. The primary target was emerald trader Samir Peรฑa. The other victim was his uncle, Mario Birgรผez.

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          1. Hey Dre, I’m doing okay now. I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks which is one of the rear I wasn’t on here much. Hope things are good with you.

    1. Fuck me , half a dozen shots bang on target from 8 feet away…pro hit all day long , no nerves , steady hand , so confident he could do it he even volunteered to hit that guy whilst wearing his great aunts shopping hat

          1. Well……, get a “TRAINWRECK” t-shirt printed up, I’d wear it for the fateful day.
            Who knows – you may even end up with a Thai cop pointing at it ๐Ÿ™‚

            (but seriously now, you WOULD kill me for free……wouldnt you?)

          1. Ha Ha Ha its the same old Match : two fours /four twos either way is eight
            These nearly identical Paraphrases point out as to how much of a subtle difference in word order they can make in the intended meaning but just about as much undecipherable as they sound more or less the are the same.

          2. LOL @blucon at least you know the ways of water off a ducks back.
            Nothing ruffles them feathers of yours…that’s pretty cool…not giving you that either…you drove that opinion like you stole it…good on ya man. ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. ya know ,You gotta not let go sometimes
            cinch & clinch it ,drive home an opinion the best way you can ; what should be uppermost on one’s mind bro @rayf
            good on ya too man to appreciate ๐Ÿ™‚
            Thanks man

    1. Yeah, I saw that. We can’t see from the angle, but if the guy in white wasn’t one of the targets, I think he might have been reaching for a gun. Perhaps a bodyguard? Either way, that trigger man has his shit worked out right.

  1. I’d say its a Bulls eye man ! The executioner just let go several rounds at such a point-blank range. The one, “Dead” hadn’t had a clue what hit him in a flash ; so engrossed was he; that he didn’t even care to see who came barging in like a Ghost .
    Thankfully it seems the guy only had some score to settle with the one he killed and let go the others .
    Wish they had bolted and secured for the day if only the guy wasn’t one card short of of a full deck he would still be shuffling and playing cards

  2. The victim’s wife had just texted him right before the gunman came in, because she had to go to bed very early, and he was reading it just as he was getting shot. Her text read “Good Night!”

    1. You think that woman on the scene was his wife ?.Alright the toddler was hers as after the gun shots she reached out to grab him all panic stricken but toddler seemed aloof and oblivious to the entire happenstance as he coolly moved around

    2. I don’t think so Blucon, I would think that lady and the kids belonged to one of the guys that the kids were near, like maybe that second guy who got shot. Well Siniko, he definitely knew where he was, so that could always be a possibility. Now I’m curious to what the text read, if it was even a text. It was definitely personal because he could have easily just robbed everyone and still killed his target.

      1. @Re-pete all through the Video I saw her sitting watching over her toddler .Now this texting business has n’t caught my eye I wonder which part of the clip has her texting . But here was the place all these guys would seem to unwind and may be booze or play cards . Killer had every knowledge of his target as he must have stalked him to ascertain his whereabouts several times in the past to this day when he was almost certain that his bullet won’t go wasted even if its just one at such a close range and that’s what he did what he came for.
        This episode is reeking of their animosity and hatred for each other .

        1. No Blucon, I meant the victims wife was at home texting her husband a the table, that’s could be why he picked up his phone just a second before he was killed. Actually, I had just assumed it was his wife/GF texting him, but it could have been anybody or he also could have just picked up his phone to see what time it was too. We may never know! We really need to get that phone now dammit!

    1. When we were kids, my brother and I use to sneak into an old bar Wild Bill drank in. Kind of creepy at the time because it had a dirt floor and old wooden furniture. Don’t know if he ever played cards there though ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. When I was little my dad lived in a very small town called Pavo Georgia. Very small Irish town. There was a tavern like that and down the road from that was an old style candy store where all the candies were in glass jars on wooden shelves. Very, very wild west like. My mother said the candy store was a front for moonshine and that’s why my dad always took me there….could’ve been true I just think she was bitter

  3. The fucker was wearing a ski mask under the hat…nice.

    Does anyone else think that there used to be another player who was sitting at the table with them earlier in the card game? Said player probably lost some cash. Said player probably has issues with losing. Said player probably has a gun and no inhibitions on using it. Said player would have known there was a camera and had a reason to wear that hat and the ski mask under it. Said player felt a need to change the meaning of a “hot hand” in cards.

        1. @train, a baby/toddler is totally helpless in a situation like this, even the mum for a split second of self preservation, ducked and ran. It only took about a quarter of a second to race back and grab her kid though, a good mum I think.

    1. I’ve never been any good at that game. I like technology a lot but I feel like an old lady sometimes because I still get blown away that I can watch my direct TV on my tablet as I walk around….and touch screen.

  4. Was the victim named Da Sousa or Da Silva? This was certainly not a random occurrence. Assuming the video is from Brazil, Brazilians who sell drugs or have cheated or insulted another person should never let their guard down and assume that death is around the next corner. The hitman is a twat. He could have killes his mark without endangering a child. Idiot.

    1. ye know @ewestomper ………. things of the Gamers as I know about is to comment in here and declare that they never are clairvoyant and this one even with the tarot in hand wouldn’t know; wouldn’t have an iota of any thinking that his impending demise was so near and not etched out that hour but he imagined it far in to eon years ahead where he would just be a Game lord but as they say man proposes GOD disposes .

    1. We don’t see the interactions between all 7 billion people on this planet so it’s closed minded to think that there are few heros in this world. If VI see someone needing help….I help it’s as simple as that…but of course some situations deserve more caution than others, then do what you can or find someone who can more safely. But like I said 7 billion+ people

  5. I am so scared of dying and think maybe that is why i watch shit like this! I just think it is so fucked up like that man was talking, laughing, Had just picked up his phone to look at it and didn’t have a clue he was going to be dead in a second…. That is scary!
    It terrifies me to think i might not exist tomorrow, shit i could die before i even press send on this comment! I think about death way to much for someone who’s young-ish and no known illness.
    Ignore me i am just thinking of my fear out loud…

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