Man Playing Cards Shot Dead In Front of Child and Friends

Man Playing Cards Shot Dead In Front of Child and Friends

This easily counts as one of the most cold blooded assassinations I’ve ever seen.

It’s a CCTV video from inside what looks like a place of business. The clock shows it’s after 7pm, so the shop is closed, and a group of friends sit around a table playing cards. There is also a young woman, a dog, and two children in the room, one of whom is just a toddler.

Suddenly, a man wearing a hat enters the room, and without a second of hesitation, pops several bullets at close range in the head of one of the men playing cards. In a manner of 2 seconds, he executes the guy and leaves just as quickly as he came. It all went down so quickly, some of the players took longer to realize someone just got assassinated right before their eyes, than it took the hitman to kill the guy and leave. The toddler didn’t even know what the heck to do, as everyone else just kind of dashed.

I don’t have much in terms of backinfo, but man… this is the definition of cold blood, if there ever was one.


This happened in rural area called Muzo, in Boyacá Department, Colombia. Both the guy shot in the head, as well as the guy in white shirt reportedly died. Colombian authorities say the killing was over emeralds – green precious stones. Colombia produces 55% of the world’s emeralds, most of whom come from emerald mines in Boyacá, where also the world’s highest quality gems are found.

The place of business in the video is a gas station. The primary target was emerald trader Samir Peña. The other victim was his uncle, Mario Birgüez.

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