Man Points at Camera After Surviving Murder Attempt

Man Points at Camera After Surviving Murder Attempt

In bairro Alto da Conceição – one of the most populated neighborhoods in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, an apparent king of the pointer became victim of a murder attempt with what is known in Brazil as Arma Branca, or White Weapons.

According to the information I got, a white weapon is an object that can be used for the purpose of defense or attack, but whose original purpose and principal design is not to cause harm or death. Usually, white weapons are work tools, such as axes, knives, machete, scythe, scissors, or hammers. Weapons such as pistols or rifles are therefore not white weapons, because their primary purpose is to hurt an opponent.

The man in these pictures survived the murder attempt and kept pointing at the camera like he won the interweb. For the day, it seems like he truly did. I do not know exactly which “white weapons” was used in this attack.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I’m Brazilian and I usually see some wrong explanations about the news. I dont speak a very good english, but I’ll try to clarify some things in posts that happen in Brazil. White weapon is any weapon that does not shoot projectiles. Our laws treat the different villain when he wears a white weapon. And he ends up not even being arrested. This is Brazil.

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