Man Repeatedly Stabbed in Stomach by Jihadists

Man Repeatedly Stabbed in Stomach by Jihadists

Man Repeatedly Stabbed in Stomach by Jihadists

I don’t know much about the background to this video, but on a scale of probabilities, I’d think that Syria is the most likely location, as that’s where jihadists are most active at present. However it could be from any other Middle Eastern country as well.

The video shows apparent jihadists stabbing a wounded man repeatedly in the stomach. I don’t speak any Arabic, but I recognize word “Murtaddin“, which the jihadists use to address the man. Murtaddin is an apostate from Islam, according to Oxford University Press Encyclopedia.

After burring the blade in the victim’s stomach, the stabber jerked it about to cause more internal trauma. And since I doubt they rushed the victim to hospital after the video ended, I think it’s fair to assume he’s dead even though the moment of death is not in the video.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Man Repeatedly Stabbed in Stomach by Jihadists”

      1. If I survived that level of punishment and wasn’t totally debilitated. My only goal would be revenge to the n’th power. Fuck everything and everybody, I would make those people pay or die trying. (most likely die trying, but revenge would be the only thing I would be thinking about… Maybe.)

      1. It may depend on how packed the belly is.
        There’s that one where those young Brazilian chicks disemboweled that one guy and when she was stabbing him in the belly, you could see his intestines start to burst their way out.
        Who know what else came squirting out after that.

        Ok, if I ever find a video of exploding acidic belly guts from a stabbing, you’ll be the first one to know about it.

        1. I remember that one with that Brazilian chick haha
          Were it two tho?
          Anyways,the one doing the gutting wasnt scared but performed quite well…she surely slit up a fish or two before lol
          After she stabbed him all over his belly all she had to do was to “gently” slice him up from just under his bellybutton up to his ribcage and oh boy…those insides couldnt wait to see the sunlight… haha

    1. It’s only a “Moderate” jihadist ,you know the ones that the American Establishment recruited,paid ,trained ,nursed and then repatriated for next time.
      They only moderately stab you ,it moderately hurts and you only moderately die.

    1. 1st they’ll be meeting (or is it “meating”/gutting) little Bobby, Suzy-Q, Billy, Tommy, and Debbie, as the jews unleash millions more of their Arab cousins on us. I mean, they have already disarmed and disenfranchised most of us, so it will be a (very bloody) cakewalk for them to just run right through us… in the not too distant future.

  1. Dirty little pig fucks,,, kill all big nose muscums…. we all hate you, your pretend pedo god is a lie,, 9 years old, defo to old for your perv dick in a book gods…. long live sootty and sweep!!!

    1. I know 10 year olds who write better than you, you hate-filled twat. You may hate us, but that won’t stop us from ruling over you, there’s a reason Islam is the fastest growing religion. Think about that for a second. Why are thousands of people converting to Islam daily/weekly/monthly/annually? Even the most hateful of Islam eventually turn to the religion after having done their own research. Research the religion before you open that swine eating mouth of yours, I pity your ignorance.

  2. sigh, the words “Allahu Akbar” is used by some terrorist groups, but the word itself doesnt really have a bad meaning behind it.
    its just “God is most great” which muslims use as a decleration of faith to Allah
    sadly, using the words “ALLAHU AKBAR!” could also mean “Allah is greatest” which can also have some really bad undertones.
    why am i writing this exactly? because as these men are killing the wounded man, they are screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR!” which makes me think that the wounded man was killed because he didnt believe in Allah, which is terrible.

    but hey, thats just a theory, a GAAAAAAAAAAME THEORY.
    I also might be totally wrong, but hey, im not muslum after all!

        1. I read it!

          sometimes someone’s piece of shit random comment with zero purpose whatsoever (i.e. does this dude just like to see himself talk? amirite?) yes.

          is another man’s mediocre merriment.

      1. Those unlike you who are well-informed on what ‘Allahu-Akbar’ actually means and its intended use; for proclaiming their faith just as Christians say ‘In the name of the Holy Spirit, the Ghost…’

    1. Oy, muzzie-lover! STFU! There is only one important thing left after all this religious bullshit…… and it is called “survival of the fittest”.

      Wanna see a real god? Look down to a loaded barrel and pull the fucking trigger. I’ve heard, you’ll see a god after doing this. Soooooo…..please….let us know, if it worked…

      1. Hey moron, let me show the world how much of a twat you are. You don’t believe in God? Then why don’t you “look down to a loaded barrel and pull the fucking trigger”, as you say yourself? Or are you too much of a wimp and fear meeting a God once your brain is sprayed all over your walls? “Soooooo…..please….let us know, if it worked”, so go on, Mr. Ignorant, how about you prove to us religion is “bullshit” and kill yourself.

      1. “Si te molesta lo que escribo entonces sos izquierdista” lmao. The translation is even funnier than the pronounciation/writing. Oh, can you remind me of the time when Muslims ruled Spain and Portugal for a good 500 years? Know anything of that?

  3. He’s telling him you’re pig from the nosayri army (chia islam) which the jihadist are (suni islam) these two hate each other he replied by saying i only been here 20 days another jihadist says we should behead him followed immediately by stabbing him i believe this video is from Libya and could also be from Syria.

  4. God-Bless that Poor-man. As for these Jihadists-Scum of the earth,,, they will have their Day with Our Maker, and i feel as if they Are All about to have A Very Dad Day when it does finally comes. Hopefully it will be soon,,, the sooner the better for those Evil-Doers.

    Watching Him Plead For His Life in the beginning made it hard for me to keep My Eyes From watering, Tearing-Up. And a couple minute later,, it had me *Blue In The Face Utterly-Furious* No Amount of Arkbarking Will save them Cunts From The Real Deal,,, **OUR TRUE LORD & GOD**

      1. @Alessi, Beater Of The Weak
        Another Good, and Caring B G Brother not afraid to show they care man, cool. 🙂
        A Real man is,,, and has always been unafraid to show his true feelings
        towards a fellow human. He is unselfish,,, Strong, yet a Good & quiet Man.
        **God-Bless You Both Above, Keeping Yourself & Yours Always Safe**

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