Guy Running from Gunmen Hits Parked Car, Gets Finished Off with Bullets

Man Running from Gun Gunmen Hits Parked Car, Gets Finished Off with Bullets

Man Running from Gun Gunmen Hits Parked Car, Gets Finished Off with Bullets

Even though I got no backinfo, I have the feeling the video is from Brazil. The guy may have got falsely accused of rape, cause that’s death sentence in the most hen pecked nation in the world.

What I was told was that the guy was a prisoner who just got released from jail and got killed on the way from it. The CCTV footage shows him slamming into a parked car on some kind of a two wheeler while apparently running from the gunmen chasing him. But the slam knocked him down, allowing the killers to perform a fish in a barrel shooting number on him. Or maybe he had already been shot, and that’s why he ran into the car.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “Guy Running from Gunmen Hits Parked Car, Gets Finished Off with Bullets”

  1. Reminds me of a Man Utd v Arsenal match went to a few years back at Utd’s ground Old Drug Trafficko – overheard Paul Scholes say to Alex Ferguson “if I’m playing shite at half time boss bring me off”, and Fergie replied “you filthy bastard, you get half an Orange like the others”.

  2. Okay, 3 things here:
    1. What kind of dickhead could hit a parked car, when you are running (riding) for your life ?
    2. If you do hit a parked car, try not to get knocked the fuck out!
    3. Is this the 3 fckn Stooges? Why did all 3 idiots have to get out of the fuckin’ car, when they were all packin’? It would only take ONE to finish the biker off, and they would have a faster getaway than they did!

    1. Hey, just wanted to present a possible scenario here: if it was mafia or cartel related, sometimes they’ll do group executions in public on purpose, for different reasons, like a display of uniform participation in ritual and and revenge killings. Also the physical gore and shock from the brazen overkill will terrorize anyone who sees it.
      Just pondering some possibilities, you know.
      Or they could just be the 3 Stooges, haha.

  3. He must of gotten shot judging the way he just plowed into that car as if it wasn’t even there… however it seemed he had quite the run on the shooters? So either the shooters were excellent marksmen, or he got shot earlier and was still able to get away until maybe the wound impacted him too much, or he just really sucks at driving and plowed into that car cause he is an idiot

  4. I also recall years ago at a match overhearing England manager Bobby Robson saying to some coon in the team “hey, what do you think of that Rummenigge”, with the player replying
    “what rumour’s that Boss?” Can’t think who it was..

  5. What fucking streets are those in Brazil mostly , wearing deserted looks as ever whichever videos you get to see There isn’t a soul in sight except the escapee and the killers on his trail.
    Can’t put the blame on him for banging that car head on cause first up he was running away from his killers and secondly he already knew its gonna be the end of the road for him so its better this way .

  6. It really looks to me like the guy was a goner before he hit the car. He appeared to gradually and lazily drift over right into the other vehicle. He was probably losing consciousness from blood loss, having already been shot.

    1. No, no… He was tryin to reduce wind resistance, whilst lookin behind to give those assholes the finger… He died due to the embarrassment he faced when the guys he flipped off stopped to make fun of him and comedically critique the embarrassing manner in which he received his injuries..

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