Man Screams After Getting Shot in Philadelphia, His Pal Screams As Well

Man Screams After Getting Shot in Philadelphia, His Pal Screams As Well

Man Screams After Getting Shot in Philadelphia, His Pal Screams As Well

The moment when a man was fatally shot by an armed assailant was caught on a CCTV camera in Philadelphia. The assailant reportedly shot the man after some thots whined to his white knighting ass.

In the video, the assailant shoots the victim with a single bullet. The victim lands on the road paralyzed, but while still alive, screams bloody murder. His pal comes to him a moment later, and does the same – screams bloody murder.

Several residents come out of their homes, but nobody seems to do anything to help the victim. And we used to make fun of China for being ignorant of injured or wounded people.

The shot guy reportedly died from the wound. And it all apparently happened because some thots didn’t get their obligatory pussy pass and whined to an armed thug in shiny armor.

Props to Best Gore member @redwister for the video:

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107 thoughts on “Man Screams After Getting Shot in Philadelphia, His Pal Screams As Well”

    1. Yep, dude must have been terrified, but then again, it’s probably his fault only to be expected if you decide to live that type of life in that type of ghetto fucking environment where you can get shot in the streets over the stupidest shit.

      1. Hilarious how you know nothing about him or the life he lived, but make those assumptions upon justifying his death. You’re just as ignorant as the picture of him you’re painting. I won’t be looking for a response but maybe remember that next time you see something online. you know nothing about him or the how he lived his life you clown.

          1. Well, to complain about bystander apathy in the same post that you (not you, the OP) ridicule the guy for “White Knighting” is a bit hypocritical.

            How do you condemn the guy for coming to the aid of others WHILE criticizing people who did not come to his aid in the same breath?

          2. You don’t see any difference between a loser whose balls did not drop so he compensates for it by killing other people in vain hope that some thot will get off a Tyrone’s dick for him, and the public at large being ignorant of injured people who can’t help themselves? Over the years of running Best Gore I’ve seen a ton of people with blinders on their eyes, but you just trampled them all.

          3. I didn’t understand the both of you. Just to clarify:

            I have a problem with those who don’t help others but hypocritically cry and bitch when it happens to them and theirs. You don’t want to help ,fine don’t , I’m not saying I’m a hero and I would myself. What I am saying though,is that many are afraid and/or too patronising to help but are the first ones to cry when it happens to them .You can’t have it both ways and want to be respected.

            As for Incel shooters ,yes ,I have a problem with them too.

      1. @TheProtocolsOfZion.

        Off topic but knowing you are well informed I’d like to get your opinion regarding the current situation with the ongoing PLANNED-DEMIC which where credence is hot, since it’s global and maybe engineered but I’ve been thinking Chernobyl on the escalation like radioactive pollen and spreading to wildlife and greasy water in short a radioactive virus in slow accumulative escalation the BIG dry burn (in effect) in the end.
        Now on this note, hope I’m wrong but was told cherinobyl means wormwood like as mentioned in revelations..? (Confirmed). So how would they know about future events back then..? Does it not point to say it’s just a programme and we are part of it, and chose an illusion to live by..?
        One cannot dismiss (also a possibility) that there are force’s beyond our comprehension who could be manipulating and orchestrating our perceived reality.

        Would appreciate your view and feedback…

          1. Though you would have. I know and understand what they are doing, why and how, it’s the numeracy always with them at the core, be they fake jews, Illuminate, Masonic etc. Even Kill Bill’s patent for the genocide chip carries 666 within the code, they’ve always done this it is the framework of all the cults and cabal’s.

            Also the working class are already brain dead, let alone brainwashed. The bible prophecy is real enough for the cabal to adhere to regardless of the sheeple..!

            My point, and moreover questions to you, you seemed to have missed or overlooked. This is by no means a derogatory statement towards you but I’m going to simplify the questions and repeat.

            Do you think that within the center of the elites factions there is any facts and/or truth to support the alien hybrid theory..?

            That some other world entities are actually pulling the strings thru the elitist Cabal..?

          2. @jxk777 No, I do not believe there is a alien hybrid controlling humanity. But, I do think that the elites are going to fake an alien invasion, and I also think that they are playing around with mixing animal and human DNA. There is an Illuminati playing card that shows alien abduction, it shows what looks like a lizard man. So, they could have been secretly mixing lizard DNA with human DNA for decades in some communist country trying to create a fake “lizard man” from outer space. Also, I believe they have invented anti gravity machines, and they are going to pretend they are UFO’s.

          3. I like the suggestion I saw here from someone (I don’t remember who) to stop calling them elites and use a more appropriate tag: parasites.

          1. Nems.
            Yes, very definitely know that as I used to enjoy dancing with the Green Fairies.
            Found it to be the only spirit I can/could drink. Also anything hallucinogenic I’ve experienced and thoroughly ENJOYED.
            Have a library of special er, memories..?
            From said. Hehe…

            Psychotropic is the word I think, not splitting hairs, knew what you meant…

      2. @theprotocolsofzion.

        Thank You. Currently I would agree that is more likely.
        Yes that is going to happen, thinking Roswell was the beginning of the psychological conditioning in the modern era, also why so much more “evidence and material” has suddenly appeared. Recently over the past two years they’ve been confirming events which they vehemently denied for decades.

        Point 2. Agreed very definitely, I’ve videos of reanimated entities from the early Soviet experiments. Also look at some of those genetically modified type of asexual’s that they produced from late 50’s for the Olympic games as example.
        Aware of the illuminati card, tho possibly allegorical, or ritual dress..? but anything could be in fact the case, as we may only speculate as to what their experimenting with and upon.

        Die Glocke. Although I really still do not believe that they have the correct or original plans and/or the ingenuity. that is still uncovered/destroyed. I do not think their even close to the original experiments as yet. How easy to fake an anti gravity type UFO with today’s aerospace technology would it be..? Fairly easy I’d say…

          1. First answer is, think it’s a euphemism.
            And would agree that the biblical tense doesn’t exist the bible is a allegorical handbook for deception. Which is manipulated to suit the interpretation, by the interpreters.
            The question is in all the ancient text and tablets, description of the devil and physical representations there of, are all very similar. The devil has a hooked nose. Regardless of horns and a tail.
            So he/it is an image of who, and representing who..?
            Because then the devil is not one, it’s a collective of devils, a Cabal.
            So all thru and down the ages, it’s remained constant.
            Then who actually would the devil as such, be a representation of.
            Example: Presently Kill Bill certainly is one. A manifestation of the collective.
            Therefore in effect a Devil.

            They don’t win anything no, it’s more likely they’ve gone over to the other side as it were, and become a part of it.

            Let me ponder, haven’t thought about this for a while.
            I’ll get back to you.

            (Tried to respond earlier but was getting time out errors, possible it was my network).

  1. Happy Memorial Day weekends gore brothers and sister also “ that one hitter quitter “ now I imagine the suspect with go after the ring camera owners ¯\_(ツ)_/¯what ever the case let’s be happy we are alive and well and not sick

  2. Did this guy get shot with a fucking 50 cal revolver or WTF??
    I mean who gets shot and flies 15 – 20 ft away from spot of impact.
    And I suspect that perhaps this guy is a fag and his accompanying friend is another fag and they could maybe be boyfriends…
    And I could swear that the shooter is of Niggering origin.

        1. Compass? Who the Fuck uses a compass! What are you Bear Grylls? I’ve been using the Sun and stars for over twenty years…Compass…dealing with magnetic declination…Then some asshole hides a neodymium magnet in your vessel the next thing you know you are going the wrong way for hours….Flat landers and their compass…Jesus Christ.

          1. That explains why I am stuck on the Isle of Malta when I was intending to arrive in Intercourse, Pennsylvania (look it up, it’s real and it’s near Bird-in-Hand)

  3. Apparently the guys friend was killed for some shit over a couple females he got into an argument with and they found themselves a white knight to kill him and his best friend (the one in this video) who didn’t have anything to do with it… SMH

  4. What kind of gun was that? That packs quite a wallop, the guy flew about 6 foot and slid another 6 foot across the road . I’ve seen plenty of vids of people getting shot but that looked like he get hit with cannon ball!

    1. Lmfao i agree the guy fly too fare away. Maybe he weighs 5 pounds. More over I think the guy is a hyper sensitive person because he yell so strong… Fucking light and soft black guy.
      Have a good day BG friend.

  5. The video starts a few seconds late, in the original you see the victim storm around the corner and the dude pursues him and fires multiple shots, apparently one hit him clean in the spine and that’s what put his lights out so quick along with the blood loss.

    I can’t say I feel bad for him considering his blatant gang affiliation to be marked for death in such a situation but it’s surely shitty for his family.

  6. dont know where he got hit but you can see him bleeding fast. in this situation im not a doctor but based off a limited cpr course and movies id say to use a fabric like your shirt and tie it tight over the wound, then try to get him to control his breathing. no cigs will make your heart rate speed up maybe alcohol to numb the pain. rush to a hospital asap for the professionals RIP

    1. Shit yea you’re not a doctor! Alcohol is a blood thinner. Heroin is the obvious choice here. The friend should have caught up with the shooter and copped a pack for his buddy. In the words all the almighty Gods of rock, Whitesnake ” Take me down slow and easy!”

  7. Chad got gunned by simp white knight now he’ll be facing a future in prison for the rest of his life while the skank spends the rest of her life giving more chads a go on her used up pocket While the fatherless children are raised to be future progressive thugs.

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