Man is Shot 27 Times – Guts Spill Out

Man is Shot 27 Times - Guts Spill Out

On the night of January 3rd, 2014, 25 year old Luiz Carlos Wichnecki (nickname Kiko) met his end by being shot 27 times by gunmen armed with pistols (9mm and .45) and a 12 gauge shotgun in front of his residence in Foz do IguaΓ§u, ParanΓ‘ – Brazil.

He was approached by a car and the occupants identified themselves as police. As soon as they exited the vehicle they shot Luiz as many times as they could, probably until running out of ammo. The majority of the shots appear to have hit his abdomen, causing the intestines to spill over. He was also shot in the legs and chest. Despite the savagery of the attack and his wounds, investigators claimed he didn’t die immediately. Must have been quite a site seeing his guts hanging from his belly and knowing he was truly done for.

According to police, Mr. Wichnecki (sounds Eastern European to me) was being investigated for a series of crimes, including robberies in luxury hotels. Not wanting to make anticipated presumptions, this seems to be one of those deaths that were very well deserved. He doesn’t appear that innocent to me and who knows, maybe he killed people before. And if not, he did cause other people suffering with his crimes. Live by the sword, die by the sword. A life of poverty is preferable to one of crime. At least poor people have integrity, and that is very respectable.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. In the second pic he looks like he’s saying “wanna touch my junk?”. The murderers should have brought one more heavy armed with a Dyson vacuum, who could have hoovered his insides out, then keko could have watched them turn into little meaty cyclones while he died. And I bet he wouldn’t have seen that coming.

      1. Sounds crazy and yet it’s the truth!
        Piece of canvas = few dollars
        Piece of shit = free
        Shit splattered on canvas = priceless.
        All this time I’ve been shitting into a toilet like a sucker. I’ve flushed away a fortune.

  2. Kinda looked like he was an attractive guy, decent undies, non wetback last name. Should’ve played on that instead of his gangster skills.

    Love shotguns! This is how I feel that guy sitting on his lunch break (braces guy) in Brazil that got the 12 gauge head should’ve looked. I question the lack of damage based on what I’ve seen my 12G do & it doesn’t even have a barrel choke.

  3. Hey @p.d. Thank You! Please try to find a video and or pics of some caballeros? y gauchos w/similar resulting damage to human intestinal cavity disembowelment done by the true meaning of being GORED to death by an angry bull w/horns!, * i’m an animal lover & P.E.T.A. member like uncle Ted.Nugent
    `kill em n grill em` but it would be awesome to watch
    esp. if the goree was a convicted rapist-pedophile/chomo-sodomite! ..que no?

  4. I reckon his death is being investigated all wrong….this was no cat burglar at high end hotels, or anything like that. You gotta put two and two together ya see. Ok, first up, he’s a white boi, second he shaves daily, third he is punching a tad above his weight and he’s a good looking dude. When you think about all that and the fact from the other photos that he copped a lot of bullets in his thighs and butt and probably his junk too. So what do you get when you got a good looking white boi, that always made sure he looked his best and that gets shot 20 times in his junk? Yeah, he was fucking someone’s misses or girlfriend on the side for sure!!! And the jealous partner rounded up some mates to teach him a lesson.

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