Man Shot in Chest Dies with Creepy Death Stare

Man Shot in Chest Dies with Creepy Death Stare

On January 19, 2017, a man was fatally shot in the chest in the Santa Delmira neighborhood of MossorΓ³, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. This was the city’s 12th homicide of the year, which is quite a few if you consider that it’s 12 people murdered in 19 days.

The victim fashion a pretty creepy facial expression for his last moments as a living human being.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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63 thoughts on “Man Shot in Chest Dies with Creepy Death Stare”

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          1. @piratejim. Chicago hood you def saw some fucked UP shit. South side right? We have Camden in nj. Real fucked up. They actually hired auxiliary to come and stroll the steeets. Installed cameras on every corner. Not one part of Camden is not unseen now. They did an awesome special on VICE about it. I live near a town called Paterson nj which is a real Shithole but nothing compared to Camden. If I had to compare the two IT would be USA prison being Paterson and Brazil prison being Camden. Just two diff animals. The state Hassss to take over when the animals start to take over. That’s the beauty of our country. Too bad other parts of the world don’t do the same. Or should I say it’s unfortunate that other parts of the world cannot do the same.

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      1. Bruhz, go back and look how many victims are dressed like sissy-boys… this nip ain’t the first… it’s like 9 outta 10 victims in the archives, I wouldn’t be caught dead or alive. What do all the victims have in common… they’re dressed in fairy colours… Tip-Toe Through The Tulips… then die, cocksukka, and get planted at BG… seems to be a trend… if it is I am all for it… if it isn’t it should be… maybe a coincidence… but if anyone ever wore those gay colours to school when I was a kid, they’d deserve to get their ass kicked…

          1. It has something to do about bullying since Amanda Todd and breast cancer campaign… or just plain fuckin’ queers… dressing like sissy-boys… I don’t know about your area, but it is sickening to see mothers dressing their little boys and teenagers going to school in sissy colours… lots of victims and perpetrators are decked out, looks like target practise… like a bull seeing red flag…

  2. Brazilians and their guns. Responsible ownership, just like US gun owners. No constitution in Brazil mind you, just unwritten rules. Makes not one jot of difference.
    “I need my gun because everyone else carries one”, they cry.
    And therein lies the problem.
    I know, deaf ears.

    1. I don’t understand what you mean. The fact is that you are not allowed by the constitution to carry guns outside home here in Brazil, unless you have a special permit which is usually given just to cops, justice system workers or other professionals along these lines. It seems though that criminals, such as the crackheads above, don’t mind the legislation, though, but most of law abiding citizens respect the legislation as it could result in a fine or make you end up in jail, and that’s the last thing you want here in Brazil, unless you have a diploma, then things can be better as it gives right to a private cell. Gun legislation has been in action for around 13-14 years here in Brazil, and gun related criminality continues the same…

      1. @undergroundweller “unless you have a diploma, then things can be better as it gives right to a private cell.”

        I hadn’t heard of this before. Are we talking about a High School (or equivalent) diploma or higher education? It would make an interesting case study to compare the percentages of educated vs. uneducated prisoners. (Especially from a nature vs. nurture perspective. Heads up, Psych majors, I just handed you your graduate thesis.)

        1. It’s a college/university (undergraduate) degree. If you have one you have the right to request a single cell, that is, a cell only for you instead of having to share it with god knows how many people and common criminals. Some complain it is a means of socio-economic prejudice, as people with more cash are the ones who tend to have college degrees. Nevertheless, it’s only valid for the pre-judgement period, if you end up condemned you go to a common prison. The penalty if you’re caught with a gun outside home varies from 2 to 6 years in prison plus a fine.

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  4. Quite possible:
    -When people dying&indestructible soul separating from “vehicle”(body), man sees demonic entities approaches&fighting for and over him.
    Many of dying ones hold look in terrifying moment to the very end.

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