Man Shot Dead by Cops in Salinas, California

Man Shot Dead by Cops in Salinas, California

According to the official report, a man tried to break into a woman’s house in Salinas, California and attacked her dog. When confronted by police, he threatened them with a pair of shears. He didn’t put the shears down when ordered to and was getting hostile. The cops tazed him, but the stun gun had no effect. Then the assailant swung the shears at one of the police officers and got shot.

By that account, this would seem like the cops were justified in shooting the guy. There are only two problems I have with it:

  • Why does every high tension encounter with police have to end with them using lethal force?
  • Cops never lie in their reports to skew the facts in their favor and to justify murder, do they?

Just about every other police force on the planet outside of the USA and Canada would handle this differently. It’s only in North America that when someone uses a gardening tool that has a potential to serve as a weapon must be confronted and assaulted with deadly force. It’s only in North America where the crime of disobeying a command to put the sheers down while retreating is punishable by death. Can you tell the cops really wanted to shoot him, so they closed in on him and pressured him until he did something for which they felt they would be justified in shooting him?

It’s sick that we are so used to living in a police state that most people would think it’s perfectly normal to get killed for this.

As reported on the Salinas PD website:

In an aggressive fashion, the suspect swung the gardening shears at the officers who were standing in close proximity and in danger of being stabbed or slashed. In response to this threat, two officers fired their weapons at the suspect.

In Salinas, the sentence for illegal pruning is death. You even get complimentary bonus treatment by getting handcuffed after you’re executed.

Props to Best Gore member Rickraid for the video:

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  1. Haha the girl recording was funny. Surprised they didn’t turn around and shoot her too. This looked like murder to me. I don’t know about that lady taking her toddler to witness the events though…

          1. before u make fun of someone?s foreign accent, take some time to think about how they speak more languages than u and how u are a failure

    1. This happens a lot in America any more.
      The police believe they are above the law.
      That fact is they get away with this shit.
      I don’t know when we the American people will say enough and fire back.
      Fuck these cops.

    2. Yep, the only English these Cholos learn are profanities. Can’t speak a single sentence without slurs in it. And this goes to the Whites too, if only most of you can do your own laundries, clean your own house, fix your own toilets, wipe your own ass, your country wouldn’t be too populated by immigrants like these…

    3. Yeah I agree the mom taking a baby to see the shooting was odd. Its like she was dialed in on what was going on and nothing else…but the kid would never remember anything but there is always a chance the baby could have got a ricochet. …and yeah “ah-ma…ah-ma = ghetto”

  2. Ignorant illegal immigrant bitches filming another ignorant illegal. Not all high tension standoffs result in shootings, just the ones on BG. I’m glad the cops removed another illegal off the streets who instead of being grateful for being here are instead stealing from others.

  3. Just a detailed story about my life at the moment. Spam is unintended. Just wanted to see if people like amnyc still thinks they shouldve kept me in there.I got suspended on the 10th and still am because my coworker blamed shit she did on me and i am paying the consequences. I didnt want to tell my mom that i got suspended again so i made it seem that id be at work when really id just drive around in her car. On the 12th i got some booze and went to the new kaiser here in sl and talked to a security about being transferred. After we were done talking she said i can be in the lot now that she knows who it is in the car. So i go to a parking spot and i start drinking my a beer. Later on a patrol car for the hospital comes behind me to take down the information of the car, i assume. I get up and before i get out the guard already leaves and i thought that everything would be ok cause they didnt come out to talk to me. Moments later the 3 cop cars show up and i walk out the car with my hands up and one tells me to get back in the car. I comply and then they tell me to step at slowly with my hands up and so i did. They saw that i had beer on the passenger side and i admit to drinking. Then they see my moms prescribed morphine and thats when they detained me putting me in handcuffs and in the back of the car and then they decide to have me under arrest. I go to jail asking to be breathalyzed and they bitched saying it costs them money so i never got breathalyzed. They put me in a cell with beds in it and i start shaking the celldoor cause i felt it was unfair. Then they put me in a cell that had no beds at all and a camera in front of the toilet. I talk to a cop and he says that i just have to sleep the intoxication off and i go home without a court date. Then came the time i had to take a shit. I didnt want to shit in front of the camera cause thats invasion of privacy so i decide to hide from the camera and shit on rhe floor of the cell and then they announce that i have a court date. I volunteered to clean my shit up but they didnt want me to. Now i ask if i should plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

    1. Interesting story.In Oahu, HPD are more concerned about DUIs and mild mannered men who only want consensual sex with a Korean masseuse than patrolling neighborhoods which are left vulnerable to robbery because they lack the manpower for the sake of checkpoints and copblocking. …..

    2. I don’t know if you just don’t catch sarcasm or what, but I took what amnyc said as just that.. sarcasm. Come on now.. You can’t post a comment announcing you shit on the floor of your jail cell and expect to get all serious answers. I don’t wanna look like a nice person or anything, but you seem like you’re pretty worried about it.. you need to at least go talk to a public defender, and you need to find out exactly what you’re being charged with because from your comments that I glanced at, it doesn’t seem like you even know. I hope you try to behave like a 21 year old when you go in front of the judge.

      1. All’s well that ends well .

        Glad for you . Piece of friendly advice , don’t have a dump in a cell again , and more to the point , if at all possible , don’t get in a situation that may lead to being thrown in a cell .

        Hope you can now look upon the situation as an experience and something to chuckle about .

        Onwards and upwards .

        1. If you’re going to drive around with an open container and a prescription that doesn’t belong to you, don’t whine when you get arrested. Act like an adult and you’ll be treated like one.

    1. Exactly. How would someone else behave in this situation? How would you do better? In the last 20 years or so I’ve seen my home state turn into a cesspool of violence. It didn’t used to be like this here. Even our quiet neighborhood had a shootout, the murderer started firing first. We were picking bullets out of the outside walls of our neighbors’ houses and our big oak tree. It’s a miracle no one else was hurt.

  4. “Why does every high tension encounter with police have to end with them using lethal force?”

    Was was the police supposed to do? Play tag along on foot with him all day and night? Let him run around with a weapon and possibly take other people out?

    1. Only in a state of paranoia could the worst possible things this man could do somehow take precedence over what would more logically happen- he would return to the streets and remain mentally disturbed, possibly not harming anyone who was not getting up in his face like these cops were.

      1. shoot him in the fucking foot! Its not that hard, three cops, two legs, he’s not gonna be waving his gardening utensils around for long with a big hole in his foot!!! Protect and serve?? Protect and serve who exactly?

  5. I guess the concept of electric resistance wasn’t a thought in the teaser gun designers head… dip shit I can grab a live power line in my house and at most I feel a tingle.. after the first jolt of electricity.. hello some people are more resistant to things than others…

  6. Pussy bitches can’t hold there own as a civilian but amped up as pigs on steroids with that uniform and a gun. Little girls with guns claiming ” Oh, oh I feared for my life cause I’m afraid to get my ass beat so I just closed my eyes and pulled the trigger.

  7. Based on what I heard from this video, this shooting occurred in a place where the 3rd world/ “industrializing world” has already taken refuge and has declared it “their turf”. Won’t be surprised if this happens more often, with all that subhumanity flooding in.

  8. If a taser didn’t work then he’s on something or he’s crazy. That fact puts him as more dangerous because he didn’t have a state of mind to do what the cop said to do. That makes for a very volatile situation. In this state if you are on something it means there is very little control to be had. He had tried to break into a woman’s home and attacked her dog. I would think the dead guy would’ve gotten the hint. He was not invited and obviously was up to no good. So tell me, how is this scenario so easy to control? This is the kind of situation most cops dread, being in close proximity to a burglar with a weapon who wasn’t affected by a taser. Do the math. No one likes a police shooting, especially not the officers who shot him. Also, cops really hate paperwork, having to shoot someone generates a lot of paperwork.

  9. I F THAT, was ever to happen to my family member, or close neighbor,, oh boy, let me tell you, they would have heard 3 more, semi- auto shots in quick fashion. Then they could pick-up four bodies, instead of one. No wonder the General Public are so disgusted with the Police. These trigger-happy FUCKTARDS, just don,t seem to learn from past experiences. ACTUALLY, they do. they learn and see all their fellow officers get away with it, so they think, now i can finally shoot somebody, and unload my glock on this innocent dude. SICK, SICK, world we live in. Canada and the U.S, are the new third world Countries. Or, at least, they are acting like one.

  10. The guy is not obeying our commands , so , he deserves to die !!

    These fuckers ought to be named and shamed as murdering scum .

    Spic bitch was annoying , but she was bang on with what she was saying . Doff of the cap for telling those twats what pussies they are .

    1. Dude is a legal precedent an example of a case similar to yours? So you can use the outcome of the latter as a sort of bargaining tool with the judge? Never really understood it…. Could be completely wrong lol… Please do elaborate for me 🙂

      1. You’re right, whenever there’s a unique case the decision of the judge in that case sets the precedent for any future cases. It’s not set in stone that they have to rule the same in the future, but it’s supposed to be a guide. If you want them to go against that precedent, you have to prove that either the first judge was wrong or that your case is different from the original..

  11. Oh my god…I live 15 minutes away from Salinas…a lot of crime there..I don’t go near it but it has the best mall closest to me….there’s police outside that mall 24/7 something always goin on in Salinas…i thought my parents were being over protective…I thank them

  12. There was a riot last night here in Salinas, during that “peaceful demonstration” another person was murdered, in front of about 100+ people. Did anyone see anything? Has anyone come forward? People question police activity when they do something bad, but their presence is known, when a cop comes around on a call, people come out and see what’s going on. Rarely does anyone capture a gang related shooting on video, reason being that gangsters don’t announce where their next hit will be.

  13. WTF. The guy was retreating and it looks like the cops were getting fed up so moved in real close so they would have an excuse to kill. Why not shoot him in the fucking arm and disable the weapon?!?

  14. Wait did the Bitch say she’s the one who called the cops? Fucking rat Bitch because she couldn’t mind her own fucking business this guy had to lose his life. I’m pretty sure she said something like I will kill you and then she said something like I called you. Meaning she was the one who called them. Fucking illiterate ass bitch.

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