Man Shot in Face Performs Agonal Breathing and Winks His Good Eye

Man Shot in Face Performs Agonal Breathing and Winks His Good Eye

Apparently, this was filmed in Brazil. According to the info I got, the man in the video was a burglar and was shot when caught in the act.

The video shows him with a severe gunshot wound in the face, that probably took out one of his eyes. As he’s dying, he performs agonal breathing, and toward the end of the video, I think he even winks with the good eye.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        2. My dad has a S&W Governor, shoots .45 acp, .45 long colt, and 410 shells. He uses slugs in it sometimes, I wouldn’t want to get hit by one, that’s for damn sure. Hit you in the pinky finger, and still kill you. Lol

      1. Hey dre! How you been?
        It looks to me like he has a pretty big chunk missing out of the side of his head. I think the .38 was a good bet. If you look closely, his ‘good’ eye is sunken and actually sinks further into his skull as the video progresses. Whatever the weapon, it created mush inside. Looks like the suicides where everything collapses to the middle. Guess he shouldn’t have been stealing other people’s stuff!

  1. Not sure he’s agonal yet, but definitely in agony – based on the dirt floor and splatter pattern, he was likely close to the floor if not directly against it when shot. It’s missed most of his upper lobe but probably took out important middle stuff or at least created pressure- that’s what destroyed his nose and maxilla. That eye blink may be deliberate or natural, the medial eye roll may or may not be. Hard to tell on this one, he’s probably not conscious though, in either case, not enough blood or matter hanging around to immediate spell out death, so we get to wait for brain damage to accrue.

    1. Shot close to the floor? The blood around him looks like it poured slowly from his wound. If it was an immediate result of a shot I think there would be more of a splash, with some skull and brain matter.

    1. Ya, it was a little weird for sure! You are incredibly beautiful my B-G Sister. Have you ever thought of being a model ? As you are a True Natural Beauty @ameruski . I take it that you are an American with Russian Roots ? I have also found Russian girls to be some of the most beautiful girls on the planet, not only their looks, but also their persona.

        1. @gemma2013
          There’s a Mexican saying that says – “Un cabron reconoce a otro cabron”
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          I can see that saying at work in your comment
          “A beauty recognizes another beauty”

        2. @gemma2013
          There’s a Mexican saying that says – “Un cabron reconoce a otro cabron”
          which translated means
          something like – ” A bad motherfucker recognizes another bad motherfucker”
          I can see that saying at work in your comment
          “A beauty recognizes another beauty”

  2. Evidently he WANTED to die or go to jail when he made a conscious choice to go attempt to victimize and commit a crime. What was he thinking? Idiot. Good for nothing piece of garbage. Now somebody get a broom and sweep this piece of shit off my doorstep lol. Thanx for dropping by!

  3. Always wondered, does a thief ever play out these scenarios in their head like ” someone won’t take this lightly”. Shit has to suck during those last dying moments where he’s probably regretting it whatever he tried to steal. Seems like you can die in Brazil just for stealing a chicken off someone.

    1. Yea, they sure don,t fuck around in good old Da-Silva Land, so you think that thieves would think twice before attempting to rip somebody,s, shit-off. Hard headed stupid fucks, they truly are, as they probably would kill ya for a fucken Chicken, lol, @machiapoleon

  4. Scientists need to just go to brazil and study all these dying fucks so we can see how the brain acts during death.

    Maybe pay the cartels to attend a beheading of an enemy?
    Hook up some ETG scanners or catscan. have those weird wires attatched to their head.

    In the name of science, of course!

  5. I’ve been to this website for a couple of years but never really commented, I come here to realise even if I was on minimum wage I’m lucky enough to have a roof over my head and that no matter what I eat regardless if it’s steak or noodles life could be worse in comparison to the sad things that are on this website.

    You cunts are a bunch of fucking deranged losers, you bunch of sadistic cunts! Yes they person was a theif but I bet all you cunts stole something in your life. No one deserves that sort of punishment and no one deserves to have their final moment on this purgatory earth to have it commented on in a negative way.

    You cunts don’t have any shame and a disregard for life because you’re all a bunch of low life losers who hate themselves more. All the unfortunate people who died or injured on this website were once in diapers, innocent babies, they have people who love them and they have people they love.

    This isn’t a website where a bunch of sick cunts like you people entertain and indugle in sick public teasing of the people who have passed away. They all want love, security, certainty and freedom. You people are supposed to appreciate how lucky you are. Go seek help you bunch of idiots.

    1. So you have been lurking all these years. And this hole-head was the drop of blood that spilled over your bucket?
      Wow, how random.

      Most of us are here for curiosity, and yes to make fun out of someones bad situation.
      Its a normal thing to do, and you admitted doing the same. Only thing is, some of us actually are funny, and add some extra smile to these bad situations.

      1. Yes I’ve been lurking on this website for years and years and been through all the pages from start to finish, when I read the articles and watch the videos there’s a sense of sadness and despair.

        Then when I scroll down to read the comments I just cringe, why on earth would people make fun of other people who died, to be honest it’s as sick as pedophilia; where are the majorities conscious?

        I don’t mean to offend because you’re all human beings that have issues of their own but Jesus Christ, come on people, all the comments on how someone ‘should’ have died and other dispecable things, geez…like what the fuck.. How could you not care, where is the sympathy, the empathy.. Maybe some people don’t deserve respect like the child rapist and killers..but fuck you’re all better just being appreciative off what you have.

        The whole world has lost its wholesomeness, you then realise what you were looking for out there won’t exist unless you create it within yourself; not happiness but just the acceptance that it is what it is, nothing more nothing less. You do what you have to do to survive.

        Everyone desires the same things; Money, Pleasure, Certainty & Freedom, We just all go about it differently with different jobs and different approaches but the goals are all the same. As complex as we think we are through commerce etc. we’re simply common.

        Even if you’ve given up those desires, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the clear and on your way out of Samsara however being appreciative of what you have is a nice little start. Although those of you who are in war torn countries may not have one decent thing to be grateful for, I hope that the universe will grant you Peace, Prosperity & Good Health

  6. OMG it’s like a fucking drama lmfao. I’m betting the guy with no eye was Redemption-requiems little rent boy. Now he got no bum boy to fuck with. Now run along, put your moms dress on and go play with your sisters Dolls

    1. I watch the videos cunts, I can sit there watch the videos and realise how fucked up the world is and ‘unlike most of you wannabe low life serial killer rapist losers’ I don’t include pathetic comments. It’s laughable because scums like you that makes fun of other peoples unfortunate circumstances are the biggest bitches being tough on a keyboard, internet trolls.

  7. Now this faggot has two holes in his face, so he can serve two guys a blowjob at the same time. I wonder what the guys arround him were talking. Maybe they Said, ‘Oh this guy looks fine, he doesn’t need any help’.

  8. Appreciate the footage here, agonal breathing has to be when someone is at their utter worst with death close by, grinning and prodding the dying. Now all someone needs to do is stomp down hard on that wretched being’s face, to see how many more times it can be fucked up before their last breath.

  9. This stirred an old joke from my memory:

    If you want a good laugh, and know who Christopher Reeve was, follow the directions. 😉

    Wink your right eye twice……
    Wink your left eye twice………
    Wink both eyes twice…………..
    Do you know what that is?
    Christopher Reeve doing the Macarena.

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