Man Shot in the Head, Left Bug-Eyed and Gasping His Last Breaths

Man Shot in the Head, Left Bug Eyed and Gasping His Last Breaths

Brazilian man was shot in the head and then it opened up his skull very nicely. The pressure from the bullet passing in caused his eyes to bloosom outward into a creepy, frog-like stare as he lies on the ground, he takes his last, big, yet futile gasps of air.

Don’t know the circumstances of the shooting or who the victim was but he definitely left a lasing impression, and I suppose that’s all we can really hope to do, eh? When I go, I hope I’m not found for a while. I want to turn into the greenest, bloatiest monstrosity to ever rot upon this earth, I want my death juices to stain so deep they will never be removed. I want my fetid, putrid shell to become the stuff of legends in the medical/coroner/paramedic circles. My final “Fuck you”. Ahem…anyway…

Thanks to MrsPinks for the good shit!

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    1. Love it when these animals receive the loooooong fuckin awaited knock on the door by the purpose police to come tell them survival of the fittest means we no monkeys no more Die! u useless parasite!! ^_^

        1. I cannot believe the level of delusion you allow yourself to create. Do you really think his life is less than yours because his skin looks different? I bet you are one of those assholes who would kill a human over a dog because the dog licked the peanut butter off your balls

          1. I’m one of those assholes but not for no peanut butter. Dogs have more loyalty than most humans could even hope to have. Animals in general don’t do evil shit for sake of being evil or have some inflated self worth that theyre special just because they’re dogs cats etc like human beings tend to do. So. I could pose the ? To you what makes you think you’re more worthy of life over any other species when you’re part of the species that in big picture sense according to nature shouldn’t exist. Are you not being a hypocrit yourself by basically judging them for their comment but basically expressing the same thing in yours but on a bigger level due to fact instead of using just skin color which to dogs could compare to fur color you are comparing whole species. I suppose you must be one of those with the inflated self worth why people have it I don’t know maybe religion or some other bs they tell themselves to feel better but logic tells me different. To me life is life period no categorizing it by colorbor intelligence etc. If that was case I could give lists of hundreds of humans that would of been put down a long time ago. I can say that there’s a lot more human beings I’ve come across in my lifetime that I’ve thought about enjoying choking the life out of with my bare hands ehile staring them in the eyes so I would be the last sight and thought they have but there’s not to many animals out there I can think of that I would enjoy doing the same thing to. Life is life to me simple as that none of us asked for it regardless of species

        1. there ya go… I once went into a job interview and in the corner was a life sized john wayne cut-out from Stage Coach…

          I got the job but it was one miserable experience.

  1. Yikes. Like a suffocating puffer fish. It would make a good ‘anti suicide’ propaganda vid for middle schoolers along with those classic “why you should wear a helmet” vids they used to show- as not all head shots are instantly fatal. Good video!

  2. Lol @obli got 87 acers with a few remote buildings when you go your welcome to ‘ take up residents’ in one no one goes near them unless passing them during hunting season…

          1. My grandparents use to farm tobacco, corn and such on the land just old equipment sheds but when I take the dogs out hunting sometimes the varmints run into the sheds easy to see there nests the otherwise empty spaces lol

          1. Oh,,,, is pinky a new Mod ? or maybe you cannot read ? It is one thing to send stuff, but much more work is involved behind the scene to edit, and then post it, my friend, just sayin!!! 😉

  3. his wife donated his body to the local science university. She did not know that on a hot hot day in brazil when she was changing a flat tire on her 49cc scooter some thugs wanted to take her into the woods and do some bestgore on her Da Silva style. From out of nowhere the new brazillian Robocop came to her rescue. Her husband. true story

    1. I think at that point it was game over for our Brazilian pal Any movement was simply brain stem and/or scrambled neurons randomly firing. I doubt Mr. Lucky had any sensation at that point.

  4. As far as your last wish Obli, I’d get yourself over to Thailand, where I’m sure your wish will be granted.

    I’d like to go in my sleep, cock in my right hand and a nice surprise in the other. If that can’t be arranged, I’d take something a bit less traumatic and undignified than this hapless fella got.

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