Man Shot in the Back by Israeli Police in Kafr Kanna

Man Shot in the Back by Israeli Police in Kafr Kanna

An Arab-Israeli, which is basically a man whose native land is illegally occupied by Jews, and who gets treated by the illegal occupiers like shit, was shot in the back by the Israeli police after he attacked their vehicles with what appears to be a knife.

22 year old Kheir a-Din Hamdan from the village of Kafr Kanna in nothern Palestine (called Israel by occupiers) allegedly tried to intervene in an illegal arrest of his relative – which would make sense, considering that illegal arrests of Palestinians are used daily as a means of keeping the oppressed population unable to fight back – and attacked the Israeli vehicle.

After the shooting, the Israeli police released a statement which said that the officers fired at the suspect because they feared for their lives. Except that the CCTV video appears to suggest that since they were locked in the van the suspect didn’t have a weapon strong enough to break into, and when the shots were fired, the suspect was walking away from them. They shot him in the back in cold blood.


According to Al Arabiya, Kheir a-Din Hamdan died on the way to hospital. I believe that’s Hebrew for: “We took him in the van while he was still alive and tortured him to death. Then we dropped him off in a hospital and were like โ€“ uhh, we tried so hard to save his life, but alas, we couldn’t get here fast enough. We have sads now. LOOOOL.

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for the video:

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      1. Yeah that was a big knife and he tried to stab the cops while they had limited mobility.

        Soooo you have a big knife and a dude that was insane enough to attack a car with multiple officers inside.

        Totally justified… I would have given that man a one way ticket to Hitler and/or grandma.

  1. There was no actual reason to shoot him. An arrest could have been made in this situation. He wasn’t running towards the cops when they got out, quite the opposite.
    The guys who got out knew they could kill him and get away with it, so they indeed did.

    Jews, doing what Jews do, in a Jew country. The CCTV camera was fortunately there to show us that Jews do actually do, what Jews do, in a Jew country.

    1. Would you do the same? Please don’t confuse Rothshild Zionism with “Jew” OK?
      Poor people of Palestine don’t deserve disinformed people who can’t change a thing. Fuckin AIPAC and shit.. Obomba.. We have to show them PEACE or we will have war and Israel is still expanding as I write this. Hate is what they want to justify their actions. All they need is love and you can feel it.

    2. And so they should. . Go there and see how these Palestinian scum bags are.. dirty gutter rats.. they are all the trouble over there and I am not a Jew, just been to Israel many times and seen first hand how they are .. Jews protect there own as they should..

  2. A. The guy was not dead when they put him in the van.
    B. The idiot was using some sort of screwdriver and obviously fricking nuts.
    C. We do not know why he was doing what he was doing.
    D. There may have been someone else to the far right, given the dude kept pointing the pistol that direction after shooting what looks like once.
    E. They could have shot him repeatedly if they wanted him dead. Looks like a single incapacitating shot.
    F. Why get injured when you can shoot the guy once and stop the assault? Not sure the comment an arrest could have been made makes sense. I have seen it take four grown men to hold down one guy out of his mind.

    Unless there is more info, this is simply a short interesting video of a guy who obviously lost it and got shot, and the big mystery is what will become of him.

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          3. You know what? If people always do what the Jews want, then I want all of your money. Please send me one million $ to the following address: 15 Jew Road, Jewtown, Kikeland, Israel. And don’t forget some goats!!! and your sister!!!

    1. I’m not going to get into the ‘Holohoax’ thing, but I will say that the Concentration Camps killed 12 million during WWII.. Correct or incorrect, the Jews claim 6 million of their own were killed.

      There is rarely, if ever, any mention the other 6 million murdered. 4.5 million were Russian POW’s who were worked to death or just outright murdered. The rest were ‘undesirables’ including gypsies, homosexuals, Government Workers/teachers and assorted criminals from conquered territories.

      It’s a fucking sham that all those others.. 6 million… are never even acknowledged much less mourned. There is NO mention of them in the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Same-same with the Museum of the Holocaust in New York City (the old Federal Customs building, down town).

      1. Do you know how many lost souls are claimed by Stalin? He had more kills. I’m from Germany and have background and internet to say.. we need informed people for peace or we will end in WWIII by these sickos that we vote for and follow..

    1. Yea but he had his back to them and was no immediate threat. Even if say attacking a car with a knife/screwdriver?
      is a crime punishable by death there the police are not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner.

      1. Just because the Jews for the last 70 years have been saying it happened means that it’s true?
        Your a fucking idiot if you believe what the kikes tell you.
        Oh I know… you are a kike.
        Or somebody that’s been fucked up the ass so many times by your Jewish handlers that your leaking Jewish spunk out your mouth.
        Fucking troll… go away.

          1. The Jew, David Cole, has already debunked the fake holocaust story. You can watch the video on Jewtube.

            So did the Leuchter report.
            The Leuchter report is a scientific document authored by American execution technician Fred A. Leuchter, who was commissioned by Ernst Z?ndel to defend him at his trial in Canada for distributing news that Jews wanted to hide entitled, Did Six Million Really Die by Richard Harwood, supposed Holocaust denial material. Leuchter compiled the report in 1988 with the intention of investigating the feasibility of mass homicidal gassings at Nazi extermination camps, specifically at Auschwitz. He travelled to the camp, collected multiple pieces of brick from the remains of the crematoria and gas chambers, brought them back to the United States, and submitted them for chemical analysis. No Zyklon B was found.

  3. We would all like to give the Isrealis the benefit of the doubt IF the situation the Palestinians are in was different BUT ITS NOT it’s collective Punishment on an industrial scale and the events this year 2014 was the Israelis mass brutality on civilians Coming out Bah Mitzvah I mean 80% civilian Death Rate not even the best Publicist could argue that was an accident! We spent Millions on Iron Dome cause Israel said “if We had that system We wouldn’t need to invade”. WELL We see how that went and How Israel checkpoint Guards speak about and treat Palestinians like Animals what I saw was Women and Children being Brutalized and Punished worse than Chinese Market Dogs and We expect them to just take it WOULD YOU? And Our Government gladly supports this that’s COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE in My Eyes!

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    1. Very strange but the officer admitted to shooting him. According to the Israel Post and the Isreal Times he claimed the man tried to stab him and he first let of a warning shot. Both online papers have the video posted and state the video contradicts this story.

      1. Ah, but we do not know what happened before the video. This guy might have forced them into the van, and then they just got tired of the shit. Not saying they could have done differently, but a video clip is not the whole story.

  4. For the record, I really do not support any organized political system or racial group over another. I just try to see with my own eyes and make the best determination I can of what I see. I can easily be wrong, and probably am sometimes. Really, shoving Jew-hating agendas down others throats is really really old hat. makes this site barely tolerable just because it is such a boring discussion from people who have it all figured out. Maybe its all true. I do not yet know. If so, go do something about it if you feel that strongly. Or are you waiting for the Arabs to do your work for you? Go be real about if you feel that strongly. Make up a volunteer unit and go to Palestine or Syria or wherever and get some. You could make very cool videos and post them here. The circle would be complete.

  5. Sad thing is.. many cops all around the world would do the same as they only hire psychopaths and sociopaths these days! Don’t scream “Jew Jew” all the time.. it’s another divide-con. We got to get together to sort this out. Peace doesn’t come by killing and hating each other! And “Jew” is not Rothshild Zionism. Anyone can be a zionist! But all you do is call for even more violence and a new “Holocaust”? For goodnes sake wake up! It’s the simplest thing to come together: no weapons involved. Do you still listen to Obomba or what? …Damn… PeacE!

    1. Not sure that helped your cause there Chosen, whatever it is. If you want to demonstrate something of value, you have to actually demonstrate something of value. You want to create more hate, carry on. Rough banter is one thing; arguing like bricks is another. Immovable objects meet un-bendable things = what?

  6. Chosen makes me lol. Either way if a Semite kills a Semite and no one hears him fall then was it anti-Semitic? I heard they’re all basically blood brothers?like the Genome Soldiers in Metal Gear Solid?all the same clone of Big Boss only his name was Adam and that was 5,775 years ago on the Hebrew calendar. I’m like Rodney King, since I get beat so much, ca-ca-can’t we all just get along?

  7. Either way if a Semite kills a Semite and no one hears him fall then was it anti-Semitic? I heard they’re all basically blood brothers?like the Genome Soldiers in Metal Gear Solid?all the same clone of Big Boss only his name was Adam and that was 5,775 years ago on the Hebrew calendar.

  8. It’s amazing how the Jews work. They have been oppressed and persecuted for thousands of years but each time come out on top. The Germans tried to exterminate them but actually they are stronger now than they have ever been. You can’t help but admire how they work and manipulate things behind the scenes and cover the evidence of their political dealings. True masters of what they do, they can ruin you with a stroke of a pen.

      1. To say they were scattered in other countries around the world prior to WW2, now they have their own country and almost universal international support. Quite a dramatic change! Also no other government dares to speak out against them even with the documented atrocities they have committed.

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