Man Shot in Front of 5 Year Old Son on Christmas Eve in Philadelphia

Man Shot in Front of 5 Year Old Son on Christmas Eve in Philadelphia

Caught on CCTV in Philadelphia on the night leading to Christmas Eve – man shot and critically wounded in front of his 5 year old son by a gun snackbarist who most certainly gets all emotional on the internet claiming that nobody will tell him that he can’t protect his family!

45 year old father with his 5 year old son in the car has just parked in front of a Walgreen pharmacy on the 2300 block of Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia when another car pulled behind him, a shooter got out and opened fire, striking the father multiple times in front of his son. The son was not hit, but the father had to be taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he was listed in extremely critical condition. The shooter fired 17 shots and drove away in a dark-colored sedan.

Police describe the suspect as a black male between 5’10” and 6’2″ tall, weighing about 220 pounds. He was wearing a black jacket, a grey hooded sweatshirt, and dark jeans. There is a possibility an accomplice was with the shooter in the car. Partial licence plate number could be discerned from the surveillance video: FSH-466.

Two more shootings occurred in Philadelphia on the same night. A man in his 20’s was shot in the head in the Castor section of the city and a 46 year old man was shot in the chest in the Tacony section of Philly. Both died at the scene. CCTV video of the Walgreens shooting is below:

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60 thoughts on “Man Shot in Front of 5 Year Old Son on Christmas Eve in Philadelphia”

    1. Philly is a great city despite the gun violence you read about. It is not mostly black, though the black population is moving into more ‘white’ areas. There are senseless shootings here as they’re are in most big city’s and I would say a majority of those are black on black. I don’t think you have ever been to Philly and if you had you would know how nice it really is to live here. But…if you are one who is racist don’t bother coming to visit or you might open your mouth and get your teeth knocked out.

      1. Philly is majority black, and it increases every-year. And it is a shithole. Anyone from Philly would tell you this if they were being honest.

        Philly, Chicago etc. are going to become the new Detroit’s/Baltimore’s etc. while other cities will become the new Philadelphia/Chicago’s etc (Cities barely holding on).

        You can thank Africans, Liberals (Democrats), White Females, and Beta White Males for that nonsense.

        It’s not racism, it’s reality. The most violent, lawless, shitholes in America have a high-black population. Black dominated towns/cities, regardless of Income, have the highest crime-rates.

        Maryland is the richest state in the US on Income. It has a 28% African Population. It has the fourth highest murder-rate in the Country.

        West Virginia is the 2nd poorest, it has the 25th highest Murder-Rate in the Country. It is predominately White.

        For comparison, the poorest is Mississippi. It has the 2nd highest murder rate. It has a 37% African population.

        Africans commit over 50% of the murders in the US annually.

        Ignoring this is asinine. This isn’t even talking about assaults, rape etc.

        1. Try living I’m California infested with beaner gangs gooks niggers the sad thing about it is that these stupid gangs end up recruiting fake ass white people in it you know how funny and sad it is seeing one white kid wearing baggy ass clothes and throwing up gangs signs -.- that United States is going to shit I blame MTV >.>

          1. I live in Philly and a large majority of the city is fairly safe. There’s two places in Philly where most of the shit goes down and thats North and Southwest Philly Neighborhoods. This shooting was in South Philly and the other two in the story were in the NorthEast which is the area I live in.

  1. If you walk the streets at night in Iraq, would you be shocked if you got shot and/or cut up?

    Exactly. Live in hellholes like Philadelphia/Detroit/Chicago/St.Louis/Baltimore/Oakland/New Orleans etc. (I have to stop, the list is almost endless) you run the risk of encountering something like this.

  2. I wonder how they got a partial plate # cus the video is so grainy. Unless they have another video that shows it better. Also since they do have a partial plate number, I am also surprized they cant trace it because the police can also run partial plate numbers even if they dont have the full plate number.

  3. This is exactly why Will Smith’s mum sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel Air.

    Your comment; “who most certainly gets all emotional on the internet claiming that nobody will tell him that he can?t protect his family!” tickled me Mark ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ban guns you maroons!!

    1. Banning drugs sure stopped all the drugs in the country didn’t it? Banning guns will just give criminals free reign. Banning does NOT work. Shit it’s illegal last I checked to shoot or murder someone. The ONLY thing that will stop crazy shit like school shootings is an armed guard at every school.

  4. martial law needs to be established in all major cities.
    it is too late to return america to the “Mayberry” status of the ’50’s. the US prison system must also be revamped to 19th century Russian brutality where the prisoners were terrified of the guards, too scared to do anything other than what they were told to do….fantasy, i know, but maybe…one day…

  5. Philly is not mostly black unless you live in a shit place like the Northside which is like going to the zoo. It cracks me up when I hear people who have never been to a city and most likely live in some shitty small town talk about places like they have been there.

    1. Philly is mostly black. They make up the majority (albeit small) of the population demographic at 44%.

      And I put Philly and Chicago in their own tier of shit, just below Detroit/Baltimore. Not as bad as those two cities yet, but they will get there.

      Why? Because the White Population drops annually in the USA and its cities. So, as the White population drops, and the African population increases, what happens? The Africans move into the relatively safe White havens, which turns them to shit.

      There are still White people in Detroit that would argue it’s safe.

      It’s unfortunate they don’t know what safe means, and living in a shithole has become so normal to them.

      This is the price you pay for having a large African diaspora and voting Democrat (Liberal/Left).

  6. Your name tells me all I need to know about you.

    Anyway – I’ve posted about Canada’s issue with Blacks and Muslims.

    We are getting flooded with Somali Muslims, there are places in Toronto that you couldn’t walk through as a White or Asian without being attacked in some way.

    Even where I live (Which is pretty small) we are being flooded with Somali/Sudan/Algerian etc. Muslims.

    One was just arrested for raping 8 women.

    I talk about America because America was once the greatest Nation on Earth, and is still looked at as such. Ergo, what effects said Country pretty much effects them all.

    Not to mention the already talked about fact that I am Canadian. Which means, when the USA crumbles.. Guess where all the debris and smoke goes? Right into Canada.

    Don’t worry, however – Britain is even worse off than America is. I truly feel for the British.

    I have plenty of Non-White Friends, by the way. They are Asian :).

    And I don’t use the term ‘Nigger’. I use ‘Black’ and/or ‘African’. I look at the term ‘Nigger’ as a propaganda tool to be used against me. Using the term ‘nigger’ automatically registers your message defunct in the mind of the non-enlightened.

    It’s unfortunate that you, and some others cannot contain yourselves from reading my posts. I imagine that’s your true self trying to fight through the layers upon layers of self-hate instilled within you.

    Now go listen to some more Rap and let it continue to eat away at your intelligence and fulfill your future as another drone in an army of automations devoid of self-awareness, critical thought or enlightened wisdom.

    Shalom ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Also – Just caught the homophobic, Ignorant and Inbred comments (Sorry – I was skimming).

      I’ve never once said a bad thing about Homosexuals/Lesbians. So take that garbage and shove it down your own throat, and stop projecting your own thoughts on me. Thanks.

      I happen to have no problems with either group.. I’ve even dabbled in a bit of ass play myself. Not for me, but to each his own.

      Also – Ignorance is define as:

      “the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness”

      I think that describes you more than me. While I cannot comment on your state of ‘education’ (Well.. Given the horrible state of our Schools and such in the West, not much to brag about really) I happen to be very aware of the problem of Multiculturalism. I also have mountains of proof to back it up, which I won’t reiterate here. I know you love reading my posts – ergo, you’ve seen such facts already listed. As always – Reality is simply the best fact checker.

      I am disappointed you avoided the use of terms; ‘Nazi’, ‘White Supremacists’, ‘Redneck’, though. The term inbred just doesn’t carry the same umpf.

      It’s even more pedestrian than those.

      Work on it.

        1. I wish you would comment on videos more. I enjoyed reading your feedback because 1) you only mentioned nigger once and 2) you seem like you actually use and deserve your brain unlike many viewers โ€”and subjects in the posts โ€” on BG.

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