Man is Shot, Then Finished Off With a Brick to the Head

Man is Shot, Then Finished Off With a Brick to the Head

A man was shot down and then had his head brutally smashed-in with a brick in the municipality of Conde in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The man, only identified as “Thiago” had only been in Conde for a few days, having originally come from Cruz das Armas in João Pessoa. That’s really all that’s known about him. Around nine o’clock in the evening, a congregation in Nossa Senhora das Neves(Our Lady of the Snows) heard gunshots from outside and immediately called the police. Upon arrival, the police searched the area and found the body of “Thiago” under a mango tree in the yard of a house that was currently under construction and several blood-spattered bricks lay around him. He had taken at least one round to his side and when he had fallen he was apparently beaten about the head with a brick until his head caved-in. Police have not determined the motive for the murder nor do they have any suspects in custody.

This could have been an attempted robbery or perhaps a drug deal gone wrong, or even a jilted girlfriend(or boyfriend). This is Brazil, a very passionate people to say the least. I suppose it’s possible that the man died of his gun shot wounds but the killer, running on pure rage-induced adrenaline was not satisfied and thus continued to make a statement using a brick as the exclamation point. Pure brutality to say the least.

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    1. You think so? You’ve seen that video about the motorcycle guy that had his heart out of his body (and lungs) and was still pumping… So the only way to make sure is to cut his head off and rip his heart out. 😆

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  1. This is what happens when you call the cops, you get your cranium caved in with a brick after you get shot? Sorry @Obli, still got the song lyrics from the last post in my head, it isn’t craziest theory though.

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  2. If you look at this dudes arm it appears as though there are multiple sets of indentation marks similar to the pattern on bricks. Meaning that not only was his head mashed, but the masher, in his wild and sloppy frenzy was mashing the arms as well. Which is quite pointless I would imagine, but just picture some guy on top of some other guy, just fucking wailing all over the place with a brick, or multiple brick cuz I’m sure he broke at least one to three all over the other dudes body before finally coming out of his rage and going home.

    Then he is gonna wake up tomorrow, kiss his wife and kids and then casually hail a cab to go to work at the ____________?

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