Man is Shot to Death, Has Belly Filled With Stones and Gets Dumped in a River

Man is Shot to Death, Has Belly Filled With Stones and Gets Dumped in a River

On the 3rd of November 2013, military police was called to a crime scene in the Foz do Iguaçu, state of Paraná – Southern Brazil. A body, already in an advanced state of decomposition, was found floating near the shore of the Paraná River by locals.

The man had been shot and stabbed several times. His belly was opened and filled with stones in order to keep him sleeping with the fishes. Somehow some of the stones managed to leave his body and the remaining ones didn’t have enough weight to keep him underwater, so he came to the surface.

After isolating the area, the military police proceeded to call the equivalent of the CSI in Brazil, the Polícia Científica, for further investigation.

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      1. @ilovemygramps,

        Sorry for missing your question, I live a pretty hectic life and therefore do not get enough free time to read every comment.

        Concerning self sacrifice,

        There are many books detailing the religious mindset of the above premise and also the sociology based suicide aspects but I have never read any books regarding self sacrifice for the non religious person.

        Experience tells me that most people avoid danger even at the expense of loved ones. How many examples have we seen of parents rushing out of a burning building whilst screaming at others that their children are still inside, or examples where somebody falls into a river and their friends and loved ones just stand and watch whilst panicking.

        The human being possesses an overwhelming desire to live, it is a self defence mechanism that we all possess but it can be overridden with logic and discipline and also religion.

        To put ones own life in danger may be considered brave, or stupid depending on your viewpoint, but it is most definitely not normal behaviour and that is why I will not call anybody who fears death a coward because fear of death is natural and normal.

        My conclusion, self sacrifice for any goal is, for all purposes and intent, suicide. The only difference is that you accept death for ideological reasons rather than emotional reasons.


        Ha, I’m just a drunken asshole and a legend in my own mind only.

        1. @empty. Thanks for answering. It was a strange question and your answer made me realize how deep the original question of that BG member really was. Better to put those thoughts back into the depths where they came from! Haha

  1. FUCK okay you win Portuguese I can’t keep my fucking barking down on this one..what an interesting post!!…rocks in the belly..genius!!..well sorta in this case…..they should have used bigger stones and probably a better sewing thread…metal maybe? when stitching him back up….oh yeah+15 on bringing one of the creepiest fucking faces home…great post Portuguese… 🙂

  2. Those corpses would really suit in some movie scene and this would probably maybe be for some greatest thing they ever achieved in their life and they would not even know it. Interesting isnt it

  3. first off, hello everyone im new here so.. hey how you doing?

    secondly pertaining to the news, with the way they discarded the body, is that like a page out of what happened to the big bad wolf in the red ridding hood story? because i think thats how it ended. could just be convenient though.

  4. This one’s not bloated, it looks like he hasn’t been in the water for more than a few days , but then some get fished out after six months+ and they still look fresh due to the adipocere phenomenon.

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