Man Shoved In Front of Subway Train in New York

Man Shoved In Front of Subway Train in New York

Even though this video doesn’t have any gore in it (still looking for the one that does), the gore in which this incident resulted was reportedly so bad, the Subway conductor had to be treated for mental trauma. You need to break yourself in on Best Gore, buddy.

This happened on Monday December 3, 2012 at around 12:30 pm at the 49th Street Subway Station in Manhattan, New York. 58 year old Ki-Suck Han, citizen of Korea who lived in Elmhurst, Queens was pushed into an approaching southbound “Q” train and died as a result of sustained injuries.

30 year old Naeem Davis was caught on Tuesday at 49th Street and Seventh Avenue – near the station where he had murdered the man – after he was recognized by detectives who saw the cell phone video of the shove. He was known around the area as a panhandler and used to have dreads but shaved them off.

According to witnesses, Naeem Davis was provoked by the victim. It doesn’t justify his murder, but if that’s true, then the Korean should have left the man alone.

Ki-Suck Han (love his name) was crushed between the platform and the train. I wonder if he span like a ballerina.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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    1. yeah i was sort of like you i hadn’t seen too much gore i guess you could say other then personal injuries and people i know which is fuck all and when i first started to watch best gore i couldn’t watch some beheadings videos but now its fun to watch them

      Fucking love the intermawebs !! 😀

        1. My first gross video didn’t have gore it was the famous 2 girls one cup ^o^ I’ve watched it 6 time the first time I didn’t feel anything it was like o.o ok to chick eating their own shit nothing big I remember watching it with my cousin she starts to puke XD I tell her I don’t feel anything it’s like watching Spongebob but without the comedy ^_^ the second was the 3 guts one hammer I was creeped out I felt guilty even though I did nothing wrong and know I’m here on best gore I was scared at first watching beheading videos I’ve gotten used to it now I need more violence ^,.,^ more blood and alot more pain…!!!

      1. You guys can’t have been around long. I remember purchasing 10th generation VHS tapes of banned vids back in the early 90s. It was kind of fun back then going on the hunt for these but now it’s so easy and accessible. The good ol’ days, eh?

  1. Ya see, if the Conductor was a Bestgore member he would just be fine and dandy.

    The people around Ki-suck (lol) didn’t help him up because they were busy taking cellphone and Iphone pics and vids. That shit gotta surface in a few days now, I was scouring the net for it, I’m sure many people who saw the news are look for it too, it’s just human curiousity.

          1. Haha good deal man! Where do you live again? You’re here in the US right?
            Yeah fuckkkkk autocorrect. And who the hell thought touch screen was a good idea!?

  2. See I too was wondering if he did the ballerina of death twirl!

    From what I read he was caught between the platform and the train just like the other guys so it seems likely he did.

    This is a sensitive story right now so I bet any vids that do pop up will be taken down rather quickly.

      1. Yes there is, the New York Times had a photo of the victim with the train headed toward him and headlined “This Man Is About To Die”. It was on the front page and the likes of Larry King and Al Roker were so very appalled. Bunch of Twats.

  3. Damn I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to have a loved one die and everyone just stand around and take pictures and video of it. On the other hand, if it wasn’t for that, lots of great videos on this site wouldn’t exist. I’m going to go snoop around for video of this, like everyone else.

  4. RIP poor guy!
    My dad used to drive the LRT (yep Edmonton).
    One time some guy jumped in front of his train as my dad was pulling up to Clareview Station. My dad was afraid to check on the guy, he’s no BG member, but when he did he found the guy mangled pulling himself out from under the train!
    My dad was so traumatized he was off of work for a couple weeks. This had to be around 10 years ago or so now.
    Anyways thought I’d share.

  5. Damn…sucks this all went down as it did and I really hope they catch this son of a bitch. He doesn’t even deserve death since that would only free him from this mortal realm. Lock him up in jail, and throw away the keys. Let him rot and think about what he did until it eats away at his very soul and he goes crawling back to God for forgiveness.

  6. Can’t wait til you post the vid of him getting run over. If there’s a photo of it, I’m willing to bet there’s a video. Also, I heard the victim was actually telling the low life who killed him to stop harassing people because he was going around to random commuters and I guess harassing them or something. This is why I just put my sunglasses on, put my headphones in. And if they ask for money I say “Sorry” and then proceed to ask them if they can spare any change for ME. When you ask a pandhandler for money that’s a sure-fire way to get him as far away from you as possible.

    1. Ignoring Negros who try to engage you in conversation could be construed in their uncivilized minds as a threat and insult.

      So when you turn your head to look away from the male or female negro, said animal will launch an assault towards your head.

      Happens all the time in the cess-pools known as USA (Pretty much every city), London (England), Toronto (Canada) etc.

      The best action you have against Negros is white-flight, until such a time as their rot spreads to every corner of your Country.

      Then your only method of action is elimination.

      Ideally, you wouldn’t have to resort to white-flight, but given how weak, docile and pathetic Caucasians have become, and especially US ones, fighting is not going to happen.

  7. funny how there are dozens of facbook pages that say justice for this black guy and justice for that black guy. when i heard this story, i thought to myself, well this mr han guy sounds like the kind of hate crime victim the american people love to rally behind. so i looked up “justice for ki suk han” and there was only 1 single result and the page only has 3 fucking likes. if a white man kills a black man, the whole country goes crazy looking for ‘justice’. but a nigger kills an old asian guy just because he was annoying him and now he’s getting 2nd degree murder. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!

  8. The saddest part besides a man losing his life is the apparent lack of effort by anyone to help the man. I read an article that one witness said they were telling the man to lay between the tracks. Along with this photographer, anyone of these fellow straphanger’s could have made an attempt to pull him to safety. The dude looks about 165 lbs so two average men could pull him out, I know I would have because I’m that kind of person who acts when challenged. Another example of the lack of humanity among everyday people who are too fast to activate their iphone/cellphone recording app. Several times I’ve been in situation’s where I acted in an instant without hesitation and I’m proud of the fact I am one of those people who would help in a situation like this. People suck..

  9. Until they figure out how to build subway trains out of Nerf, those platforms should have a hollow space underneath like a safety cave with enough room for you to dive into and get out of the way in emergencies like that.

  10. The suspect should have been in a mental hospital instead of roaming around the trainstation. Feel for the victims family. Dont argue with a person with your towards the tracks or dont argue with people at all in the subway station.

  11. I knew someone that caught a black male with his hands inside her bag trying to steal. She protested and he accused her of being racist and tried to throw her on the tube/subway track. Luckily there were other people on the station who intervened. I’m always paranoid as fuck stannding on the platform at the tube station, only take’s one loon and it’s game over.

        1. I’m torn between laughing hard and getting angry when I see people respond “racist” to anything that offends them, even if it’s about a nationality or something instead of a race. Fucking liberals, man.

  12. You know what’s funny? The guy who took this photo of the guy looking at the train right before he died said he was taking photos because he “wanted to get the conductor’s attention with the flash.” What a fucking moron.

      1. i agree…too many pussy-ass american crybabies taking an interest in this site is bad news. that’s the same thing i said when Reikoko made her video, drawing attention to this site is not good and not necessary…whether Mark is within the confines of the law or not is irrelevant. if enough sheep cry about this site it will get shut down

  13. Oh no should I help him oh no Is he going to sue if I help him oh no. I’ll just flash my camera at the conductor and he’ll stop the train instantly. Of course it was an Asian fellow who Unaware of imminent danger was killed. The train wheel probably skidded to a halt on his skull.

  14. No one deserves to die like that. All sorts of things must have been runnning through his mind, standing there knowing a train is going to hit you and not being able to do a thing about it. If it had been a woman thrown onto the tracks, I bet there would be tons of people there wanting to help. I’m not surprised it was a black guy who did this because we have seem them do random acts of killing before. But at leat they caught him!!!

  15. Multiculturalization at its finest. The sheep would never noticed this because it’s clear as day right in front of their face and on the front of the newspaper. This scene is played out in countries where the Korean guy came from and from where the photographer came from.

    1. That’s the funny thing. Here, we have an Asian (Korean) murdered by a Negro animal, photographed by an Indian.

      It’s not new, though. Caucasians and Asians are generally the ones having to put up with Negros.

      Asians, because unfortunately, they live in neighborhoods that have been taken over by the Negroid.

      Caucasians because Negros follow us around like leeches.

      However, Asians can go home to their homeland.

      Caucasians have no recourse because the Islamification and Africanization of Europe is happening over the entire continent.

      What you’ll see in 20 years time is massive Caucasian-American immigration to Canada. Blacks will, of course follow in massive numbers and join those we already have. Islam is already here in massive numbers.

      1. Exactly!
        Look at Detroit and New Orleans, these uses to be wonderful, prosperous, white cities…
        Then the Blacks flood in like leeches to leech off what White have built… Now that too many blacks have flooded in and whites have moved out New Orleans and Detroit are violent, crime riddled, corrupted shit holes… And now that the black sof destroyed those cities, they’re leaving to find new pasture like a swarm of Locust…

        Like when hurricane Katrina Hit New Orleans, the blacks didn’t want to stay and rebuild (they can’t), they just evacuated to other parts of America, Whiter parts of America…. We should have shipped them ALL back to AFRICA.

        1. The saddest thing is, it isn’t going to stop.

          I’m in a small part of Canada, and they are here too. Setting down routes, siphoning off our life-force.

          I don’t fear for the future, I know what that holds.

          I fear for our inability to fight back. I fear that by the time we get to that point (And how much longer will it take?) will there by anything left to save?

          Our towns? Our Cities? Our Nations? Our Women? Will they be worth even fighting for?

          1. the africans were the mere dawn of man. the change in DNA occured then to bring forth the white race, a more suitable body for higher intelligences to occupy. the african race has served its purpose in creating a humanoid body from the higher primates. then the white appeared to perfect the design and take its role as the stewards of this earth. niggers are not part of our continued evolution…they are a skidmark on our destiny

    2. I don’t condone violence. My preferred solution to this problem is simple:

      Caucasian Countries for Caucasians.
      Asian Countries for Asians.
      Arabic Countries for Arabs.
      African Countries for Africans.

      Maybe have a 5% total population allowance on foreign Nationals in specific ‘International’ cities.

      Ship all Africans back to Africa, ship all Arabs back to Arabia etc.

      Race-Mixers go back with the race they mixed with. IE: Caucasian woman spreads her legs for an African, she’s shipped to Africa.

      Let evolution handle the rest.

      Capital punishment for Murderers and Rapists (The world needs a population thinning anyway).

  16. This is kind of an isolated incident. Why would the photographer help the guy when you can actually take a picture and Sell it probably makeing enough money to live for a year in expensive ass New York. The bloodline of these people have no guilt for anything anyways.

  17. Just read an article about the guy who pushed Han. He’s some 30 year old deli worker from Queens who claims Han attacked him first, and that he was only protecting himself. Amazing how no one helped Han; the thought of having this moment on camera means more than preventing the moment.

  18. They said that the victim Ki-Suck Han was harassing other people besides the dude that finally pushed him in……
    Theres no way in hell that I would have risked getting pulled in front of a train trying to save some stupid belligerent asshole….Whoever stood there and filmed this prick getting squashed, props to them for having some sense.

  19. Wonder if the Korean dude could have simply went prone between the rails and survive? You hear about the third rail, but I think that’s on one side, isn’t it? Not like a Lionel train. That wouldn’t be your common sense reaction as your doom hurtles toward you, but it might work… anyone know how much clearance is under one of those NY choo-choo rigs?

  20. The idiots standing there filming with his phone but don’t help the man up the platform in time what an idiot man he shouldve ran grabbed both arms and pulled for all he was worth not stand there filming what a F,ing idiot man I hope he or she can sleep at knight knowing they couldve saved his life

  21. Could he just have ran for his life down the tracks away from the train? The driver would have the brakes on and he might have just kept in front of the train until it stopped?

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