Man Shows His Penis to Girls – Gets It Cut Off

Man Shows His Penis to Girls - Gets It Cut Off

Get this one. A homeless man known as “feijΓ£o com arroz – beans with rice” was brutally lynched and had his penis cut off in the village Vila Vargas de Teixeira Freitas in Bahia – Brazil, on the 28th of December 2013. What was his crime, according to witnesses? He showed his penis to girls on the streets.

He was brutally stoned to death and his dick was cut off with a knife, according to police.
A particular witness claimed the murder was motivated by revenge, as he heard a man asking the homeless guy “why did you mess with my daughter?”. Although he (witness) vindicated he had nothing to do with this crime, he had blood on his pants, and went to the police station for further questioning.

Whether the allegations are true or not we shall never know. The suspect ‘rapist’- ‘show-off dick’ or whatever they labeled him, is dead, the police have a whole bunch of witnesses who refuse to go into details relating to what happened, and thats it, case archived. And because he was homeless, and either didn’t have a family or if he had, they could care less about him, no one will push for a serious investigation.

Sejam bem-vindos ao Brasil.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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      1. Right..if I had a cock I’d like to keep it in death just as much as I’d like to keep it in life…THEN again…if I had a cock out probably would end up falling off before I check out this fucking meatpuppet……Lmao!!!

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        1. Yah I have a boyfriend these days. Not that he would discourage me from taking my boobies out. I’m not as shameless as I used to be. πŸ˜›
          I love a bit of S&M fun! Anyone who hasn’t tried getting kinky sometimes is missing out. lol

          1. I don’t know whether to laugh at that or cry at that. I’ll be sure to think about it though this Saturday morning, when I have them with bacon and the real Canadian amber stuff.

  1. I guess the karma for the posting of this story is too include a story about breast and vaginal mutilation.

    Of course, according to the prosecutors in Marek’s case that would constitute “corrupting morals”.

  2. Did I just read that correct !?! . A guy covered in blood was questioned by the police but denied any wrong doing ! . Jesus h Christ , no wonder these idiots run around like they’re living in the jungle . Guy didn’t deserve to lose his beans n rice based on that crap !

    1. Jeez, there is a big big difference between rape and getting your junk out to a) do a piss because you are homeless and don’t have a dunny b) respond to requests from the said girls who then run home to daddy c) your board shorts fall down because for some reason you have no zipper or Velcro.

      I feel for you bro, that was a bum deal for you my friend. Hope your murderer gets his in gaol.

  3. Usually lynch mob stonings are ones I can kind of agree with, involving a 12 year old getting raped or similar.
    Generalising here but Don’t girls on the streets display their wares hoping for a bit of male attention?
    Maybe this guy was the same, just not a good conersationalist but ‘cos had a big dick hence he just put it out there for the girls to take a peek and say yay or nay.
    Harsh to get stoned and dick removed just for THAT.

  4. Post Rating: 4/10
    Pointer level: 1/5
    Flip Flop level: 3/5
    Yet another lack of effort put into a pointer. Very disappointing. There are way too many regular shoes and the flip flops were hard to find, but they look comfy and not like the one dollar kind.

  5. Dick was cut off post mortem. No blood on his shorts.

    They beat him to death, then cut his dick off.

    Not particularly polite behavior on the part of the Mob or Mr. Dickless.

    Frankly, a swift kick to his nuts might have sufficed. Remind me not to retire in Brazil….

  6. Women will go to strip clubs and pay guys to swing their dicks around in their faces…but will do this to a guy that flashes them in the streets? Its a double standard!!! Besides, they could of at least left the guy with his two balls…where is the dignity to the deceased?

  7. I know someone who got their penis cut off, but the asshole got it stitched back on… At least now he’s not a dick to people and a stupid control freak. Maybe this guy was a major asshole and was assaulting little girls or something… Probably more to the story than people are going to tell… But this picture makes me laugh so much, I hate it when someone is so obsessed with their privates they need to run around flashing it. I like to be naked, just because it’s comfortable, not because I have such a big ego. Guy probably deserved it.

  8. Wow, I didn’t even know some guys would show their…attributes…to get some attention. Not past 12 yrs old, lol…Btw, even if he did, it was no reason to kill him this way. It’s horrible. No man deserves this. Sad…

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