Man with Signs of Beating Shot Dead by Traffickers in Brazil

Man with Signs of Beating Shot Dead by Traffickers in Brazil

In a Brazilian favela, a man with signs of beating was shot dead by a group of presumed traffickers. The video has almost everything you would expect from Brazil – a flip flops overload and misfiring gun, so the only thing that’s missing are those mangina simps making complete cucks of themselves.

I hear the victim say CV (Comando Vermelho – Red Command) multiple times, but I’m not sure if it means that his abductors are members of CV, so he’s kissing their ass, or he’s admitting under duress that he’s with CV, which only gave them the excuse to kill him faster.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Hijacking for translation

      Guys basically says his name, and that he’s tearing his CV shirt (leaving CV) and joining the GdE gang (Guardiões do Estado). He mentions his godfather in CV.

      Apparently he thought he was making out of that alive by joining the enemy’s gang.

      As a side note, we are missing the classic Brazilian 30 bullets 1 kill assassination because the GdE was low on ammo.

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  2. This happened here in my state, Ceará. He says:

    -I’m Davi and I’m here ripping my CV’s T-shirt in order to be accepted by GDE (guardiães do estado – guardians of the state).

    – What’s the name of your CV’s sponsor/Godfather?

    – His name is Cição (big Cicero).

    It seems that everybody wanted to shoot the dead body but their boss says no because they are low on ammo.

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  4. Only the victim is member of CV. He said: “I’m here ripping my shirt of CV to join the Guardians of the State (Guardiões do Estado – GDE)”.

    “Guardiões do Estado” is a criminal faction founded in Fortaleza, Ceará.

  5. They killed him for his new white flops because one guy in the gang was barefoot while the rest all had white matching flops! So kill him watch the blood flow from his nose ears and mouth like a fountain and take his shiny white flops case closed off to kill the next Brazilian ghetto rat!!

  6. They create hell to people, later they will end up there themselves.

    How self centered some must be to believe that blinds roll down after dead and eternal silence step in?
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    I feel sorry for this bastards.

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