Man Sitting in Front of House Assassinated by Gunmen Arriving on Feet

Man Sitting in Front of House Assassinated by Gunmen Arriving on Feet

Man Sitting in Front of House Assassinated by Gunmen Arriving on Feet

No backinfo on this one, but the Brazilian flair is quite strong here.

The CCTV footage shows the assassination of a man sitting on a chair in front of a house. I don’t like how in some countries they build houses right on the edge of a road – no front yard, nothing to separate you from the road noise.

The pair of hitmen arrive on foot wearing flip flops – a bit of a downgrade from your typical Brazilian assassination by a pair on a motorcycle. Also wearing face masks like they mean it about the scamdemic, the hitmen open fire the moment they get close enough to the mark.

The mark and the old man sitting beside him (his father?) take off, but it ain’t easy to outrun bullets. The flower shirt hitman acts like chicken shit and stands behind his accomplice’s back. It’s near miraculous he didn’t shoot him.

Mandatory stray dog runs down the opposite side of the road at the 8 seconds mark. Flower shirt goes on to pursue the old man. The woman gets a pussy pass. Traffic continues like assassination in progress is business as usual.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. BestGore is fucking awesome! I disappeared couple days ago on trek with sister so haven’t been around. Took about 36 hours for her to fuck up and me to separate. I am now trying to rest my head on some random futon on shores of Lake Huron (they still make those? Yep! Judging by buoyancy I am going with late 90s construction..) anyhow Yes of course we sharespace in same rented homestead but this place we are to share bed and she pissed me off. Start again tomorrow

    Anyhow lmao as I struggle to sleep at the ungodly hour of 10:25pm 🙄 so I tune in to BG. Don’t we all?
    Did not disappoint . Firstly we have acknowledgment of shitty infrastructure allowing construction of home on main road. Sure I only pay $650 a month but am I not human? Then we got elusive flower shirt man (one in every town) finally ‘mandatory’ stray dog . LOL! I do not have one of those or I would make it my own but lol fucking funny shit. Love it. Long live best gore! Sister? Meh ❤

  2. How not to react faster to grab his fucking gun? … especially since the two guys are ten thousand suspects … Always think ahead if you know that at all times you have a contract on your mind. Fucking crazy Brazil. I am in France and I control a slaughterhouse where Brazilians work with a big heart, but you mustn’t disrespect them one day because you can feel the innate demon in them … xD

  3. The biggest zoo in America content..
    Even in a jungles you can survive better an longer more than in this nest of who’res , theavs , murderers and assassins, gangs , cops , those who smart will get away….

  4. Gunman arrive by foot … Dancing feet in the doorway as he was pumped with lead. The shooter took something from the victim, phone and keys ? The lil dog has a portal, it went from one side of the road to the other without crossing it… mmmagic.

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  6. That old hood rat should have caught a few bullets herself just for walking towards the hit man.
    Anyways…Just another day in shitzville Whogivesafukk he’s probably better off dead than growing old perched on that silly excuse for a front yard.

  7. I just don’t get why people like this do it. Surely there’s a better option than getting yourself life in prison. Don’t they spend every day riddled with fear about getting caught after doing something like this that they throw away the key for?

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