Brazilian Man Sleeping on Bed Rudely Awakened and Executed

Brazilian Man Sleeping on Bed Rudely Awakened and Executed

Brazilian Man Sleeping on Bed Rudely Awakened and Executed

In Brazil, a group of gunmen barges into a room where a young man is sleeping on a bed. They rudely wake him up, yell something at him, and they execute him with a volley of gunfire.

Got to love how even though they invaded the room with a clear intent to kill the guy, while he was still sleeping, they gently removed the blanket from him so albeit rude, the awakening at least was not done with a kick to the head or some shit.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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      1. Seems more likely that both the video’s shooter and City of God’s directors draw this reference from one historical event in particular.
        I have no idea as to what it might be but I would be curious to know for sure.

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