Man Stabbed to Death by Woman Assisted by White Knights

Man Stabbed to Death by Woman Assisted by White Knights

On the corner of Avenida Júlia da Costa and Rua Hugo Simas in Paranaguá, a city in the state of Paraná, Brazil, a man was stabbed to death by a woman assisted by a pair of white knights. Seeing as this happened in Brazil, it’s fair to presume the man violated the female privilege perhaps by not dropping to his knees and bowing to her highness when her divine presence passed by the guy.

According to the local reports, the man was stabbed 14 times and was homeless. Meanwhile the woman, identified as Letícia dos Santos Porto, along with her two manginas, have been tracked down and arrested.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Man Stabbed to Death by Woman Assisted by White Knights”

  1. The funny thing is, when the roles are reversed and an adult female rapes a male child, everyone is lighting-quick to diminish the female’s crime or even defend her, and to either call the raped boy “lucky” or mock him for not liking being raped by a woman. I mean, damn why is it only wrong when an adult male rapes a female child?

    Hard to believe that most people are actually that retarded and hypocrite. I don’t even think that such people actually knows the actual definition of rape. I really doubt that any boy would like being raped by a woman, no matter who said woman may be, you just can’t like something when you are being forced into it against your will.

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