Man Stabs His Ex-Wife to Death in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Man Stabs His Ex-Wife to Death in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

A man stabbed his ex-wife to death on Malecon Avenue in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The young woman was reportedly stabbed 17 times and died on the spot. Her killer ex-husband was shocked by what he had done himself and did not try to run away. Outraged locals didn’t take very kindly to his deed and delivered occasional kicks and slaps to him. None of it could bring the girl back, though.

Puerto Plata is a major tourist hub in the Dominican Republic and Malecon is the busy boulevard along the sea shore where both tourists and locals hang out. The stabbing took place on a rainy day so there probably weren’t too many tourists around, but it’s still rather shocking that such horrific crime would happen in such a visible and significant place for country’s economy.

There are two videos of the aftermath. The first video is better due to camera being held the right way. Notice the knife used in the commission of murder still next to the victim:

Second video is longer and captures more of the (not so brutal) street justice, but it was filmed by an Iphonetard so it’s vertically oriented:

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  1. What an asshole. Guys like him should be opened up in the gut reach in grab the intestine and hand it to a dog, let the dog run down the street while he tries to keep up with it.

          1. @Ewe when he posts normally like he is now it is proof that people don’t give two shits about the avatar, your judged by the contents of your message.

  2. Then Cain from Year One walks up “Ha,ha oh she’s just sleeping…she’s all tuckered out from the fight! *rolls around on ground holding the dead body* “Oh, haha, oh what are you doing? Stop hitting me! Ha ha, oh you are such a kidder!”

    1. I hate what this fucker did, he is an asshole! But I will tell you one thing though, Dominican women are not easy… I used to fuck some of them a while back 99.99% of them are gold diggers…they will cheat on you in a heartbeat…they love the rush about getting caught and they even said cheating help maintain the relationship” stronger”. yes…STRONGER.

    1. “If you leave me, I will kill you” She leaves him and he does nothing and he is single. He kills her and he is single but in the near future most surely becomes someones bitch if he drops the soap.

  3. How a man can get so pissed off with his girlfriend that he flips and stabs her to death , is beyond me , as I guess it is to most people . Why ? There’s plenty more fish in the sea man , take a chill pill , calm the fuck down and move the fuck on .

    Now she’s a goner and he’s on his way to being some tranny cons bitch , well hopefully .

        1. Best way to end an argument with a woman is to just put your tail between your legs and let her have the last word. If not you will end up on the couch with a headache from hell tossing and turning all night . tired as fuck at work the next day. Take my advice fellas.

          1. The old sleeping bag on the sofa routine . I’ve been there mate . Then in the morning the inevitable question … “why ddidn’t you come to bed ” . Maybe ‘cos you bent my bleeding ear all night and I needed a decent nights kip !

    1. @ewe. An ex neighbour of mine left home for work one morning, realising he had forgotten to bring his lunch with him he returned home to pick it up. He was away from home no more than 15 mins.

      He caught his wife screwing another man and flipped out. He fought with them, chased them both from the house and managed to catch up with his naked wife not far from the house.

      He lifted the closest thing to hand,half of a breeze block and beat her to death. He was arrested cradling his dead wifes body in his arms crying his heart out.

      He was classed as suffering with “temporary insanity”, convicted of manslaughter and served less than 3 years in jail.

      I knew both husband and wife, and they always gave the impression of being a loving couple.

      We just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

      1. Amazing and quite harrowing story @A-S . These things can definitely happen .

        I also know a guy who , after years of abuse from his step father , flipped and accidentally killed him with a piece of wood .

        He was classed the same as your neighbour and did less than 4 years in prison .

        He is a really nice fella , which goes to show that anyone can lose it if provoked enough .

          1. It worked mate .

            Obviously his prior good character was taken into account and the fact that it was in no way premeditated .

            Very similar situation to the guy I know.

  4. dammit, you popped her. :/

    However, in all seriousness, given his apparent remorse, i can’t help but wonder that in the first world this man might attempt the “temporary insanity” defense.

    In my opinion, there is no such thing as temporary insanity. I believe that is a misnomer. When you go insane, you stay insane. Some physical change happens inside your brain that alters you permanently. Although I may be a bit biased, suffering from two mood disorders (bipolar 1 and borderline personality disorder) myself as well as anxiety disorder. Medication helps, no doubt (although they bring their own concerns), but either on meds or not, I am still suffering these conditions for life.

    But i’m always curious to know what others think. Please, share your opinions/experiences.

    1. You ever drink alot of coffee while manic? It’s like someone doing 50 lines of cocaine….Went manic during divorce….spent alot of money in Vegas at the tables and hookers….the shit you do while being manic…I was doing well playing double hand black jack and playing only black on roulette …gave back 3k with 3 spins with max bet at new Orleans …three greens in a row….found out later a good roulette thrower can hit green at will… Obi what do u take? Have just self medicate with booze and xanax…..

      1. @obli Your mental state can change, like your moods going up and down. The best thing to do is try to control those moods by controlling your thinking. No matter what mental conditions you are diagnosed with, your still a man on the earth experiencing this crazy life. Just accept your weaknesses, and enjoy your existence. Have some fun.

          1. lithium just seems to keep me from getting too manic or too low. have never had any negative or obvious side effects from it. you will need to have kidney/liver tested every so often because too much lithium level in your blood can damage these organs over time. seroquel compliments the lithium, it seems. as i only use it to help me fall asleep, otherwise, i do not sleep. Paxil is the only thing that has atrocious side effects for me. i hate it, that’s why i’m only taking 5mg every two days.

    2. I know that in France , they still have the “Crime of Passion” law / defence .Which basically means , if a person flips out and murders their partner / lover, in a fit of pique , but it is not premeditated , the crime can be justified in certain instances .
      Must be difficult to reach a conclusion and a verdict in such a case I would imagine .

    3. His “apparent remorse” could be from the fact that he is getting his ass kicked. I was hoping someone showed up with a tire and some gas, for some true justice. I just wish someone picked up the knife he stabbed her with and went “Gaddafi'” on his ass.

    4. I agree that the term “temporary insanity” is a misnomer. Would you consider yourself to be “insane” because you suffer from the disorders you listed? I’m just curious because of the way you worded your comment; I’m not being condescending in any way. I have suffered from an eating disorder since I was 11, have a personality disorder, anxiety issues (mostly dealing with food and body image issues), and opioid dependence.

      1. i’m sorry to hear that you are still suffering from addiction.

        To answer your question: No, i do not believe that i am insane because of my disorders. Although some days i feel like i am, lol.

        I can never go back to the state of not having these problems. The brain chemistry has been altered and the changes are permanent. The “temporarily insane” simply can’t control their emotions, they flip out, commit destructive or deadly behavior and then go back to “normal”. There is no such thing as temporary schizophrenia. Although if you want to split hairs you could argue that opiates and shrooms and acid can all produce “schizophrenic-like” side effects. But it is not what i would call insanity.

        A mother smokes a shit-ton of meth and cooks her infant in the oven. Is she insane? is she temporarily insane? No. she is responsible because she chose to alter her brain function, her reality and neglect her responsibilities to the point of murdering her child.

        An alcoholic drunk driver causes and accident and kills someone, is he insane? is he temporarily insane? No. he is responsible because he chose to alter his brain function.

        Insanity is not a choice.

    5. We went to a local restaurant once,like a “happy and normal family”and I always dress a little bit weird,dyed my hair blond or red and I walk weird too lol,we walk in and everyone stare at me and I hate that,I take a sit and still feel their eyes looking at me I just couldn’t control my self and get up and start yelling “que chingados me ven puta ma**e” πŸ˜† my father just drag me out of there ,they were so angry and I feel so ashamed,we get in the car and everything was so silent but suddenly they start laughing I don’t know why,That’s the only day I have seen them laugh it was a good day πŸ˜† I have this kind of episodes I try but I just can’t control it,sometimes my mom cry when I get all crazy but it’s not my fault I didn’t ask for this they gave me some pills to control it but it just put me to sleep

          1. A little bit but I don’t give it exactly that meaning it’s just a common phrase everyone uses here,the other part says “what the fuck are you at” πŸ˜† I hate to take pills but it’s the only way to control it cause I kick,punch and bite last time I slap my mom πŸ™

      1. People stare at you because they think you are famous. You just have to get used to it. Think of your parents as your managers and learn to ignore the stares of those less famous than you. They are not worth the attention. Now you can have a peace full meal. πŸ™‚

          1. people say I don’t move my arms while I walk and always look down,I used to munch my nails while walking when I was in school πŸ˜†

          2. Thanks @poz I’m starting to do that now that I find that there’s a lot o people like me I can almost say I’m normal and who knows maybe some day I’ll be cool πŸ˜†

  5. I just hope they didn’t have kids together. I think about my ex dying all the time and it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I would just feel sad for my kids if it was to happen to her. I mean they hate her guts now but when they get older I’m sure they will understand that she’s a sick mental bi polar selfish piece of shit drug addict twat that is sick in her head. I don’t blame my ex as much as I blame her fucked up parents who raised her to be the dirty gash that she is now. Sorry people I’m pretty wrecked now and feeling good haha.

  6. The guy in the black shirt that was covering the murdering scumbag was packing a gun, and the other bystanders were screaming to that guy to kill him with it. Good thing he didnt poured any more gas in the middle of that mess by shooting him. At least it kept the bystanders in the World Championship spirit and made them to play a bit of footbal with the murderer’s face… πŸ˜†

          1. I had me a few joints along with a mixture of drinks tonight my brother. My favorite beer is heineken. I love lager
            beers. Hard shit is usually vodka/rum. My fire is usually sour diesel indoor kush. If its not exotic I won’t touch it.

          2. I’m not a big smoker nowadays but I like a blaze occasionally . I like orange bud , my mates usually smoke northern lights and oil from Amsterdam .I really want to get hold of some good resin like back in the day , but it’s hard to get hold of round here . Red seal or Lebanon would be cool .

    1. My comment is concerning the post. It’s an old saying, that’s why it’s in quotation marks. I love FD dearly and I’d never, under any circumstances, harm a hair on his head OR that magnificent beard!
      @ewestomper , Thank you, you’re right on both counts! πŸ˜‰
      @nybadguy, You’re the one with an ex wife. I wish anyone good luck, but you could boost the site up yourself, just sayin’ πŸ™‚
      @TheProtocolsOfZion, I don’t think what he said is bad luck, but I’d probably consider it in bad taste, if I actually cared about what anyone on the internet said. lol >:)

      1. @ it was me. Sorry if I offended you that wasn’t my intention. I think its pretty cool that you guys hooked up from meeting on here and I wish you guys a life of happynes together. It was just a silly thought that came to mind that’s all. It happens to the best of us.

        1. @nybadguy, Nah, you didn’t offend me. I’m not bothered by anything said on line. Wasn’t my intent either, I was just jokin’. πŸ˜‰
          Thank you for the well wishes! The odds have to be astronomical, to meet on here and discover we live in the same town. I love the man, he’s awesome!

  7. That man w a gun might be a civilian in DR u can buy guns but very expensive,and can buy cheap and new guns without papels *ilegal* in haiti and bring into DR across the border or handguns used on a crime cheapest.
    I hav a 45 mm and a short shotgun and i only 20,every man in my family hav guns.

    1. The difference between the women of my grandmothers era and the new generation is unbelievable , they are like chalk and cheese .

      The internet is great but , it is also a curse . Nothing is sacred anymore , everything is instantly there at the press of a few keys / buttons .

      I believe this is having a huge detrimental effect on young people .

      1 . They can not seem to be able to hold a face to face conversation in many cases . It’s all mms and no eye contact .
      2 . Too much too young . When I was young , my friends and I would try and get our hands on an adults wank mags , playboy and the like . It was all part of growing up , but we weren’t always successful in obtaining the mags , which gave the whole scenario an exciting edge , will we , won’t we sort of thing .
      Nowadays , all of that stuff is available in an instant , literally takes seconds . Where’s the fun and intrigue in that ?

      And therein lies the problem . Too much , too easy , too fast . Kids are overloaded with info , nothing is sacred anymore .

  8. I wonder what she did to make him act like that… guess he was thinking this “if i can’t have you back no one will have you either”.. what a waste of life.. lucky day for the worms tho.. πŸ™‚

  9. All this could had been avoided if she just made the damn sandwiches like he demanded. Take note Dominican women come quick with the sandwiches once a man ask for one because your life isn’t worth shit, because nothing is worth shit on that miserable island. Fucking platanos.

      1. That is very true. Puerto Rico is/was a beautiful place but because these negros dominicans are allowed to immigrate to the island PR is very quickly turning into shit. Puerto Rico was the only country in Latin America that had 1st world status but the illegal dominican immigrants have knocked PR back into being a 3rd world country.

  10. She sleeps exactly like I do Sanz the blood and the fact I sleep like that in my bed….perfectly posed…but my ass aint dead as fuck yet. Oh, BTW, I cant stand flip flops. How you gonna run in flip flops?

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