Man Stabbed and Stoned to Death by Rival Gang

Man Stabbed and Stoned to Death by Rival Gang

Brazil delivers… again!

In the Brazilian state of Bahia, which is the same state where this recent murder of a man by a rival gang took place, another similar, but even more brutal killing was filmed on video.

In this latest release, a man is being repeatedly stabbed in the neck with a short bladed weapon, as cameraman calmly comments, without sounding a bit disturbed. The victim appears paralyzed from dozens of stabs in the spine, and doesn’t seem to respond to individual stabs. He’s also stabbed in the torso, before being flipped over.

Once on his back, he’s repeatedly stabbed in the throat and jugular veins, which don’t cause excessive bleed-out, because he’d already been quite drained off blood. His killers then drop the weapon on his body, which is exposed to be a pair of small scissors.

After that, the victim is stoned, and blood starts pooling in his mouth as he grasps for his last breaths.

The killing was reportedly carried out by a criminal faction that calls itself “Katiara”. They released the video as a message to rival gangs that they mean it in the war for turf.

If you’re new to gore, you may want to start with different videos. This one is right up there with 3 Guys 1 Hammer:

These are your Katiara boys – check them out:

232 thoughts on “Man Stabbed and Stoned to Death by Rival Gang”

      1. Yeah, a Brazilian is needed. I speak the same language as them but I can barely make sense of what they say. These are some illiterate scumbags. All I can hear is “sympathy”, faggot, and at one point they tell the others to turn him around and say “he’s still alive”. Suck it and go to hell is what I can understand after that.

        These guys probably can’t even read, let alone speak Portuguese.

          1. Damn, seriously? I was confused at first because you’ve never seemed like the type that would get upset over a comment about your language, but I understand now.

          2. @uli Actually, Portuguese is one of the most beautiful languages, it’s just that most of the Brazilian videos from this site comes from the northeast of the country, where their accent is horrible.

      2. I am going to add a (?) for each word that I do not understand. So, “(?)” means undetected word.

        Video 1 starts with: “…Nobody, no” 😀

        Then: Guy 1: “There you go, the barefaced (?) without sympathy”
        “Without sumpathy, look there, taking a bunch of stabs.”
        “What are we?”

        Guy 2: “He is going to the hell”

        Guy 1 and 2: “Katiara, you damn bastard! We are Katiara, Exu*”
        *Exu is an African orisha

        Guy 3: “Look at this, Jair…”

        Guy 1: “Look at this, J. K. ”

        Guy 3: “Look at this, Jair, what I am going to do with you. Jair, Bilau*, Tib?ro, go fuck yourselves”
        *Bilau means cock. Probably they nicknamed someone as Dick.

        At this point I don’t know who’s talking anymore lol
        Random guys: “This is Katiara, we are crazy. We treat you without a massage, without sympathy”

        *moaning a bit* “Arg it’s stuck, it’s stuck”

        “Let’s take him, how are we going to take him?”

        “Turn him, turn his head, turn his face so we can see him”

        “He’s alive, he’s alive”

        “Stab him a bit more”

        “Katiara, you damn bastard! That’s how Katiara gets you, you plague, without sympathy, bastard. You’re warned.”

        “Look at you here, Jair and Bilau, look at you… go to hell”

        “Go, tie it”

        “Stone! Faggot. Take it, suck it”

        “We are crazy, Katiara, we represent, without sympathy”

        “(?) (?) function, here, mate”

        “Look if he has money, (?) (?) likes to put money in their socks, right?!”

        “Without sympathy, faggot, full of (?). Take a look by yourself, J. K., take this in the head, son of a bitch”

        “Take this, see J. K., this is how we do, did you memorize the vision?”

        And now I’m going to translate the other video :v

          1. Speaking the same language, is it that most Portuguese people do not understand Brazilians in general or only the lower casts like them douchebags in the video? Can Brazilians in general understand Portuguese from Portugal? If you find low class street talk in Portugal is it similar to that in Brazil?

          2. @greetsob I think Portuguese people can understand Brazilian easier than the other way around due to the exposure to the Brazilian Portuguese that Portugal have, just like the exposure that the English people have to the North American English. Brazilians have less exposure to the European Portuguese so it’s makes harder to understand what Portuguese people are saying, I’m sure the same happens when an American tries to understand an English speaking, because of the accent, of course we understand a lot of things though.

            But in the video, they are speaking a very bad Portuguese, with a lot of trashy slangs and with their horrible accent, they are from the northeast, I’m from the southeast, Brazil is very huge, so it makes it harder for me to understand even Portuguese being spoken in my country in different regions.

          3. No kidding, stupid idiots. Still continue to beat on a dead man whilst alive. Hope they got a good laugh all the way to jail. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this video before as a long standing member of BG. Sheesh…. musta been hiding under a rock or something.

      3. Video 2:

        Guy 1: “The guys from the Ilha, for me, are a bunch of faggots, got it?!”

        “Jeferson is a faggot, he’s merely a faggot”

        Guy 3: “He’s bread with egg, got it?”
        I didn’t get the meaning. Probably a slang from the northeast meaning faggot haha

        Guy 1: “I am going to (?) head of Xuampe, got it? I’m going to kill you Xuampe, you will see, faggot”

        Everyone’s talking together, I only get: “We are Katiara, you faggot, don’t mess with Katiara, you chit”

        Guy 2: “You guys are faggots, dicks in your assholes, faggots”

        Guy 3: “You are going to die!”

        Guy 1: “This is Katiara, mate, this is bullet and fire, faggot, bullet and fire”

        Guy 3: “We talk using bullets”

        Everyone’s talking different things together, I got: “This Katiara, faggots, fuck you”

        1. Thankyou very much @felip.s, that was really great, also here’s a shout out to “Xuampe” whoever you are buddy, you’ve seen what they have done to your friend/fellow gang member, you need to get out of town, pronto!

      1. I hope he is in peace, as for whatever he did on earth I hope our creator has forgiven him as he grew up in a country filled with evil and poverty, and desperate times calls for desperate measures. I don’t believe anybody should be sent to hell as that is to harsh of a punishment for being a human being.God bless you. I wish you well.

        1. my god is ODIN,i dont think he cares,he is badass as fuck,he only care for us,his followers,ODIN will kick the shit out of mohammid and jesus put together lol

    1. This vid is up there…Deffo one of the brutal ones , a personal highlight was his face caving in . A few people have chipped in with ‘ I hope he’s at peace ‘ , sorry kids but do you seriously think this guy was an angel?
      Like the Mexicans these lads don’t fuck about , and they certainly won’t waste their time on a random . I guarantee this victim was himself a brutal killer that’s getting his come-uppance .
      Brazilians also seem to enjoy dragging death out for as long as they can to maximise suffering , he who lives by the sword and all that bollocks .

    2. @bestgorerebel I have to say what I’ve been holding back for too long, your holy shit, religious garbage should be kept to yourself. I can’t stand people like you that wanna push their religion on other people. Shouldn’t you be out knocking on doors, waking people up, and handing out pamphlets today??

      1. If you consider someone talking/bringing about a conversation on religion “force”, you are a very weak emotionally and logically. You can’t stand people who “push” religion and I can’t stand grown men who bitch about it.

          1. @mikeygraves I hear what you’re saying, they might be good people, but goddam give it a rest. They sound like one of those bible thumpers that think religion should be in every conversation. Typical of people that overcompensate because they like to lay hands on

        1. @assland you can go fuck yourself you don’t know me and wouldn’t call me weak to my face! I don’t believe in religion but that doesn’t mean I have to bring it up in every comment or conversation, fuckboy!

          1. Personally, i never heard @ B-G Rebel push any shit on anybody. He just seems to be expressing his own viewpoint, so if your name is not mentioned, how the fuck do you think he is talking to you, pal??? YOU have a big fucking mouth Dirt-Boy telling people to fuck-off because you get offended by their views, my man. Holy Fuck!!!

          2. @thegay I’ll make this quick ’cause you’ve probably had a long day of surfing gay chat rooms, kiddie porn, and sniffing mom’s panties while you stroke and cry. First of all I’m not your pal, FUCKBOY! I guess you, like so many bible thumpers I’ve met don’t practice what they preach because I never mentioned your name, yet here you are running your cocksucker. I never told BGR to fuckoff, he expressed his opinion and I expressed mine, simple. It’s amazes me the way keyboard gangsters like yourself get tough when they’re hiding behind a monitor “my man” you’re a fucking joke!!

          3. You fucking PEICE OF SHIT, cocksucker come say this to my face,,, i will pay your flight to Ottawa, and send you home in a fucking box,,, Faggot. Where do you live Fuck-FACE???

          4. @joedirt
            You should watch what you say, @thedre is a VERY respected member here, very intelligent and always kind to fellow members. If he’s giving you shit, it’s because you deserved it and looking at your comments I would agree with him.

          5. @thegay you are a good laugh!! “send you(me) home in a fucking box”. You pussy, I bet you’ve never hurt anything in your lifetime. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. and you can visit me anytime you like.

    3. I [email protected] bestgore rebel bless his soul and let there be light in Brazil… Wow I’ve seen a lot of these videos and it’s different, really really different when you think the body is dead already… It was just like he was stabbing and stabbing on the dead body… And then I realized this guy was still alive!!! What you’re seeing here is a real murder he wasn’t dead yet!!! Police noise so it’s free from this world. ..

    4. if there’s 1 country someone forces me to select to annihilate? i know there’s a lot of good people there too, but there’s also good in every other country too, but i don’t think any other country is this bad people per capita. i mean obliterate the population, leave the forest

  1. That was some extreme hatred for ones rival.
    Mfers could have used a bigger knife instead of that pick…and a smaller rock than the boulder they used…What happened to the day’s when rivals just shouted “Cunt Lip Love” and the proper response was “Left Hand Only”.
    *Shakes head….gang stuff.

  2. Damn!!!!! I counted roughly 83 stabbs (give or take a few) from the time the film started, but really? Scissors? With the frustrations he seemed to be relieving on the Vic I think he could have pulled that off with a spoon and made it truly special lol

      1. It was horrible, just awful! I can watch any video when the person is already dead, even when they are alive but dying from accidents but watching someone murder someone always gets me and i feel so sad.
        I know people are saying he wasn’t innocent and maybe not but it doesn’t stop me feeling so bad for him. I thought the poor fucker was dead when he was on his front and i was like “ok he is dead, why ya keep going” then they turn him over and he was still alive,wow! how he must’ve suffered. It is scary that one can do this to someone else and not feel bad or have any empathy! This is much worse than just shooting someone this takes a really sick fucked up person to do this to another human. Forget what he has done, i am talking about how the man stabbing him could do this. This is one i regret watching and definitely up there with 3guys and 1hammer the only other video i regret watching.

  3. The second video was worse, what the hell are they on about? Also those scissors with the coloured plastic handles look like they were taken from their little brother. With takes me off on another thought – nearly everyone has kids/babies in their lives, be it their own or nephews, nieces, or neighbourhood kids whatever, these guys will be around kids later on. And probably behave like normal.

    1. That’s always been an interesting thought. When people do things that are truly barbaric and cold, how can they be so normal around other people? I have this thought that runs around my mind from time to time, how many killers have I come into contact with in my life? Could be zero, could be a thousand.

      1. @DDD, human beings are naturally a violent species, like chimpanzees. Gorillas and orang utans are much more peaceful. Can I just add, I was just listening to a great ape ‘expert’ on the radio, who works for different zoo’s and their great ape breeding programs, well they use pregnancy tests from any nearby chemist/pharmacy to check if one of their apes is pregnant, we are very closely related, our DNA is 98% the same as a chimps. After sex, violence is a major human pastime. Of course it all depends on a persons environment, more people = more anger/violence/murder etc. No surprises there, really.

      2. @DDD Yea basically we’re only human…the term has been floating around for awhile. Really tho there’s no limit or reasoning what our brains/personalities are capable of. We can be the sweetest gentile person to the most evil sadistic in a blink. As much as we think we’ve grown away from our animalistic/barbaric wiring its seems more prevalent now in this modern technology age as medieval days. Look at all the suicides now. We’re killing each/ourselves like its nothing. The Buddha in me says life is life/ live and let live…whether a fly, a rabbit, or human,and to kill the above said is to me an awful crime. I’m happy to say iv honestly never killed a human/person…(yet) tho insects and rabbits I have…even at will. The apathetic logical side of me knows it’s part of life and nature. Don’t think ya can put an actual price on any life,but as “top of food chain” we consider ours priceless. Yet some people can kill others as if they were a pestering sex violence are all connected in our minds wiring,then add drugs, bottled abuse, pride vengeance, desensitization and wallah… religion and laws was “invented” to curb our unempathy for fellow man. But as you can see on vids here it’s had an reverse effect. These wackos have lost any conscious,and is replaced with extra storage space to ignore it and go on living like a civilian,normal working,family person.
        Just my opinion

  4. At least the sucker stopped pucking his tomato juice…..
    With the massive stone hitting him……
    See …….when the guy says stop pucking….just stop…
    Otherwise… can have it the hard way….tsssssss tsssssss!!!!

  5. I believe the cops caught at least one of these guys. There’s a follow up video floating around the web of some guy in handcuffs leading them to what appears to be this guy’s body and then the cops show this video on the suspect’s cellphone.

  6. Don’t think I am gunna watch this one. I’ve seen many a cold blooded murder on BG before and they are all predictable and leave me feeling a bit deflated and angry at how fucked up human beings are to each other. There is just no need for it, and kicking your enemies arse in a drag race or fucking his girlfriend behind his back is so much more satisfying………….

  7. Gore from Brazil never stops to pour .
    its faction to faction and the rivalry never ends……… its that intense desire to be one up and superior than the rest .
    What’s breathtaking here is that the entire killing has been videoed and released .Enough to send shivers to the others who may dare cross their path.
    The man took multiple brutal stabs and the guy with the scissor took pauses stabbing . All in all about 80 stabs and burgeoning his head with the massive boulders did the job .
    One of the fuckhead with his constant blabbering although proved to be quite some nuisance but the guy with the camera was way too cool in capturing all gory details.

    I could watch the entire video desensitized but the part lastly where the Blood like a pool start to ooze out was something too graphic ….hell I had to pause it there then .

      1. “Normally I use cannabis to get stoned but in Brazil there still not figured it out yet throwing rocks and shit” He is saying he smokes to get stoned… But in Brazil they are still using rocks to stone get it because they are stoning the dead guy. So he was joking he uses cannabis to get stoned but Brazil using rocks (that they threw at dude stoning him) to get stoned. Wasn’t that hard to get but was not that funny either:)

  8. I wonder where the first half of the video is, the worse half, surely they didn’t start filming at this stage of his murder? It would be horrible to see though, one of them ones that make your stomach ‘flutter’ and you realize you’ve been holding your breath.

    1. what a man can do to another man so savage is so incomprehensible Lord oh Lord but I just watched it all except for its end . That guy with the scissor had real hatred ; the one whom he went stabbing . Jesus I would have fainted myself it was my own enemy whom I wanted killed .
      In particular that part of the video where you see him oozing his life out is horrendous i found spine chilling to my tailbone …….all blood ….. .that gory swell ,from the eyes life wanting escaped out and then his gurgling lips with litres of blood ……… stuff of many nightmares one must leave it all unvisited .

    1. Someone needs to build a human size blender and throw these things inside while running at lowest possible speed setting. That grinder machine they use to grind dead livestock will do fine.

      1. Have you seen that mesmerising video where they start with a chicken(?) or some small dead animal, then a sheep, a pig etc. at the end a big white horse gets pushed into the grinder, you can hear it’s big heavy bones splinter under the force and power of the grinder. Nothing will clog it, nothing can stop it.

          1. @DDD, it must have been an advertisement for a fertilizer company? I don’t like the idea of live animals being pushed onto it, but some very cruel child/baby torturers and murderers may deserve to go in alive. I also saw a video of a man walking a very excited doggie on a lead, it was up the front, pulling happily going for walkies. They got to the top of a building and the man pushed the dog off! It was then laying at the bottom with broken legs etc. crying it’s head off. I could push a cruel, heartless person like that into The Grinder!

  9. This is a great example for the young ones out there who think they are tough Gang-Bangers. Look at that dude on the ground chocking on his blood, and think of it as being you, my friend,,, or your bro!!! Gang-Life is not being Tough,, but being stupid. Just listen to those three Big-Mouth Stooges, on the second video, and look, and LISTEN, at how stupid they sound. Punk-Ass mother-fuckers, are nothing without their guns & knives. Gangs are for Small Dicked Faggots, Boys & Girls,,, not real Men,,, Straight-Up!!!

    1. @Dre, preach brother! I have never understood the allure of gangs. Even with a messed up home life, I never seriously considered joining a gang when I was growing up in California. I will do everything in my power to keep my daughters from falling into this trap.

      On a side note though, I don’t know which is worse. Being stabbed with death by a thousand cuts, or listening to that idiots voice!

      1. Really you’d rather be stoned than stabbed. when the stones hit him i felt was much worse, the fucking noise and they smashed his face-head. It was then he start choking on the blood but that couldn’t of been from the rocks hitting him was it. Was that going to happen anyways you think?

        1. Unfortunately, different browser won’t help if one is on an Apple device. Apple failed to notice that we are in the 21st century, and their devices natively only support obsolete web standards predating year 2,000.

    1. You are where i was at over 14yrs ago, when i first checked-out @ Rotten. Com. Now, i enjoy this while having a plate of Spagetti, like late last night, and go for seconds,,, the video, that is! 😉

          1. @theportuguesedude, acho que com “sem massagem, sem simpatia” eles queriam dizer “aqui nós não brincamos em serviço, aqui o bicho pega de verdade”. Isso não chega a ser óbvio para a maioria dos brasileiros, mas basta fazer um esforço que dá pra entender, especialmente no contexto do vídeo acima. Se bem que é óbvio que esses animais mal sabem ler, quanto mais falar direito, o que acaba dificultando o entendimento do que eles queriam dizer.

            Até hoje tem dezenas de gírias que baianos usam, cariocas usam, nós, do estado de São Paulo usamos, que se você chegar e perguntar “qual o sentido dessa gíria?” ninguém vai saber responder.

            Os cariocas usam muito a palavra “bolado”. Pergunto: que é isso? E essa palavra muda de significado bastando mudar o contexto. Outra palavra que cariocas usam e que mudando o contexto muda também o significado da palavra é “caô”.

            Mas se pegar o contexto dá pra entender.

    1. I think he was just paralysed and if he was still conscious the only thing he could do would be to play dead in the hopes they’d stop. When the first rock landed on him I was a little relieved as fucked up as that sounds, because it would’ve made him much less aware.

  10. mass immigration brings loads of people from this type of culture and economic background. Many are criminals or hold criminal beliefs. Sharia law involves this and most muslim migrants say they want to be governed by it. Trump says he wants to keep criminals like this out from one of the most criminal countries on earth i.e, mexico and he gets condemned. Europe is destined to collapse. Sweden will be the first to go. Until then the Cultural Marxists will continue suppressing and lulling Europeans to sleep with propaganda.

  11. That was great! Nothing like a good snuff film or a lynching, and the stonework was the icing on the cake. Don’t know why but the sight and sound of a stoning gets me so worked up. I feel like Rick Flair “WOOOOOO”lol

  12. Most of the content does be from Brazil, I would never go there ever after finding this site. I used to go out with a man from Brazil, the pics he showed me made the place look beautiful and the way he talked about it! I was even meant to go with him for Christmas but we broke up, Thank fuck for that now. I’d of shit myself over there.
    He moved back there for good i keep thinking one day i will come on here and there he will be dead.
    They’re worse than anywhere else for the murders.

  13. Dirty fucking animals! This was horrible to watch, I don’t mind once dead but looking at them been killed is just to much for me!
    How does one do this and in-front of others but still be seen as normal to everyone.
    You do this in a civilized country and everyone will think you’re murdering scum and should be locked up and millions will be spent to lock you up! Here you kill in the day time in-front of others even record yourself doing it and you go home to your family like it was no biggie.

    1. It’s a very desensitized nation unfortunately. I thought this one should bother me a lot more than it did. Funny how one story makes me super upset, no video and then I watch this and feel nothing…ppfft

  14. Ahhh, mad props to bestgore & Brazil for this awesome little treat. Haven’t seen a video this good since 2 guys 1 hammer. No gurgles is the only sad part. Sick video though, love it!

  15. Well that is some gratuitous gore for sure. I would say poor barsteward but he most likely has caused if not equal then some degree of hurt and suffering himself. I suppose the general conclusion is not to join thick as shit, homophobic street gangs who lack morals, decent knives and elocution finesse. Bloody scissors. I would expect them to eb a bit better tooled up than that if they are ready to commit such atrocities in the street.

  16. Also, it feels like we may have missed some? I was expecting perhaps more of a fight or screaming, flailing or something. That would have scratched the itch. Had he already taken an amount of damage before the camera started? Perhaps so. However, I did enjoy the crimson foam erupting from his illerate Brazilian gob.

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