Man Stabs Woman in Neck, She Bleeds Out While Her Children Watch

Man Stabs Woman in Neck, She Bleeds Out While Her Children Watch

Man Stabs Woman in Neck, She Bleeds Out While Her Children Watch

CCTV video from India shows an apparent murder of a woman by a man with a knife. In the video, the man wearing a pink shirt approaches a house and farts around for a while, as stray dogs mind their own business outside.

Moments later, a woman carrying a child in her arms walks into the house. The man follows her and presumably stabs her in the neck as both disappear inside. He then runs out and darts off as stray dogs continue minding their own business outside.

Woman walks out with the knife still stuck in her neck and bleeds a lot on the ground. Two children follow her out and watch her gradually lose control of her body. Several people pass down the nearby road, but none comes to aid the woman. According to the info I got, she bled out while her children watched and dogs kept minding their own business outside.

Props to Best Gore members @raam and @honkeykong for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Man Stabs Woman in Neck, She Bleeds Out While Her Children Watch”

        1. I doubt it. The dude definitely acts like a bitch and looks like it.. none of those kids were even his I bet…it was probably some little jealous pussy that she rejected at some point and that was his revenge. Only bitch dudes kill females. Only bitch dudes let pussy control their emotions.

  1. That’s some premeditated stabbing shit! Looks like some acting.
    In an effective system it would take a few hours to catch the stabber, given this footage.

    How do I watch the video here without having to open a new window to BitChute website?

  2. I don’t understand how she can keep the knife stuck inside her neck all that time. I would’ve thought that it is a natural human instinct to want to yank any foreign object out of your neck as soon as you can, just to relieve the pain, if nothing else, although ironically it can speed up her demise because the wound would then become a gaping hole and blood will spurt out like when someone chops off your head with a samurai sword. Maybe too much curry eating with all those smelly spices.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            I gotta find it first then put it together bud. It’s in one of my old hard drives I got somewhere in my basement. It was long long ago I acccumulated that info friend. But I’ll find it. I didn’t bulllshit about it. I’ll send it eventually.

  3. You’re screwed if while in India or several other Asian countries something bad happens to you and there’s no way of getting out alive if no one helps. As several other videos here in BG attest, people over there have this habit of seeing shit happening and doing nothing about it, even if they are absolutely able to do something. Sometimes they don’t even bother to stop walking or riding their bicycles to see what’s going on. So if you intend to do something mischievous over there it is almost certain that no one will stop you, or save your victim.

    Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they are born in shit, live in shit and die in shit.

      1. Extend your attention span.
        I read his comment in approximately 1.5 minutes and had no problem with it’s length. It is descriptive and conveys the basic point well.
        There is a total of 5 sentences, so by traditional standards this is a paragraph or a slightly more than a paragraph.
        Those are some of my ideas, thank you and good luck.

  4. Well well well

    Didnt see it but looks like a stabbing happened right??????????

    Horrific scenes of bleeding in that dress…


    And those kids and bystanders, just dont have s clue or want no inconvenience in their lives.


  5. Conversations with m’sef ….

    Me:… “Fukn, goddamned, POS!… I hope this happens to his own wife and children in front of him…!”

    M’sef:….. “Funny you say that… That IS his wife and kids…Ya turdburglar… !”

    Me:… “Fuk me..!”

    M’sef… “Nooo… Fuk you..!”

    Me:… “That’s wtf I said…!”

    ……. Continues to smoke blunt……

      1. They’re really betas, no matter if they grow big or whatever, they still have the heart of a beta so it’s easier to turn on the women and kill them

  6. The dogs were pretty disturbed by the violence, they just didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of their mates. Later that day, they sniffed each others turds and all seemed well with the world again.

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