Man Stabbed and Beaten with Hammer in Yala District, Thailand

Man Stabbed and Beaten with Hammer in Yala District, Thailand

In good old Yala District, Southern Thailand, a man was stabbed in the back and then struck in the head with a hammer by an unknown assailant. He made it to a residence where a man and woman with two children gave him sanctuary while they called for help but the man expired while resting on a pillow before the rescue workers could arrive.

Outside, they found the hammer which had been used in the commission of the murder but no one has been caught.

At approximately 23:00 prompted by the police. The city of Yala. Because of the controversy that camp workers in Burma Rd., Pa Jurong C Care Rush injured 204 ambulances at the scene to investigate. Rescuers with car 6 ABC is not found, but found the deceased lying in a camp near a male and a female and two children were sleeping in the crib. The death toll was wound around his head was cracked hammer head and face with an eyebrow laceration wounds. There were marks on the back of a knife stabbing of two died at the scene outside the hotel. Before fellow Burmese who died in the camp. The cause of the Burmese people, with about a third of the men who died.

No Doctor Fate. No Hook 31… Translation isn’t too funny this time. Sorry.

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    1. 204 eh….Kind of reminds me of our cops here in Canada. False alarm fire alarm this morning by my house had 3 ambulances, 2 firetrucks, and yes 8 cops cars. 8! You never know of the false alarm will turn into something bigger I guess…

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  2. At least he lay his head on the pillow on the quiet but hell it wasn’t his hammered head he was worried more about but the precious sleep he thought ,he would lose .
    Peculiar way to die with a hard hit hammer blow to the head but sleep as they say is all too important than kicks and blows .
    I had mind hammered on achingly with that tizzy translation.

    Atleast his giant head seems rested well on that fancy pillow cover
    ciao ………..Sweet but no wet dreams for ya in dieland
    shag on

    1. @blucon – when on holiday in South America about 18 mths ago I fell down some stairs in a nightclub, completely blind drunk and very wired ( We don’t get cocaine in Australia so was very keen to try it and at only 7AUD$ per gram) and you could prolly even say I overdosed, but anyway, it was a big stair case and I got up at the bottom and left the club straight away as I was very embarrassed and my pants split, revealing my free balling junk. The next day I was leaving the country on a plane to Caracas, Venezuela but I nearly missed it coz I was very groggy and overslept until the maids woke me up in my motel. So I get to the airport at Bogota and am on the plane and soon I started to feel really weird and very anxious and couldn’t sit down and the hostesses were giving me shots of whiskey coz they thought it would help with my agitation. Thats all I remember……
      Then three days later I woke up in ICU in the university hospital in bogota after brain surgery to stop a bleed and clear a clot. I was so confused, couldn’t understand the nurses but finally understood what happened. On the plane I went unconscious and the plane had to turn around and return to Bogota, where I was taken to the hospital and operated on, all before they could even contact my family. They also took a piece of my skull out of my head and kept it in the fridge and it flew with me to Chile a week later and then back to Australia in an esky three weeks post my initial operation. My bone piece was put back in during an operation in Australia.

      But my point, with a head injury, sometimes you can’t help going to sleep………


      1. @Dutchy
        Oh you’re one lucky fella my bro ……… through the thick and thin of it but here you are as all of it you posted up the thread now appears to be just a wild dream .

        Hey but I am happy for ya to be in one piece .I mean a piece of your skull candy is back to where it rightly belongs …..are ya a globe trotter or in the way that you described jetting your way across to and from south america to your Aussie land ……big holiday maker or is it your job that flies you places

      1. Goddammit! My comment was placed in the wrong box. Ugh. Lol. Sorry, @gorycory73

        Baby Mashi Maro? Don’t know what’s up with that guy. Nobody uses Baby Mashi Maro pillows and sheets, we’ve upgraded to Dora, Hello Kitty and Spongebob. No wonder why he’s hammered to death. Keep up with the Thai-ms!

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