Man Stabbed and Beheaded on an Indian Reservation in Pau Brazil

Man Stabbed and Beheaded on an Indian Reservation in Pau Brazil

A man identified as Jose Raimundo Santos Rosa, 43, was found murdered inside his home in the Ourinho region on an Indian reservation, Caramuru Paraguassu, in Pau Brasil. He was savagely stabbed multiple times and then had his head cut off. Looks almost as if it were ripped off. No motive and no suspect(s) have been determined. A brutal killing. Makes you wonder what one would have to do to warrant such a thing.

Mad props to Infected Banana for this gory-ass hook up.

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  1. Looks almost like they tied a rope around his head but through his mouth and then ripped his head off from the roof of his mouth. However, I don’t see any clear signs of rope marks except what could be where his rear upper teeth look like they were destroyed.

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  5. So did anything hear about the person who got beheaded and dragged the head int other? People watching thought it was a prank 🙂

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