Man Stabbed to Death in the Street by Cheated Lover

Man Stabbed to Death in the Street by His Wife's Lover

From Xingtai City, China. A man is shown in the street being violently assaulted by a man with a knife. The attacker has him on the ground and stabs with frenzied enthusiasm as we see a woman who is attempting to in vain to pull the killer away from the man as the pool of blood steadily increases. The man died at the scene and it is said that the woman in the video is actually the stabbers wife and that the victim is a man she was having an affair with. Quite a sordid little affair. How things go where demon seed is concerned.

Also worth noting is the passerbys who actually look at what is happening and continue about their merry way without even a normal human reaction to violence being perpetrated before one’s eyes. The Asians are Hard.

Props to MrsPink for the vid.

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        1. Did Obli mention demon seed?? Did HLAM take a vacay from his homeland somewhere in Wadiya to China??!? OT, I’m just at about 90 days of rehab/sober living….relapsed a couple times at first, but I’ve got 48 days now clean and sober. My BP, pulse and BMI are back to normal, I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and about 7 lbs. in the process. People tell me I look good now…no more late morning puffy face with a bloated feeling stomach……Anyway, just thought Id share. I never stopped coming here every day….I just hung out in the backround for a while. Hope everyone is doing well and prospering like the bosses that most of you are!! ; ]

          1. Hey,@
            Slider long time no see,..ive been seriously ill for two months,lost 25 more week I would’ve died,I have infective lung on my right.i take 10 pills plus an I-V in my rite arm every day for two months.Shit no booze!!but its all good..who the hell has been watching “Closet”……lol

          2. Glad both you guys are doing well.

            Me !?. Well, I got run over by a bus, then caught an almost fatal bug while in hospital, where I was in full body traction for years, and that’s the good part of what happened !!
            I managed to get on BG by using a tab stick with my mouth !

            ( Just kidding @slider and @danielray )

      1. well if it was America we would have to make hard pavement, cars with windows, knifes the length of your penis or larger, the color white in shirt and black in pants illegal, neighboring office buildings with phone systems must ring, “murder happening outside, but don’t look outside” instead of ring ring, then it will give you an automatic prompt to key in and get a settlement check for your time and your discomfort for watching a stranger get killed out in the street.

    1. Don’t get comments like this, why do white guys obsess over the size of other races’ cocks?

      Anyways it’s better than what white boys do and let their wives run all around on them with niggers and what not and then go cry to the courtroom to not take your shit.

      Who’s the alpha now?

      1. @Ladybug_lady2000, bahahaha. My wife had a mouse trying to crawl up her night gown once. That cat chased it up there and the dog kept it there till i had to save the little bastard.

    1. How would you like to put your life on the line to help some guy out who was getting stabbed only to find out with your last dying breaths that the motherfucker you were trying to help had it coming? Best to help out the women and children… Grown ass men can handle their differences the way they see fit!

        1. That’s respectable brother and I can’t blame you… I would probably help too… It’s just hard to fault people for not helping when you don’t know the reason why shit went so crazy… If someone is so hell bent on killing somebody I would like to think there was a legitimate reason for doing so…like hurting their kid… I couldn’t see myself killing someone over some pussy… I would do it if they hurt one of my kids though and it would suck too to find out you helped a guy live that had hurt someone’s kid… It’s like you said, hindsight is 20/20

          1. Lol alright you two since we’re getting so technical…fucks are only given when it directly affects that Chinese person but if it’s a stranger passing by no fucks will be given.

          1. I was fucking around as well. I don’t think it’s really fair to kill anyone over this. I honestly believe people can’t possibly be monogamous.

  1. Reminds me the day (or night) i was about to be hacked with a machete. It was dark, and i was walking with my girlfriend, and suddenly a guy emerged from the night wielding a machete, but in the last second he stopped. He said something i don’t remember, maybe “excuse me” or ” good night”. If the man didn’t stop, i had never known what happened to me (or my head).

  2. Theres really no true justice in China… poor sod had his wife giving him the fucking horns, and to add insult to injury he was murdered by the lover of his whore of a wife… I trully hope that fucking slut and the scum shes with die one long, slow and horrible death…

    Love is really one fucking disgusting disease… 😐

        1. well now he’ll definitely get the death penalty…. would have been much smarter to just tell his wive to go suck that guys cock and found himself another ho. now bc of his stupid decision he’s going to be shot and have his organs harvested…. not my idea of justice.

  3. Once upon a time in the U.S., if the husband could afford a decent lawyer, he would go free because this would have been deemed a crime of passion. Today however, LE arriving on The Scene would have blown all three of them away.

  4. that whore is a pussy—screaming and pushing him to stop obviously doesn’t work?damn bitch should have been gouging his eyes out and kicking him?I guess he must not have been that good of a lay

  5. Videos like this annoy me. I’ve been doing military related martial arts half my life and it bugs me that neither the guy getting stabbed nor the women could stop him. How badly do you actually want to live???

  6. What a vicious little threesome. Two of which have had the pleasure of being penetrated, one of which has penetrated 2 of the others now. It’s almost gone full triangle. Now the stabber will get penetrated in prison, maybe both ways.

  7. i never get guys who rage at another guy for banging their wife or girlfriend. it’s not the guys fault your chick was a Ho or wasn’t loyal to you. plus you are ruining your life by reacting violently, prison etc. basically throwing your life away over some pussy that you thought was special. when the smart thing to do would be to tell that ho to go fuck off, and get yourself new pussy. wtf do youthink is smarter, leaving this bitch and finding yourself a hotter girl to fuck or going ape shit and killing someone and then going to prison or getting the death penalty.

      1. haha that’s so true, first she fucks him over by banging other dudes, he goes and kills other dude and goes to prison getting assraped and then killed while she goes on enjoying her life, yeah that’s some real revenge!

  8. Chinese wife: so how was work?
    Chinese husband: oh fine, saw a guy getting stabbed on the street on my way home.
    Chinese wife: oh really, I made chicken fried rice for dinner want some?
    Chinese husband: of course!

  9. also to all the people saying no one did nothing. if it was you wtf would you do other than call the cops? i’m not going to get involved with a guy that is in the middle of stabbing someone to death, that’s a good way to also end up dead and on bestgore…. unless i was carrying a gun i’d shoot the stabber, but then i probably wouldn’t want to do that either bc i’d likely end up in shit, and in prison getting raped, so yeah i’d just keep on walking buy and call the cops.

    1. If it was me, I would at least stand at a safe distance and call the cops, waiting to see when they would show up. These people stream by in the video like they don’t even remotely care to try to call. That’s low.

  10. I don’t get it, if the woman cheated why not kill her too maybe the guy didn’t know she was married and thought free sex and went for it now he is dead and slut wife is free to slut some more.
    Just like when a guy cheats on a girl and the girl goes after the girl he cheat with, why not the cheating guy.

    I dislike cheaters

  11. I hope someone gets hold of hubby’s execution video. The wheels of justice move quickly in China. Hubby was likely executed a few days after the murder – one bullet to the head, the cost of the bullet charged to his family.

    1. the 3 chinks that drove by didn’t even bother to look, because they physically didn’t see anything if it’s not directly in front of them.
      Car go straight – eyes can only see straight. “Last time I turn corner, car go bang – me no see other car – wasn’t straight!”

  12. The real show here is the passers by… Some don’t even look…

    This is vintage China. No one, NO ONE, gives a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves. Greed, selfishness, and fear is what drives this nation.

    They are a despicable bunch. I live with many… Where??? On the island of R O T A…….

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