Man Being Stabbed on Public Street by Presumed Mentally Ill Dude

Man Being Stabbed on Public Street by Presumed Mentally Ill Dude

Man Being Stabbed on Public Street by Presumed Mentally Ill Dude

It would appear that the video is from Brazil, but I will need confirmation from someone speaking the language to be sure.

The video shows a blooded man on the road as a presumably mentally ill dude stabs him with a knife in the chest and abdominal areas. The whole thing takes place in a public place, with members of the public around, but none willing to intervene.

The stabbing dude remains calm and collected the whole time. The victim doesn’t react to new stabs and may already be dead. The police are nowhere to be found. Assuming this is Brazil, they are probably busy being manginas someplace.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Man Being Stabbed on Public Street by Presumed Mentally Ill Dude”

    1. No guns in that country…well, not legal ones anyway. I’ve always got a pistol on me, and I hope something like this happens in my presence. I can’t wait until I can make a criminal leak one of these days. It’s an itch for sure..

    1. Who says you got to be mentally ill to stab some random dude. Happens every day in every country and none of them get to use the diminished responsibility defense…..he is as sane and calculating as you can be…….

  1. That’s supposed to happen because it’s in Brazil and that’s what they do over there.
    They’re into knife killings and poking at bodies with shit while hanging out and watching.
    It’s completely normal and it’s the Brazilian way.
    Cultural and tribal. Diversity.

  2. Yea Mark, i think that you are Dead-On (pun intended), lol, that this dude is mentally ill. Because just the way that he carries himself so calmly while performing his deadly deed does resemble what a mentally ill person would do, by remaining unfazed by killing somebody in what looks like a busy downtown street.

    1. .. It’s funny the duality of Brazil… On the one hand, if you get caught stealin.. Everybody and their momma will find something or the other to beat the living shit outta you with… On the other, if you stab a somewhat innocent person to death.. No one can find a goddamned thing hit you with.. Interesting..

    1. I saw the leaked Riot fight scene on youtube, shit looks fuckin’ sick. Riot is a little bitch compared to Carnage, though. Venom is gonna be so fucked once Cletus gets the symbiote in the sequel, can’t wait.

    1. Thanks, bro. Both you and Mark are doin’ all the heavy work, you guys are killin’ it, as usual. I’ll keep my eye out, always lookin’ for new gore. There’s a pretty cool armless man on the street video I sent in yesterday. Plenty of blood and gore in it.

  3. What a bunch of pussies. One guy does try to help the stabbee, a little, but when the stabbor wanders back into view, they scatter like roaches. Goddamn this pisses me off. Somebody could have at least run the tard over with their car. Video would have been much more entertaining!
    Heh heh!

  4. Ele é inimputável o doente mental. Na psicologia criminal, a primeira área que o psicólogo age no Direito, investigando e estudando adultos criminosos e adolescentes infratores da lei.
    Sim, no Brasil o ocorrido…

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