Man Tortured and Gutted by Woman Who Laughs and Mocks Him During Killing

Man Tortured and Gutted by Woman Who Laughs and Mocks Him During Killing

In the municipality of Girau do Ponciano, located in the state of Alagoas, Brazil, a woman was filmed on camera torturing and gutting a man. While she was killing him, she laughed and mocked the victim.

According to Colonel Lima Júnior, Public Security Secretary of Alagoas, 46 year old Genaldo Vieira dos Santos was quartered in what appears to be killing for revenge. The woman cut off the victim’s penis, carved out his heart and severed his head.

The suspects, who had meanwhile been arrested, stated that they had killed Genaldo because he would have suffocated two children to death. However, police confirmed they have no knowledge of any such crime having taken place, and found no evidence Genaldo would have been involved in any such crime.

The arrested were identified as Romário dos Santos Silva and Ubirajara da Silva Santos, both 26 year old, Eduardo Fernandes dos Santos, 30, and Brimax da Silva, 24. The chief culprit, the woman, was identified only as 19 year old Thaise.

The investigation also showed that taxi driver Eduardo Fernandes dos Santos was responsible for bringing the suspects to the crime scene. Brimax da Silva Lisboa was not present during the killing, but was responsible for carrying out surveillance of the victim and planning the kidnapping and subsequent death.

The confessions of the suspects clarify that the victim was kidnapped from his residence at gun point.

Props to Best Gore members @Wallabeast, @anotherbrazilianguy and @carloscp01 (Brazilian physician and a registered Best Gore member of 5+ years) for the video:

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  2. I advocate Nuking Brazil off the map and committing genocide against Hispanic women as they are the most vile, disgusting, sadistic female species out of all.

    I think it’s in their archaic, Native American roots since they are very barbaric and violent like that.

    Women do not know mercy. If you beg them to stop, they actually enjoy seeing the helpless man in most weakest situation.

    I bet if you placed these four vile women and drop them off to some first world country, they will blend right in with the society and smile like nothing happened in the past.

    Women are disgusting like that. Sorry had to vent. This is one of the reason why I went MGTOW.

    1. Here’s a little schooling for you: Brazilians aren’t Hispanic. They are what is considered Latino, but are PORTUGUESE *NOT* HISPANIC. Hispanics are SPANISH. And Native American? Uhhh.. isn’t that obvious? Hispanics aren’t Native American either. You need to read a fucking book, moron. Seriously.

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      1. I’m sorry I didn’t read past your first two sentences. I thought Brazilians just spoke Portuguese and were mixed with Portuguese blood. If Brazilians are pure Portuguese, then why don’t they look exactly like people from Portugal?

        1. the rich ones do (or german), just like rich mexicans look more or less spanish. But you will never see them in Best Gore, because rich brazilians and mexicans live in places safer than The Hamptons and don’t give a fuck about what happens in the shitholes you usually see here

          1. brazilians are not spanish people. brazil was and the rest of the americas were colonized by europeans. brazil mainly by the portugese. there are a lot of white brazilians but the non -white looking brazilians are NATIVE indians, or mixed race, and even black/mulato.before the euros came, south america had native tribes living there.

    2. Your point was noted, regardless of the genetic errors. Most women are entitled brats who think they can get away with murder (and according to prison statistics, a lot of them do! Especially regarding short prison sentencing.) I’m MGTOW as well. Stay red pilled my friend.

    1. Chile and Argentina are nice. In fact, native Chileans actually think of themselves as white (they do tend to be much lighter than many other South Americans, and when they come to America and have to mark down non-white on government forms, it comes as kind of a shock to them.

    2. um yeah. also what country in the “middle east” are you talking about. middle east isn’t really even a georgraphical area as it includes western asia and northern africa. Iran for example (non arab country) is pretty nice place, friendly people, low violent crime, lots of old history, fairly modern and lots of nature. definitely much nicer place than any south american country. south america is a shit hold bc it is filled with mulatos and mixed race native americans.

      1. i think argentina has the whitest south american population but all of south america is highly mixed. I have met some white brazilians too. most of the violence seems to be by the non-white popoluations bc whenever i see brazil videos here it’s mulatos or native indian mixed people.

          1. yeah i agree iran’s government is shitty. but it’s still a very safe / nice modern country minus the crap government. i don’t support the death penalty but most of the executions in iran are for murderers, pedophiles, and heroin smugglers. people that talk shit about iran are people that have never been there and watch fox news. brazil on the other hand is a dump. i’m sure brazil has nic areas also but as a whole it’s comparable to black african countries.

  3. Oh man that Silva and Santos family from Brazil must have done some breeding. So many deaths and murders from just 2 families. I have a dust up with my brother sometimes but I dont remove his heart and shit we just hug it out after.

  4. Death is the finest aphrodisiac regardless of gender.

    In war time men and women fuck like there is no tomorrow and outside of that context, during day to day general murder for example, they tend to do the same.

    If life is the beginning and death is the end it makes sense that those involved from one aspect to the other shall find the most stimulation/entertainment, after all extremes are often sought and rarely ever avoided.

    1. Did you know that humans are the only creatures besides felines that kill for pleasure?

      But I tend to agree with you completely. I couldn’t kill an animal, but I think if I had to I could a human. *shrug* I guess it just shows where my loyalties lie. But at least animals don’t fuck you over like humans do lol

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  6. I remember one of my first gore videos being an al Qaeda beheading done at night…it was winter time, and the blood steamed as it spilled out on what seemed to be a concrete floor. What really stuck out to me about that video was the sounds…the sounds of someone choking on their own blood. It’s one of those sounds that’s unmistakable and unforgettable. To this day, that sound still sends chills up my spine.

  7. OMFG I cringed at the end. Seeing his belly being gutted knowing he’s still alive!!! That knife was so sharp but I guess that’s a good thing otherwise he’d probably be feeling that shit a million times worse! RIP

      1. I think She is beautiful!!
        We all have to die someday, and being cut to shreds by a lovely Woman is one way i would pay to have done. It is too bad She had all the men with Her.
        it takes away from the sensuality of a Woman cutting up a man. OOoooh what a way to go. 🙂

  8. Mate…when I was nineteen I had no drive or direction whatsoever. She had ambition and wasn’t afraid to go for it… Fair play in that respect I guess. If the guy deserved it…then who cares..if he didn’t deserve it, well that sucks but so do many things. Life is life and life in Brazil is fucked up.

  9. Also, I couldn’t see if anyone has yet translated what was being said…..I am sure its nothing particularly deep or profound but it would be nice to know anyway…if anybody has time, thanks.

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