Man Trying to Cross Line of Control in Kashmir Shot Dead by Indian Army

Man Trying to Cross Line of Control in Kashmir Shot Dead by Indian Army

The video was filmed by Indian Army personnel stationed at the LOC (Line of Control) in Kashmir. It shows the aftermath of an encounter they had with a man, presumed militant, in the valley.

According to the Indian military, the man tried to cross the Line of Control, to which the soldiers responded by engaging the man. In the video he is seen dead with a nasty facial wound.

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85 thoughts on “Man Trying to Cross Line of Control in Kashmir Shot Dead by Indian Army”

      1. Unprofessional behaviour as usual from our ‘ brave Indian soldiers’.
        This is not the way trained army soldiers should behave.
        Pointing guns at a dead man and saying maadarchuut, maadarchuut. Jai hind.
        Come on guys learn to behave like true soldiers, not like a pack of pissed off villagers which unfortunately these guys probably are.
        Or maybe they’re releasing their tension.
        Who knows?

        1. However, thank God they did not piss on the man’s dead body like an American soldier would or behead him like an Arab fighter would.
          So, not so bad I guess, if he is a real terrorist.

        2. And who sets the standard fr army behavior , u? Indian army should be the last one to take lessons on behavior ND morals from any1. We all know wat attrocities foreign armies have committed on civilians in iraq , Vietnam just to name a few

    1. Are they really wearing helmets from fucking WWII, dam guys your better of with a fucking chicken bucket on your head dude!!!

      This must be their first kill I reacted that way to on my first in Afghanistan but they then become a blur

  1. “Down in the valley in the valley so low.
    An awesome tune written by Leadbelly.
    I’m pretty sure that this guy was unarmed.
    When the retarded Hindus killed him.
    Yeah they’re standing there like they are heroes.
    But as we’ve seen from numerous videos.
    The way Hindus run rather than help someone.
    The way they’ll watch someone in a wreck burn.
    There is no such thing as Hindu heroes.
    That one Hindu threw up the devil horns.
    Standing elated like they killed a deer.
    I’ll assume their victim crossed the line.”

    1. Dude, you look like a retard yourself with these stupid quotes and here you have the nerve to call someone else retarded? Btw, stop copying Wallabeast with these Hindu comments. Now, don’t type another slightly altered version of my comment like you always do when you run out of things to say.

      1. “The Talking Heads put it best:
        ‘You start a conversation.
        You can’t even finish it.
        You’re talking a lot of shit.
        But you’re not saying anything.
        When I have nothing to say.
        My lips are sealed.
        Psycho killer you are gay.
        Far far far far far.
        Far far far far far better.
        Run run run run.
        Run run run away.’
        You’re retarded.”

      2. Fuck no that was creativity… based off Hindu fact bro you see it hear every other day!
        Don’t be mad there a lot of dumb white people, black people, Asian people, and Brazilian people let not forget our best vids from the Mudlims (Isis) peices of shit people. You get so Hindu butt hurt man common dude

    2. He was armed. The areas around the LOC are heavily guarded and off-limits to civilians. It is not an official border. It’s just a line that was drawn on the ground after an agreement between India & Pak in 1948, and was slightly altered in ’71 and the latter years. Even if you push your toe past the line, the armed forces have the authority to shoot on site. These are not a rare occurrence but an everyday thing. These are militants that sneak across the LOC with the sole aim of destabilizing the region.

      1. @Hindustaan.
        Where do the Sikhs reside? Are they a part of this in any way? Is religion in the mix or is this just an Indian/Pakistani border thing? I’ve never fully understood the instability in the Kashmir region and it rarely makes the headlines where I live.

          1. India Pakistan border is nowhere like US Canada border. Our border can be compared with that of North Korea and South Korea. Stop cringing about Hindu and Hindustan. Be a gentleman.

        1. The conflict goes way back. It’s a long story. I doubt anyone would read it but here it is, anyways.

          When, the British decided to partition India in 1947, (which is Muslim majority regions would become Pakistan and the rest would be India), they gave certain princely states the ability to choose between three options – Join India, Join Pakistan or remain independent.

          Now, this special status was granted to only some princely states that had AUTONOMY under British Rule. Naturally, every king wanted to keep his territory and remain independent but knowing that they wouldn’t be able to survive cut-off from the mainland, they all decided to join India.

          There was one princely state left that was of Jammu & Kashmir, which is a massive state located entirely in the mountainous Himalyan-Karakoram range, comprising of the divisions of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit, Baltistan & Hunza.

          This kingdom was crafted by the Hindu Dogra rulers. Dogras are a Hindu hill tribe from Jammu, who were influential under the Sikh rulers (previous rulers) and after the Anglo-Sikh war, the British recognized them as autonomous rulers of the state.

          Pakistan had long wanted this state, since it had a Muslim majority. But the last ruler publicly declared that he wanted to remain independent.

          In 1948, the Muslim soldiers of the king’s army along with the local Muslim civilians rebelled against the king. He was a Hindu king ruling over a Muslim majority kingdom.

          Then Pakistan sent armed tribal Pashtun militias from the Khyber Pass into Kashmir, who took over Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza, a few districts of Kashmir and a small part of Jammu.

          The Maharaja distressed asked India for help. India refused saying that it would not land its forces on a sovereign state as the Maharaja and his kingdom was independent.

          The Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession, legally and officially acceding his WHOLE kingdom to the Union of India.

          Indian soldiers parachuted in and defeated the invading Pakistani army.

          India won back 2/3 of the kingdom. But the Prime Minister at that time was Nehru, who was very close to Gandhi and self-styled himself as a “Peaceful leader” went to the UN for solving the dispute.

          The UN ordered a complete ceasefire from both sides. The ceasefire line between both the countries became the Line of Control, which separates Indian Administered Kashmir from Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan and POK.

          India today controls 47% of the state, (with more than 90% of the Kashmir valley, 95% of Jammu, 85% of Ladakh). The remaining parts is under Pakistani control, except for the 15% of Ladakh, which is under Chinese control. Pakistan controls 37% of the state, with full control over Gilgit, Hunza and most of Baltistan (though a small part of it is under Indian control as well). China controls 20% of the state, with Aksai Chin and the Saksham Valley (which is a part of Baltistan, gifted to them by Pakistan).

          The conflict is only between the Kashmir Valley, which is a Muslim majority region but it comprises less than 15% of the entire state. Jammu is a Hindu + Sikh majority and Ladakh is Buddhist majority.

          In 1962, China also came under this conflict. China, already feared that India might support the Tibetan Movement so they decided to make their move. Also, that specific area is the hotzone of China, it has both Xinjiang and Tibet, both of them are under a separatist uprising.

          So, what happened is. China made a claim on Aksai Chin, which is the easternmost part of Ladakh, protruding Tibet, based on… I don’t know what.

          In the 1800s, when the Dogras had conquered all the northernmost kingdoms of India, they made an attempt to annex Tibet, as they considered it a part of Greater Undivided India. But they had to retreat midway, because they weren’t able to get used to the extremely inhospitable conditions of the region.

          A treaty was finalised between the Dogras and the Tibetan Empire, which was drawn within Aksai Chin.

          China’s invasion of Aksai Chin is a clear violation of that treaty, which they had nothing to do with in the first place.

          1. You obviously take the people here for idiots. China never invaded India. To the contrary, it was India that invaded China in 1962, as meticulously demonstrated by Neville Maxwell in his memorable treatise ‘India’s China War.’ And the Chinese defeated the Indians with considerable style. If you knew just a little bit of diplomatic history rather than the Bollywood version that you are peddling, you would have understood that China has legitimate reasons for claiming if not all than certainly substantial portions of the territory known as Aksai Chin.

          2. @alois

            Whatever your personal views may be, don’t matter. But I’m just laying down the facts here.

            India stretched all the way to Mount Kailash, which is currently under China but it is a Hindu pilgrimage site and has been known as the abode of Shiva. China claiming anything west of it is ridiculous.

            Maybe, if you looked a little bit deeper into history, you would realize how wrong China is in claiming any part of that territory.

            After the Hindu Dogras made an attempt to take over Tibet, they had to retreat because of the inhospitable conditions. They had conquered till Mount Kailash.

            The Tibetans saw this as an opportunity and made an attempt to invade Ladakh. Then they were beaten back as well.

            The Treaty of Chushal was finalised between the two empires which recognized Aksai Chin as a part of the (Indian) Sikh-Dogra empire.

            The last ruler of the kingdom Maharaja Hari Singh, legally acceded his whole kingdom to India, so there’s no question of it being a part of China, anyways.

            China has a habit of taking out a map from several thousand years ago to claim territory which it doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

          3. Prove how India invaded China, when not a single soldier was sent across the border. India never even claimed any part of China, although we could’ve easily made one with Mount Kailash but still we didn’t.

            Can you explain these “legitimate reasons”, Mr. Wise-Ass? If China didn’t invade India then why do they currently control Aksai Chin, which was part of India till ’62?

            There was hardly any war between India-China. It was pretty much a skirmish that has long been forgotten. The leaders at that time didn’t give a shit about it because it’s a barren wasteland, where a handful of people can reside. They didn’t think it was worth fighting over.

            Now, give me your version of the story if you even have any little bit of idea of what I’m talking about. Haha.

          4. As I told you already: you are ignorant about the diplomatic history of this era. Yours is the Bollywood version of the events. China actually offered to negotiate the borders with India, but India refused, whereupon Nehru embarked on his idiotic Forward Policy euphemising his deliberate incursions into Chinese territory as Gandhi-style Satyagrahas. The Chinese showed considerable restraint for several months and put up with repeated Indian violations of Chinese borders before they finally decided to wipe out the Indian batallions attempting to menace China. I am sure you will never touch China again. It’s always convenient to have someone as insignificant, odious, and smelly as yourself to pick on, i.e., Pakistan. China is a Kulturnation; India is a toilet.

          5. Dude, do you have any other arguments except this diplomatic and “Bollywood” bullshit you keep shoving down. Take off those ‘nationalist’ goggles and first go into the actual history of Ladakh, Tibet and Aksai Chin and how this whole thing began.

            There was never any intrusion from India. You sound like a typical government paid bot that has been deployed to spread propaganda.

            I wrote the whole history behind the conflict and all you can come up with is stupid Bollywood jokes and some “diplomatic” bullshit claims that you haven’t backed up.

            About you saying India is a toilet….

            Whatever it may be, I’m sure as hell happy to be living under a democracy and not some pseudo-communist dictatorship like China.

            China is not even a proper communist country because if it were then it wouldn’t have 2nd or 3rd largest number of billionaires in the world.

            China is a dictatorship that has attempted to invade every single one of their own neighbours since the 1950s.

            I’m sure glad I don’t have to live in a country where even sites like Facebook are banned.

          6. Neville Maxwell exposed your frivolous Indian propaganda decades ago. That India invaded China is a fact beyond dispute, as amply demonstrated in the book that I previously mentioned. Hundreds of OFFICIAL INDIAN documents in which Indian politicians and military officials openly acknowledge their intrusion into Chinese territory were made available to the wider public by Maxwell. I have nothing further to prove. As for your being an Indian ignoramus par excellence, there is no point dwelling on the self-evident.

          7. @alios

            Who is this Neville Maxwell and why should his opinion matter? I have laid down all the facts and Chinese intrusion into Aksai Chin is a clear violation of the Treaty of Chushul that was finalised between the Indian and Tibetan Empires. China never had anything to do with it and they need to fuck off from Tibet in the first place.

          1. @Alois is a chinese worker working on CPEC project. He is pissed off working in Baluchistan area of Pakistan. Everyday he gets a kick or two on the ass by Baloch kids who keep chanting while kicking – “We Love India”

        2. Sikhs mostly reside in the state of Punjab which shares the border with Pakistan, although there are sikhs in pakistan also who have to endure religious persecution and abuse like every other religion. Sikhs are hated the most by muslims because they are extremely patriotic and strong and do not bow down in front of anyone. They are highly respected community in India. They are in large number in armed forces also and plays a pivotal role in the defence and economy of the country.

          As far as the instability of kashmir is concerned, it dates back to the independence era. I’ll try to be quick about the scenario rather than delving in the minute details. Before independence of India from the british, Kashmir was a princely state ruled by a hindu king named Maharaja Hari Singh. There were both hindus and muslims in the Kashmir state. After Independence, when India was broken into India and pakistan, Maharaja wanted to remain independent as he thought muslims wont be happy in India and Hindus wont be happy in pakistan. But pakistan wanted to capture kashmir so they attacked kashmir and captured part of it. Maharaja sought help of India and Indians liberated most of Kashmir except which is now called Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir(POK). Also, the muslims of kashmir massacred millions of hindus in kashmir and made them flee their home-state for India.

          Now pakistan claims whole of kashmir as its own because of their muslim population. And India doesn’t want to let it go because 1. the then King of Kashmir signed the instrument of accession with India like other states in India did, so it is part of India by law and 2. the muslims killed and displaced the hindu population so it doesn’t belong to muslims only.

          Pakistan has fought many wars with India, lost all of them. Now they know they can’t win a war with India so they are resorting to other methods like infiltration, instigating kashmiri population in the name of religion, terrorism etc. There is a pseudo democracy in Pak with army in power. They put all their energy in anti-india activities There is a saying in pakistan that they will eat grass if they have to but will capture kashmir one day.

          We Indians are so much fed of this all and just want to live in peace. And there is no guarantee that pakistan will mend its way even if we liberate kashmir because they are extremely anti-hindu. So we keep on fighting this stupid country which harbored terrorists like OBL and hafiz saeed.

          1. Sikhs are native to Punjab, Haryana (basically East Punjab), Himachal. Sikhs from these parts are Punjabi by origin. But there are also Dogra Sikhs from Jammu and a small number of Kashmiri Sikhs. I actually knew this one guy who was a Sindhi Sikh.

            Sikhism is a religion and anyone from anywhere can choose to embrace it.

            About the Kashmir conflict, there are also many other complex issues but it would just take too long to explain them…

          2. I thought it was about Kashmir rugs the very soft wool rugs and stuff like that which is something both sides wanted,
            Also didn’t Alexander the Great conquer that area before everything

        3. The Sikhs reside mostly in the state of Punjab.
          Kashmir is Muslim majority. Sikhs and Hindus are allies except for the Sikh unrest when they wanted a separate state and the cops killed off all the Sikh boys who were likely to become Sikh terrorists.

    3. It’s funny how you try so hard to sound your dumbass comments as a poem that makes no sense. By the looks of your dp, You look like one creepy motherfucker who logs onto BG afterhours in your mom’s basement trying to connect to the real world. Fucking ignorant american cunt. Try to learn the facts around the world before you drop hate comments on particular country/religion. Sheesh!

  2. There is nothing more satisfying for an Indian to see than a Pakistani terrorist dead like a pig. Stupid cunts know that they can’t win a straight war with Indians so they try to sneak in like thieves in the darkness from across the border to kill Indians. Because of these stupid brainless quran-reading jihadi backward pakistani pigs, we have to spend billions on our defence which could have been otherwise used in other developmental activities. But thanks to our Army, almost all of them are dispatched to their allah for a reward of 72 virgin pigs.

    Well done Indian Army. Keep shooting these bastards in the face. Jai Hind.

  3. This Guy’s Face in the Picture reminds me of A Lebanese Man that was posted on here way back, and Years ago. And that he was executed by gunshots because he murdered some people with a Car Bomb in Lebanon. He was shot through the same cheek also, the stomach, and other places . Do any of you Veteran Members, or Veteran Lurkers remember this guy also ???

  4. That was a genuine nice human gesture that the soldier did towards the end of the video. He gently put some snow on that terrorist’s face. He knew that the hole on the terrorist’s face probably hurt and stung. It’s too bad there are not more caring people, like that soldier, in the world. They should have made snow angels with the dead terrorist, then we could have seen dead snow angels. Just saying.

  5. That faggot that keeps hogging the camera while flashing a smile to Mom looks so happy, & Proud of the fact that Him, and His Bum Buddies, have killed yet another Human Being, is a Pathetic Peice
    Of Shit!

    1. Never expected this out of you. I respect you for being rational and for your ability to put your thoughts across without unnecessary abusing and hating others, something which I can’t say about most of the members here. But you are making a mistake here. This human being which you have mentioned had only one aim, to kill others. By killing him, they have saved countless lives, both civilians and armymen. You probably don’t have an idea of the hatred these brainwashed terrorists have for Indians and non-muslims. Killing bastards like these is certainly one of the thing to be proud of in that part of India.

  6. Kashmir used to be a really fantastic place to visit.

    Unfortunately, the insurgency kicked off when I was there in 1987; a few more bodies everyday puts a different perspective on things.

    Now, it’s a great place to visit if you enjoy artillery duels.


        1. Are you profiling @Indian-boy? Smh, green grass indeed.
          Not all Mexicans tend gardens and mow lawns. Some of them steal cars and sell drugs.
          You should go to a Home Depot parking lot and learn more about their culture before saying such things.

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