Man Uses Vehicle and Meat Cleaver in Attempt to Kill Woman

Man Uses Vehicle and Meat Cleaver in Attempt to Kill Woman

We’ve seen this before in China, and I believe this video is likewise from China.

The CCTV footage shows a driver deliberately ram and pin what looks like a woman against a gas station filling post, and as bystanders run to assist the woman, thinking this was an accident, the driver runs out of the vehicle with a meat cleaver apparently to finish the woman off. But he acts overall disorganized and at one point appears to drink something, as if to poison himself and thus ensure he too dies after killing the woman.

Eventually, some of the witnesses approach the crazed driver and appear to incapacitate him by throwing an object, perhaps a rock, into his head.

Props to Best Gore member @boscotkc for the video:

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      1. I wonder what the fuck that woman did to piss him off that severely… Like damn, this dude is willing to do probabaly some very serious time just to hurt that person… Damn, damn, damn, I would hate to be her, lmfao… Or even him; a majority of foreign jails and or prisons are notoriously known for being pretty bad in all areas of the spectrum. (hygeine,food,other inmates whom could be like serial killers, or gang members, & the list could go on & on..) For example, where in Brazil jail/prison they cut other inmates heads off and play soccer with the severed head.!! Actually there’s a video of that here on BG.

  1. Scarcity, obsessional pursuit, ownership and retainment is the name of the game here no doubt. In white countries for example women are in abundance but personal wealth is not and so we tend to massacre each other over money rather than pussy. Nigger, low IQ, “muh-dik” rape-apes aside of course because they would fuck anything just so long as they are not considered black themselves due to their own natural, self hating, Uncle Tom, sellout, daffy-duck nigger self hating behavior.

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    Madness and normality are therefore intertwined wherein basic social survival standpoints are concerned.

      1. Don’t be soft Dutchy, you know it’s true and the statistics back it up.

        Lovers tend to kill each other in greater numbers within societies that make the attainment of such unions, and the dissolution of such unions, socially and financially difficult because these two elements directly impact psychological function.

        As for my rant about blacks, again the statistics back it up. In the first world for example black people more often than not choose to date outside of their own race the majority of the time compared to every other race living within the first world and the interracial relationship statistics show it again and again. It is more rare to see a black man with a black woman these days than it is to see a black man with a morbidly obese, white, coal burning ham monster. Not only that, it is extremely rare to see a black woman with natural hair these days as well because they all wear wigs and weaves because they can’t stand their own black racial features.

        Also, statistically speaking, black men in interracial relationships beat and kill their coal-burning sluts more than any other race of men in similar positions as well.

        Facts aside I do agree with your overall sentiments though, it is bullshit.

  2. Back in 1955, gas was $0.199/gal at all four corners of the intersection and the uniformed attendant pumped the gas, handed out green stamp coupons and free beverage glasses.

    Then, we evolved through stations with service, service with stations, eat and get gas, and state minimum booze with gasoline optional.

    And now, the ultimate station. Drive up and die. No wonder home-charged, battery powered cars are on the increase. It’s not about the environment, it’s about survival!

  3. Not a single chink thought to back the car off of the bitch to save her?
    Fuck, where I live there are [nigger] neighborhoods where that car would have been stolen before the driver got the first cleaver swing in.

    1. I read a post where it stated that China has certain laws in place where you cannot interfere in a criminal altercation or they could be charged as well.

      I do know for a fact that Asians are very selfish and overly judgmental people.

  4. This video was funny as hell to watch …..up until….
    But @ least we saw more humanity in these folks than we’ve seen in other videos from the Land of The Oriental.
    When you get stuck on the Beaver Cleaver. You should just leave er’

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