Man Waiting for Bus Shot Dead by Vigilante Claiming He Was Thief

Man Waiting for Bus Shot Dead by Vigilante Claiming He Was Thief

On a bus platform in front of Hospital João Lúcio in East Zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, a man waiting for a bus was shot dead by a gunman on a motorcycle, who then fled the scene. The shooter reportedly shouted “you will not steal again” as he fired at the man, suggesting he was a vigilante on a mission to stop a thief.

The victim’s sister however told police that her and her brother were at the bus stop after accompanying their mother who had suffered a stroke to the hospital.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “Man Waiting for Bus Shot Dead by Vigilante Claiming He Was Thief”

  1. He looks to well “dressed” to be a theif (wears trousers not shorts, proper shirts and t-shirts, trousers, no flip flops
    etc ..) It must have been a personal hit and the biker who reportedly shot the man was just probably using the theif excuse to cover his tracks.

  2. Brazil deserves a site dedicated to Brazil alone. WTF has gone wrong with this country? The best footballing nation on the planet, you start to begin to understand why, football = an escape to a better life.

      1. Well, if United Snakes of Murica just leave them alone, i think they will find exit.
        Brazil have liberal scumbags on top and this demoncracy came from US.

        -Whenever United Snakes have influence-there is hell zone.

      2. Besides this, granted impunity is another issue. All people knows this and our newspapers talk about sometimes. This is an example ( (“In Brazil only 5% of murders are elucitated”). We have special laws to juveniles, who get a complete clean criminal file when they get 18 years old and it doesn’t matter much what they have done. The reality is that in Brazil killing people is seen as a solution by many people. The 50000 deaths per year (more than Vietnam war) speaks for itself.

    1. Brazil population* (2016): 207.7 million
      Brazil criminals incarcerated per 100,000** (2016): 318

      Finland population*** (2016): 5.5 million
      Finland criminals incarcerated per 100,000**** (2016): 57

      I guess it’s the heat.





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