Man Walking Down Street with Friend Assassinated from Small Car

Man Walking Down Street with Friend Assassinated from Small Car

A CCTV video from Brazil shows a pair of guys casually walking down a street. They are approached by a small car, from which an assassin shoots one of the strollers with a gun.

The guy pushing the bicycle didn’t know how to react to his friend getting assassinated right next to him, but I’m sure he felt lucky he wasn’t the target. The assassins upgraded from using a motorcycle, though that car looks like it wasn’t a whole lot more expensive than a bike would be.

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    1. can’t* and either you can’t believe that he/she spelt ‘whole’ that way. Or you can’t believe he/she spell ‘whole’ that way.

      Also I can’t see anything wrong with her/his spelling of the word ‘whole’. So I’m not sure what you’re on about. (:

      1. @tas-tiger It probably had nothing to do with the spelling and everything to do with the context of it. That thing was so tiny, it couldn’t cost that much more than a bike, so maybe @nopaincobain meant to use the word “saying” or “using” instead of “spelling” of the word.
        Or else I’m confused as well!

        1. @Re-pete There isn’t a room for confusion here bud !
          His @nopaincobain having started with a pointless conversation renders it a WHOLE lotta him as a big troll .

          May be if he’d authored the post he could have had the liberty to substitute WHOLE with another word HOLE.
          He likes dropping alphabet “w” whenever he sees one.

    1. Not only , that was little piece of a shit car but was hideous too.
      That dude’s strolling ended with a bang . Quite interesting though was the part where the guy with the bicycle ducks and coolly slips away fearing for his own life .
      Most surprising aspect of these killings are , how do the killers know precisely of their target dead on . ! Seems like they tail the guy endlessly until the lead is fed .
      Ha hahahaha ……..It was fun watching him drop like a sack of spuds though.

    1. The illusion of camera security. Looks like they took off the plates. What security, people being able to switch/remove plates on own is so laughable. Nobody cares about other people staying alive; they just want your money. After that, they don’t care who kills you or who you kill. If people really cared, plates would and should be permanent like a VIN #. Stupid humans, no wonder people keep acting crazy like this– there are holes for evil to flourish everywhere and nobody cares until it’s too late.

  1. What is it with brazilians and choosing the most under powered dilapidated pieces of shit they can get their hands on? where’s the subaru’s’n ducati’s at? Stop spending your drugs money on flip flops’n t shirts and get yourself a decent motor for fucks sake.

  2. brazil is filled with a bunch of shorts and flip flop wearing retards who kill one another over the dumbest shit.
    they are born and live their entire lives with the mental capacity of 5 year old

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