Man Wearing Rubber Boots Found Hacked to Death in Field – Head Shredded

Man Wearing Rubber Boots Found Hacked to Death in Field - Head Shredded

Man Wearing Rubber Boots Found Hacked to Death in Field - Head Shredded

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Colombia. The video shows a corpse of a man who was hacked to death with a machete.

Whereas the victim wears rubber boots and his corpse was found in a field, I presume he was a farmer. If the information that the incident happened in Colombia is correct, then I can’t help but wonder if he got in the cross hairs of drug traffickers for not growing enough coca on his fields or something of sorts…

His whole upper body is covered with deep slash wounds, including on the arms which are probably defense wounds. But it’s his head that took the most vicious hacking and was for all intents and purposes shredded.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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  1. As related to Marks previous post on the land conflict between China and India.
    I read today in the Wall Street Journal that the chinks and Indians are back at it with 20 Indian soldiers killed with clubs spiked with nails.
    This is over some god forsaken land that both claim.
    The article also reports continued arms buildup and the building of bases on both sides, and neither side is backing down.
    If this keeps escalating who knows how far this will go.
    As long as they kill each other off and don’t involve us, all the better.

    1. If india and china went to war I wonder who the US would support more… Probably china considering we get 80% of are products from there. What does india do for us anyway? Definitely less than china. Both our economys would suffer so the US would want the war over ASAP. India has a snowballs chance in hell of getting anything. Just give china the shithole land.

      1. If they do go to war, my guess is it would be limited.
        Whatever I hope we don’t get sucked in. I do think we would sell arms to India..
        I don’t think the us wants to strengthen China in any way.
        What do you think?

      2. Problem here is that China are in expansionist mode right now. If India rolls over without a fight you know that China is going to carry on taking liberties. And not just in India, there’s a lot of places that China has by the balls, financially speaking. If China gets any cockier I can see a lot of bills suddenly becoming due and China taking land in exchange. They’ve done it before.

          1. I would say figuratively now as it would be hard to get further agreements. They are mostly there for minerals/mining, but have built ports in Africa and
            South pacific.
            They have also built their first offshore military base in Djibouti.
            The belt and road initiative in my opinion is not only for economics but military.
            It’s a matter of time before these Africans and others can’t pay with China taking full control.

          2. Yes I agree, but I was playing Devil’s Advocate in that he may have known something I didn’t. Ie in a passing similar vein , Trump did ask for Greenland recently and Denmark said no etc.

            Everything you say is correct but I would counter with ,what is the difference ;are we. ” Allies” of the USA not similarly bound and treated by Washington?

          3. I did mean literally. I’ll have to look it up but basically they built a port in some shithole country on the understanding it would be part funded by the said shithole. The shitholese reneged on the agreement so China said, “Solly, this port ours now, you fuck off.” So now China has a port owned wholly by them in another country, it is literally Chinese territory. China knows the countries to target and is busy worming its way in, seeking methods of control. That’s why the UK asking them to build nuclear power plants and their 5G network is such bad news. I have no doubt that the chinks will have a backdoor into those somewhere.

          4. Thanks .Ok. Yes there are two ports I know of ; gwadar in Pakistan and kambanota ?something in Sri Lanka. I think it was Gwadar in Pakistan that you are referring too.

            I thought you were talking about large tracts of land rather than discrete localised areas like ports etc.

            In any case ,It will be interesting to see what happens and if we survive it all.


      1. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to start a war ie: ww1, but my guess there will be continued skirmishes, that probably will escalate.
        I can’t see India ignoring 20 soldiers clubbed to death on what they consider India.
        Did you read the WSJ article?

        1. No I didn’t read WSJ but some other articles. It is relevant that no soldier has gone in with weapons. I have seen many vids and they are armed with nothing apart from rocks and branches they pick up off the ground. Very very controlled,with good reason. This nails- in- bats thing is definitely an escalation which is no good at all. The Indians say some Chinese are dead as well but I have seen no numbers.

          Similar to Russian and US ships pushing each other away from areas in their ships only. I’ve seen vids of that too.

          If it isn’t too much could you pls put up this WSJ link if you can. I have put up another link in one of the other recent posts. Just look for it under my activity if you have a mind to see a video of the Info/Chinese shoving each other.

          You know the Indians and Pakistanis are also trading blows with dead in both sides on their borders as well ,right? Only last month.

          Erdogan has also been bullying Europe/Greece and pushing rapefugees into the latter to test the boundaries with his “allies”.

          1. I can’t find that article it was on apple news and is gone. Basically said the same as your link.
            Both sides are bringing in troops, I just hope no one starts arming, it’ll be a real shit storm if shooting starts.
            Hopefully a video of the event surfaces, but it won’t come from the Chinese and they probably confiscated the Indians cameras.
            The paki’s and India have been at it forever, is this an escalation?
            If you hear anything else let us know.

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