Man and Woman Receive Chop Up from Angry Guy with Machete

Man and Woman Receive Chop Up from Angry Guy with Machete

Man and Woman Receive Chop Up from Angry Guy with Machete

CCTV from what looks like Taiwan or China shows an angry guy with a machete deliver a chop up to a man and a woman. He is initially focused solely on the man, but the brave woman kept pushing her pussy pass until it backfired on her.

The young woman on a motorcycle steadily backs off and disappears, though the older one enjoys the front seat view of the carnage. The car driver likewise backs off a bit, but doesn’t drive away.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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82 thoughts on “Man and Woman Receive Chop Up from Angry Guy with Machete”

  1. Taiwan indeed. The most violent corner of China, politically incorrectly speaking 🙂

    Left-handers are very efficient with blades… So I’m not too surprised on this one. I think the woman fought because if she didn’t the man would have blamed her for leaving him in a bad situation. This happens in Asia and it’s very cowardly. In other cultures the male does not expect the female to get involved in something like this

      1. Holy fukn shit!… What the fuk was goin there?.. That was kinda crazy!… I’ve been watching it over an over and I can’t find an explanation for it… *ques Twilight Zone music*… I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but this one’s interesting… Good eye caRnAGE!

  2. Small traffic dispute and boom! -Machete fight!
    This was just a last drop to this stressful guy.
    Tones of problems and he turn all revenge on them!

    I don’t know if there is term for that in psychology but what i understand is, the guy is coward who find excuse for tones of buried anger in himself.
    That is the reason why drunkards attack only weaken than themselves. They just return their lost ego.

        1. yes that would be nice to see. Also it would chow (typo left in as it fits nicely with chinese theme) that we’re all not entirely pinko faggot tree huggers and we still like gore, just revenge gore is more enjoyable
          @sloth12 @srbijabgd


    1. Or, simply leave furious guy in ego bust war. Do not say something to him when you see him being ready to jump and kill.
      The women is 50% reason clash burns as nobody cannot gentlemanly stop fuilling oir on fire because women would think they are scared. *

      *whoever give them right to think…

    1. Didn’t seem to do much, though. Definitely wasnt a Fiskars. Why do South American or overseas machetes seem so flimsy?
      Then again, I’ve never been chopped at with one, so who am I to judge if that blade digs in like a motherfucker or not?

  3. Maybe if, instead of watching and not helping, bystanders would actually jump in and help neutralize the attacker, shit like this wouldn’t happen as often. Shame on those people who just watched, or backed away. For the woman on the moped Watching, even a well swung helmet can do a lot of damage.
    I know this is BG and we see some dumb mother fu**ers here, but jeez… We need to band together so shit like this doesn’t happen as often. That’s my rant. Cue the racist comments again.

  4. Feminism has brought me to the point that I laugh when women get hurt. I have to remember that not all women are cunts though, just the vast majority of them.

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