Man’s Face is Split Apart

Man's Face is Split Apart

I know how much you guys love to sit back and watch your videos rather than point and click on still images, but the early days of gore were nothing but photo galleries. Without them, early gore sites would not have had material which were taken from forensic/pathology literature and the rogue crime scene photographer. I like to think that my posts keep the nostalgia alive. Harkening back to the time when it’d be the middle of the night, you throw on a death metal album and peruse the dark side of the net and see the truth behind death. Satisfying that obsession with the morbid and fascination with the dark nature of humanity that you always felt had been with you since the beginning. We here at Best Gore always knew that we were different from the others, never truly feeling that we fit in anywhere. But Mark gave us a home. Come for the gore, stay for the Truth.

This set here looks like a murder and it looks like it was south east asia. I want to say Thailand but I’m not completely sure this time. Man’s face has been completely split apart. Brutal death caused maybe by a machete? What do you guys think; Murder, accident or suicide?

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  1. Thank you for keeping the old school alive obli!..I always loved going on the web with my music blaring to look at all the death, gore, and or sadness it had to offer…16+ yrs later, still doing the same!!’re awesome my friend!!…I love how this guys face is just like my heart..awesome pictures!!..Thank you for sharing this!!

    1. @sickkpuppy13

      *** Thank you for keeping the old school alive obli!..I always loved going on the web with my music blaring to look at all the death, gore, and or sadness it had to offer


      I hope you don’t drink coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  2. I dont see this as a suicide, or accident, either i believe that such damage was made by a machette since the force applied to it wouldnt be enough to split a skull in half on the central mid section. Im pointing out murder with something heavier, like an axe, since the damage profile points out for that, and that the guy was probably being pinned down on the floor by 2 more guys, because that was a clinicly well placed hit, and the heaviest part of the hit was centrallized on the upper head section, leaving only slight cuts on the chin area and a more destructive impact on the cerebral cavity.

      1. It might, but look at the little narrow bone cut on his chin. A gun’s shot power goes frontal, the lower jaw wouldnt recieve any of the impact since the skull is independent from it. A high caliber gun could split the skull and damage it with the entry point being in the mouth and aiming for the skull, but to do such exiting damage on the forehead, the gun would have to be at 95? or 100? of inclination, wich is physicly impossible since the gun would have to be inside his throat.

        1. No powder burns or scorched flesh. Pretty sure this was murder, I also guess with a heavier object instead of a keen blade, there aren’t enough clean edges for it to be a machete, unless it was really dull and just used the hilt to bash in the face.

          1. Even using the hilt, knowing that its generaly made of wood or plastic, it would require a super-man’s strenght to make it do such damage on the cerebral cavity, something arround 20Kg of strenght.

    1. Yes, I also wondered about the hoe
      Each part of the world seems to have it’s favourite method/weapon of choice for ensuring the population is kept in check.

      Latin America….the machete
      Africa……just pour on some petrol and burn the fucker
      Australia……….alcohol poisoning/nicotine poisoning
      North America…….The Cops/ and or the State
      The europeans…….The Spice Girls ( * research shows this is the most fatal of all them all, much worse than a mutated bird flu strain H2N3)
      Middle east (this never changes in the pie chart) – Blind Unfounded And Extreme Religious Beliefs Syndrome.
      The Russians……bad drivers combined with crap roads ( nasty combination)
      Asia- Is the good ‘ol hoe making a come back?

    1. Yes, and hopefully he takes it home and films himself as he puts the eyeball on the table and proceeds to smash it with a sledgehammer. Lol he could call the video: Die nigh indestructible eye!

      …lol just rolls off the tongue too… But i bet the eye would just bounce off the table like a bouncy ball

    2. Do you remember ‘power balls’? I’m not sure what you call them in the U.S, those little rubber balls that are really hard and bounce really high and shoot off all over the place. I wonder if an eyeball would be like that.

      1. @WM We call them super balls. In the U.S. Powerball is a lottery where ridiculous amounts of money are spent trying to instantly achieve millions, don’t know the record for the biggest jackpot but I’ve seen it go over $240,000,000. Just wish the 239,999,999 people who didn’t win would have gave their $ to me. 😉

          1. Just remember your friends and family who have been there all along not the ones we both know would come crawling out of the woodwork. You love cats WM I can see the worlds largest no kill shelter in the world. The person who doesn’t want the money and the power that money would represent would be the person I’d most want to have it.

  3. I will say that once I saw this sight I was hooked. The thought of your Fowler s are allot like mine, yes the Gore is great but the comments from your Fowler s gives me hope that one day are people will wake up and stop following the social views of the propaganda that is driven into are young people’s minds. My mother told me when I was young that the TV is the one eyed monster!

  4. Of course this was Thailand, man. White gloves ready to point + blue paramedics uniforms with badges + dodgy Asians + serious gore = Thailand only.

    And this was clearly a suicide. ( naah not really, I go for murder this time.)

    Actually, i prefer stills to videos. Stills you can study in every detail and weave your own story around them. More aesthetic, i think.
    Oh and you can make postcards from them too, and wallpaper.

    @Obli while i’m at it, i’ve watched your posts from the beginning with unceasing amazement. It is amazing what you’re doing. Our chieftain MM will be proud.

    As for MM , I hope that he’s OK, and that things will go well this month . Mark you’re being missed.

    1. My deepest sympathies to you @gunky. Everyone always says “what if that was someone YOU knew” when people make jokes on here. Well, now we know, we pull together and offer our support, which any good family would do.

      1. Yes, Gunkster, that is terrible news to get and very sorry you had to get it. You never really ever come to truly believe a childhood friend has left you. It will always seem surreal. However it does sound as though you will remember him with a smile on your face.

      1. Mr G. Nazi

        Please see post about “11 month old baby bruised and left out in the cold”

        Did you see the writing ( if that is what you call it ) in the screen pic of the messages those ‘people’ sent each other?

        Please, please reassure me you will travel to this area and educate the masses that cave hieroglyphics are no longer understood by modern man and they must reprogram and write in English?


  5. First, if it’s Thailand he obviously jumped from a beach resort hotel situated in some woods far away. Obvious suicide.

    Second I just wanna say thanks Obli for this post. It actually cause many nostalgia, much emotion. Took me right back to my death metal / first years on the internet days.

  6. Wow, crazy how you mention listening to death metal and watching gory videos. I’m listening to Slayer right now, even though they’re thrash metal. Anyways, I’ve been a fan of Best Gore for years and it is truly a great community!

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