Many Children Among the Dead After Airstrike in Ain Tarma, Syria

Many Children Among the Dead After Airstrike in Ain Tarma, Syria

It’s heart-wrenching to see all the corpses of these children who have never gotten a chance to live. But perhaps even more frightening are the expressions on the faces of wounded children shown at the end of the video – they’ve seen so much war, they can’t even cry anymore…

The video depicts the victims of an alleged air strike on the town of Ain Tarma in Syria. Ain Tarma is where in August 2013, Obama’s moderates carried out a false Sarin attacks that they attempted to blame on the Syrian government, in order to manufacture the “red line” for the Kenyan.

The investigation by UN weapons experts and MIT concluded that it was the so called rebels that gassed the people. The rockets used in the attack only had a range of 2km and would have to have been fired from deep within “rebel” territory. But even before that, the Britam leak had already blown the lid off the “Syrian-sarin” false flag attack.

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      1. Good for them, as humans we need to be humane. Hard to see real life, but we live in a world that changes every other day. Why is it that the innocent get punished only because they are alive. I have to hold on to my emotions or the wicked world would swallow them up. ??? Is there a god, and what is his name I would love to know

    1. You got that right.This isnt those babys war.They need to grow up doing what babys and children do,play in the yard with their little friends.A child isnt supposed to be subjected to such hell.You can see the gut wrenching fear in those children.May god watch over them all.

      1. look I agree so much with your comment.The world is a wicked one. Why do the innocence have to pay? children should be just children. Not thinking about the next time that there mum or dad says come inside quickly. All of a sudden there is death dying children and no remorse from the persons that are wicked I say punish them

  1. This world if full of heinous horror, even though I live paycheck too paycheck and struggle to survive, my life is still not as hard/bad as these humans on the other side of the world. I can only imagine what they go through and still it won’t hit me because Its not happening to me. Damn what a truly fucked up world we live in but It doesn’t stop me from having a good time and living life to the fullest with what I got.

  2. @Acneska

    Talking about Syria, the united states holocaust memorial museum has a new exhibition showing, supposedly, (cough, cough), smuggled images of dead people from Syria numbering more than 50,000 and brought out of the country by a Syrian military defector and is using them as evidence of the Assad government?s crimes against its own people.

    Cheeky bastards are trying to pull the holocaust trick again but this time on Assad’s Syrian government.

    I suppose the old tricks are the best.

    1. Yep. And who’s going to stop them? I’d love a giant Doc Marten to smoosh that viper state, but unfortunately they have their little “Sampson (sp?) Option” they’ll use if they even feel like any ONE country is going to ‘destroy’ them. It may be a bluff, but I wouldn’t put it past the Zionist swine for a second to nuke the worlds capitols and important big cities in a perverted scorched earth act.

  3. So bestgore authors on Syria truly don’t know that the Syrian army is bombing civilians ?

    Why don’t you publish my comments ? what are you afraid of ? enough is enough, you are good people, why do you believe that the Syrian government is good ? I swear they are as bad as ISIS & even worse.

    They even used Katyusha & Scud on cities, under the excuse of “terrorists-take-human shields”, wasn’t this the same excuse Israel used to bombard the shit out of Gaza ?

    The Syrian government killed & tortured thousands of syrians and this whole country is going to hell because of their actions ! Bestgore, censor my comments as much as you want, but you know the truth.. any member here who did some real research on the Syrian crisis knows that Assad is no more than a mafia leader and a mad killer. You’re no more than propaganda advocates when it comes to Syria ; reminds me of people who took their news on gaza from israeli soldiers who bombed it !

    1. I’ve never been a fan of Assad myself, and never understood how he ever got the white light to shine on him. Sadly a lot of the decent upstanding people are dead now, and the FSA is filled with some pretty cruel motherfuckers too. There is good or bad side anymore, just a swelling shit storm for all to revel in. I myself have a hard time keeping up with the truth anymore because even here, people try to mask it. Not like you can go see it for yourself without some cunt trying to dislodge your head.

    2. @arabic

      ***why do you believe that the Syrian government is good ? I swear they are as bad as ISIS & even worse.

      Assad is an asshole arabic. However, and just like Saddam Hussein, (another douchebag) he is OUR ASSHOLE!!

      …especially when oil is involved

      Why is it, that the United States is arming the Syrian Rebels, AND fighting ISIS within the Syrian borders at the same time? Do you really think, that the United States would give a rat’s fuck about Syria, if there wasn’t oil nearby?

      ***They even used Katyusha & Scud on cities, under the excuse of ?terrorists-take-human shields?, wasn?t this the same excuse Israel used to bombard the shit out of Gaza ?

      Yes it was arabic. However, it was the same excuse that the United States used, when our government murdered 3000 of our own on 911. You know, to protect us from the “boogie man” Osama Bin Laden?

      …do you see a pattern here arabic?

      ***any member here who did some real research on the Syrian crisis knows that Assad is no more than a mafia leader and a mad killer.

      …and so was Saddam Hussein

      But I have done a little research on this. There’s one thing that the United States does NOT, want to happen arabic. And just like Saddam Hussein with Iraq, they DON’T, want that area refusing to accept the U.S. dollar anymore. This would not be a concern at all to the United States, if the commodity wasn’t oil.

      I’m old enough to remember how the United States funded the Moha Jadeim, back in the late eighties against the Russians. Again, do you really think that the United States gave a rat’s ass about the Afghan people? Wars and proxy wars, is what the United States does best. And the people who don’t know their history, are bound to repeat it!!

      BTW: I’m just anxious as all fuck, to see some satellite photos of ISIS, getting ready to overthrow Israel…

      You see Arabic, and just like with Chavez in Venezuela, you don’t need a lot of people on stage, to create another proxy war for the United States. Just a few staged actors, and a lot of presstitutes from the Unites States and voila…


    3. @Arabic,

      You need to stop looking at the world wearing rose tinted spectacles because there are no good guys in charge of any country on this planet, they are all dictators and some are worse than others.

      Mostly everything you accuse the Syrian government of doing the Pakistani government have done before. Saudi Arabia’s government torture and kill their own people as well and yet they are both considered to be on our side and therefore allies.

      The only point that has real relevance in this current matter is that Syria stands in the way of Israel’s clean sweep through that region and onwards to Iran.

      If Syria falls Iran is next and all the natural resources such as the gas and oil fields will belong to Israel who will use them to isolate and undermine Russia on the energy front whilst limiting Russia’s economic/political strength.

      One world government is the end game here, total control of all resources and economic markets by the top level financial elite and all operated by Israel who, without any opposition left, will expand their own boarders right through the conquered lands killing and displacing all the current inhabitants of those lands in the process.

      My conclusion, I support the Assad side not because he is a lovely man with a wonderful personality and an award winning smile because I couldn’t care less, I support Assad because the alternative is far worse, I support Assad because I don’t want to see a one world government with a stranglehold on the entire world.

  4. I don’t even care anymore if those innocent kids and women get killed. You should see the shit that is going on in my country, in my city and even my street. These damn ‘refugees’ fucking shit up and acting like thugs everywhere. People that live in Belgium/Netherlands will undetstand this. Besides, those kids will be brainwashed anyway. The only thing people should believe in, is science and technology, not in those retarted fairytales created by humans.

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