Married Man Shot Dead in Caruaru

Married Man Shot Dead in Caruarul

23-year-old Geovanio Pereira Arruda was shot to death in an lot in the Cidade Jardim neighbourhood of Caruaru on Saturday, March 12th. Witnesses say a white car with three men rolled up to him, exchanged words and then opened fire. Geovanio ran from the men but was shot in the ass and neck. He fell and one of the men got out of the car and finished him off with a head shot. He is survived by his wife. Authorities do not yet know the circumstances of the shooting.

Looks like the two men on a motorcycle has evolved into three men in a car.

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  1. “Authorities do not yet know the circumstances of the shooting.” – Probably because of drugs as allways. Either that or he was just another of many ex-cons.

    Fun fact, this was just one of three homicides happening on that night. The other two were a Da Silva and a Dos Santos. 😛

        1. @little-foot Oh so that’s who did this! Well, he’s probably on his way back from Brazil then. If someone stole my clothes, I’d be out for blood too. You should check on him and make sure he’s alright. What a way to be reminded of somebody 😆 Ah man!

          1. Haha I would have the same reaction if someone ate my food. I miss him, I sent a message but no response. I’m gonna have to be Rose in Titanic again yelling his name every 5 seconds 😆

  2. Three men and a car seemed to be an upgrade, seems like Brazilian thugs are doing well economically.

    Too bad they shot him in the face. 🙁 He is honestly pretty cute.

  3. He must have given the wrong answer to the God question.

    You believe in God? No. BLAM, you’re dead.
    You believe in God? Yes. You believe in MY God? No, BLAM, you’re dead.
    R.I.P. George Carlin…and random Brazilian guy in a white shirt.

  4. One of the image has “Married” and now “dead “, Arruda happily wearing a tattoo “Getuza ” . The font size for “Getuza “is enormously big for a tattoo that it couldn’t have been missed even on a dark night or even by someone partially blind and so is his undies with a brand name
    huge enough and in our face.
    I think that brand in Brazil is the equivalent of calvin klein
    now what by dickens does “Getuza ” means ?

    Nightly hours has the Crowd as always looking cheery and in full attendance …………..
    Brazil ……….where people sleep ,shit ,talk , walk only guns hun.!

        1. Oh forget for now …ya know there is always a next time getting to know what’s what about ……………
          for now its just hun ……… a member of a warlike Asiatic nomadic who invaded and ravaged Europe in the 4th?5th centuries. but that’s not him , lol

  5. It is a veritable flip flop trifecta. I always said Australia was the scariest place on earth. I’ve changed my mind. I am never going to Flipflopistan. Ever. He was a good looking boy too, just a baby. Nobody deserves to be shot in the back and left to lie in the street like a piece of litter.

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