Martial Law in South Philippines, ISIS Launches Assault on Prison in Marawi

Martial Law in South Philippines, ISIS Launches Assault on Prison in Marawi

Last year, about a month after Rodrigo Duterte was elected president of the Philippines, Jewess Rita Katz ran a recruitment drive for ISIS in the Philippines on Twitter. Rita Katz, of course, is the Mossad agent who has been behind all ISIS videos. Every single high production value ISIS video you have seen on Best Gore or elsewhere was released by Mossad via Rita Katz. Apparently, ISIS can afford the pro grade filming an post production equipment, and hire million dollar film editors and special effects guys, but can’t afford a website, or any platform for the release of their videos, so they rely on Mossad to take care of it for them. Looks like it took Mossad a year to train their agents and prepare them for an offensive in the country.

Today, on Tuesday May 23, 2017, ISIS affiliated extremists laid siege to the city of Marawi in Lanao del Sur province, southern Philippines and launched an assault on the city’s prison, releasing the detainees held there. The militants also occupied city hall, main hospital, and police headquarters, and burned a Catholic church.

In response, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared the entire island of Mindanao under martial rule for 60 days.

Philippine troops then reportedly raided the hideout of a Muslim commander in Marawi, which lead to a gun fight. At least two soldiers and a police officer were killed during the shootout. The militants were reportedly aided by an allied group the Maute. The Maute group, as well as the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) have pledged allegiance to ISIS, which is, by extension, allegiance to Israel and the Jews. The Maute group just emerged out of nowhere. Kind of like ISIS that one day appeared out of nowhere with thousands of trained soldiers and millions in military equipment and tech.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the pics and videos:

Video of mujaheddin taking over the town of Marawi in the Philippines:

Video of firefight in Marawi filmed from an apartment building:

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102 thoughts on “Martial Law in South Philippines, ISIS Launches Assault on Prison in Marawi”

        1. I rather hear it in English than in Arabic.
          At least I can understand it. And it’s not that bad actually. What’s being said doesn’t hurt my ears.
          I know that any of the two videos of this post are not the production of professional people. And some of their videos with the highest resolution and with slow motion effects or editing can be done by anyone with an Android device platform 4.0. Or newer.
          Some free apps at the Google market are quite impressive and can turn any simpleton into a multi-million high grade professional video editor. Or at least make you look like one.
          Me personally the only SiSi’s video that have impressed me at all are the 1swing slow motion effects videos and the 2Turkish chained to the ground doused in gasoline and w remote control were set ablaze.
          Ohh and the Jordanian pilot inside a cage.
          99% of the quality of their videos are average.

    1. How many weeks before Trump sends in 5000 Marines to support the dictator and confessed murderer to join this fight??? I think maybe 3 weeks….then the body bags come back to the US…then “support the troops” on FauxNews.

    1. Every Isis bitch needs to find a toaster and put their tiny balls in it and turn it on.

      I’d like to see those punks running around with guns while having their balls roasted …. hahaha

      Yelling “God is not great”

      1. When any slanty eyed sand rat terrorist screams “allahu akbar” they’re not screaming “god is great”
        They are screaming “allah is great”

        @3/4 of a ft nails.
        Your comment should have ended like.
        ….Yelling “allah is not great”

    1. Gonna be a pretty obvious statement here, but these guys are merely sponsored. Their like a group of Hitman who have showcased their, erm, ‘ferociousness’ so to speak, and further get paid to invade, where and when they are needed. Oh! My country needs a little shaking up…. Isis! Over here! (Said the UK most recently, right on que, as its conveniently approaches election time lol)

  1. As i stated, & posted earlier today, Marshal-Law is coming soon to a Town Near You, as the evidence is overwhelmingly evident, and in your face. Military Helicopters Flying over my small Town in Eastern Ontario Canada has never happened before, but becoming a daily, & nightly occurrence. But just across the Border in the U.S. it is unbelievable to say the least, with FEMA-CAMPS & Plastic Coffins by the thousands. This one in the Philippines is just the very beginning of a soon to be Global Phenomenon.

    1. I’ve been sayin this for a few years, but who wants to believe a 22year old free thinker? Ahem, I mean..”crazy conspiracy theorist”

      And I for one, am not phased and extremely tired of Isis videos. They remind me of tantrumed toddlers. Though a lot more violent. I’m sure this will change when it affects me closer to home.

      1. Oh it will affect you brother, and you will fight those motherfuckers right along side of us i,m sure. Cause when the shit hit,s the fan, we will all dig-up our weapons and crates of ammo, and go totally Ape-Shit on these Mossad Gumby,s and then send them home to Mother in a cardboard box, they better Runnnnn. He,he!

    2. Surprisingly I haven’t heard of the camps and coffins in a while, everyone was talking about it while Obama was in office. They were seen in Texas and a few other states….and then it lost publicity.

      1. Yea, they are still there, and also thousands also in Puerto Rico. If you want to see updated stuff look at the Public posts that i put on at about 10AM this morning, as it is mostly only 1 week old. In one of them, this guy is asking a Sargent honest questions related to what is going-on, and he is very careful at what he answers, cause he knows that it,s all true!

        1. For the time being @thedre, be careful where youre at.
          On another note, wouldnt it be a riot if someone who visits this site joined ISIS because he thought that he would be fighting for Isreal AKA Palestine? Would they be able to charge him with aiding the enemy when he came home then?

    3. Why do you think the Philippines has any part in the western martial law plans? Isn’t their president is against the us government and it’s so called allies? It’s more like an Asian spring if you know what i mean considering president duterte comments a few months ago calling for the Americans to fuck off his country and mind their own business, And i think FEMA is preparing for a full scale war emergency declaration instead of a civil war maybe, who knows?

        1. “It’s getting a little scary guys.
          Reading this stuff about Fema camps.
          And the armed military convoys.
          Sounds like they’re getting prepared for war.
          Something I should be doing right now.
          Go load up on 556 ammo.
          Stock up on Nissin noodles and shit.
          And get in GUERILLA warfare mode.
          I’ll see y’all on the front lines laddies.”

          1. “I’m pretty sure that I won’t.
            I know that Jews are greedy.
            I’m sure Bernie wouldn’t have been.
            Him being a socialist and all.
            Socialism the Jonestown Massacre.”

        2. As i said, a few months ago duterte was angry at the us government since an aid agency called for a decision to stop giving aid packages to the Philippines because of human rights concerns like the link you provided, and duterte was making jokes of the us and threatening to kick their troops out of his country and what made his rage worse was an offer that Kerry gave him of a few millions and that where i left the Philippines news, but now things changed since Jewish filthhole eater trump made him a bigger offer i guess which proves that duterte don’t has to be a khazarian puppet but a greedy whore son of a bitch who provide his services for the highest bidder
          Come on mark use your smartness a little bit, or maybe i am the idiot here

          1. The last fits you, @blablobliblobla. You might never know why and what made Pres. Duterte did what he had done and said about “Big Brother” U.S.A. I assume you believe History Channel in every show they broadcast. Here is a fact, BEFORE “BB” U.S.A. would give any assistance to “Little Brother” Philippines (I personally hate saying that name), there’s ALWAYS a condition which outweight the favor by tons, if it’s proper to call it “favor”, more of like “Here, boy, I’ll give you a sweet little candy but first you must tell your big sister I wanna fuck her. If you get her to fuck with me, then you can have this sweet little candy, and maybe I’ll throw a used pencil with it.” This Pres. Duterte, which I disliked, is the ONLY president who, finally, said to “BB” U.S.A. “Enough!” What’s being taught in every country’s History subjects mostly differ from each other. Maybe you were taught that America fought the Spaniards to liberate Philippines? And there has never been a Fil-Am war?

          2. There are a couple of reasons why du30 made those comments on the past admin of US. One would be the unclear and uncertain support of US to the Philippines why? simply because of the issue regarding the dispute regarding certain territories which is well within the Philippine boundaries which is prescribed and accepted internationally. US ignored that dispute for years when China has not yet moved in and has created a 3000 acre man made island inside the 200 nautical mile EEZ of the Philippines. After it was made, and US was asked about his stance on the dispute and they answered and said that they don’t side with anyone, and that’s coming from the so called FRIEND/ALLY. You can’t blame it to Du30 for feeling unsure about US dedication regarding the alliance. US could have intervened ahead when China has not yet moved in yet, but then US weakness has been exploited repeatedly again and again by Russia when they can’t do anything about Crimea and Syria against Russia. Also if you can remember, Philippines won against China when they brought the issue to the ICJ but US remained distant and has not shown any support to the Philippines to implement the verdict.

            So what is the best option with all these incidents? It’s to make China think that Philippines is staying away from US (which is not) and choose a peaceful road which is to talk and make things work out between them. If this is not the best action then what is?

        3. I’m from the PH and I can say that everything here is controlled by the DU30 regime. Even the mainstream media here. They say in the news that the conflict in Marawi is caused by clan wars(which is kinda common in Muslim areas here) and not by ISIS. Everyone here is a DU30 cocksucker and I just wish that they won’t trace my IP cause the regime’s fanatics is known to knock on someone’s door and shoot them in the head if they say something bad about their glorious president. (my english sucks i know.)

  2. The Day those cocksuckers try to start burning churches in my town, I will install bobby traps galore all around them, and go retarded on each and everyone of them, once caught, and hanging upside down by their ankles in the area,s many tree,s, lol. Will you join me Brothers, & Sisters ???

    1. I will take my Jeep and run em over. As many as I can. That’s the least I can do. With as many guns and ammo in the back as I can fit. Or hey, maybe I’ll load up the trck with explosives? They can blow me up as long as I take a shitload of those fuckers out with me.

      1. But seriously, the church is not 100% with clean hands. They have been the root of almost ALL the bloodshed for the last 1000 years. The crusades would make ISIS, Hitler, Stalin look like the 3 stooges.
        If everyone truely believed as jesus taught them, God wouldnt need a church, your body should be your temple.

        1. @PIGgray although you do have a valid point, The Jews slaughtered more than 50 Million Christians during the Bolshevik Revolution during Lenon,s term. Him, and Trotsky then ordered the killings of 70 to 100 thousand more during the Katyn Forest Masacre. The JEWS have been the biggest mass murderers of all time. And while they built a road to Siberia, it was later called the Road Of Bones, because so many Christians, & other prisoners of war were worked to death, and buried where they landed with gravel, & dirt, as they were then ran over with Steam Rollers but with (no steam), just rollers, lol. They say that as many as 5000 Christian Souls are buried under this long road to Siberia. DIRTY JEW BASTARDS!

          1. Yeah…and how did the Jews get hundreds of millions of guns and Ammo during those times???? Hitler was not a Jew, Stalin was not a Jew….Mussolini was not a Jew…Franco was not a Jew…add up all the killings they would exceed 150,000,000….including the military staff Stalin of the army that Stalin killed….Perhaps you were sick when this was taught at school.

          1. @svarg26 Although i agree with the facts that all religions, and their Churches are money grabbing and crooked as fuck organization, and i do not attend them, unless for a wedding, or funeral. I do, on the other hand believe in GOD, and will always, no matter what anybody says,,, but to burn down our Churches just because it is a Catholic one sends a chilling, & direct message to us, all that they want all of our people DEAD, and nothing more. My Grandmother, & Grandfather went to Church every Sunday, and gave some of their precious time, as I sometimes also do, at The Ottawa Mission. We prep, cook, and serve free wholesome, and freshly-made meals to the less fortunate, while offering free advice on housing, needle exchange programs, and other crucial government funded programs that are available to them
            free of charge. Or sometimes when we are done serving, I will grab a plate and sit
            with someone that looks down, & lonely, and just plain chat, & joke with them. And when i see a faint smile, or an all out laugh, it makes my day, and makes my life worthwhile. People tend to forget that these “SHEEPLE” that attend our Catholic Churches, do a lot of great things for the Downtrodden, & the Mentally ill and all without ever asking for anything in return, as a warm smile, and a full stomach suffices. They do a lot more for our Society’s Poor & Unwanted Souls, than any of the selfish, and opinionated People that constantly criticize them would, that’s for sure.

          2. @thedre
            Why do you believe in god? I mean, what makes you think there’s a god and what is god for you, like, do you think that god is an individual spirit or a more like a sort of an abstract concept?

          3. @thedre if churches stopped helping the poor. the poor would grow to numbers that can start a revolution. teaching someone how to be a decent human being is the only charity worth shit. people can take it or leave it. most people leave it, then end up living on the street getting free food from tax exempt corporations and that’s really sad, because hungry people normally go ape shit and hang politicians from trees. most people don’t know how to interpret gods word. that’s because they listen to faggots. my church is just me and god. straight to the source. zero filter.
            i like people that are not afraid to say that they are a christian. we are few and far between these days. good work, dude. they will put people like us in the fema concentration camps first. or at least try to. lol.

        2. There’s thousands of churches and they’re all unclean. “THE” Church, yes, if doing shit is its business, is not 100% with clean hands. That’s what they really do, shit all the time. “Christians”, I AM NOT ONE, is just a drop in the ocean compare to ALL the others. Do you agree if there’s REALLY 31% of Christians in the world, would this world be what it is now?

          1. By the way, I do believe in God. But, really, I’m not a Christian. Being a Christian is hard. “Love your enemy”, do not look at a woman lustfully, among other rules of Christ. Rules of Moses are way, way easier: love your friend and hate your enemy.

      2. @Brokeback I knew that i could count on you brother, and i will supply you with some awesome firepower my man, you can bank on it. The the kick on some of them might break your back, though lol. It,s ok, as i will start you off with a 22 semi-auto with 22 long rifle mushroom tip rounds, and 4-10 round clips, sporting a Bushnell scope set at 200 yrds. This rifle shoots incredibly well, bud. After this, i will upgrade, & train you with my Remington 30-06 Bolt Action, also sporting a Bushnell Scope, & a UTG Tactical Bipod. (great Sniper Rifle bro). And then, up to the Russian SKS 7.6 mm x 39 Semi-Auto an incredibly accurate, & Fast loading “quick strip” magazine, my favorite. Come down to Ottawa, some time this Summer, and we will have a blast,,, literally dude. 🙂

        1. What??? no reply @Broke. We go on the quebec side, and shoot some targets, it is indeed, lots of fun, and my weapons are all legal, and i have my f.a.c. so all is good brother. There is nothing wrong with learning how to shoot a weapon, as if the shit hits the fan, you can go to the hills, and shoot some deer, partridge, and lotsa wabbits too, lol. You would not starve with a hunting rifle.

          1. @dre, just saw your reply. That sounds great. I have a sister who lives in Carleton Place which is sorta up that way so perhaps I can plan a double visit.

        2. Count me in chummy. Moué pis mes chums (Smith, Wesson, Sauer et Remington) on est prêts. Chu collé sua 50, I’ll back you up soon enough!

          On va hunter l’deer en Abitibie, peut’être mêm taquiner ‘a truite! Eeeez

    2. @haydolf_hittler said it numerous times when it does the guy Mohammad u know since ur kids. Will turn on you. All races and religions will be going toe to toe. We are gonna have to set up a bestgore safe zone. Ha. I’m setting up camp in Brazil. I need all the Brazilian prisoners. no training needed w those animals.

    3. No, I won’t join you….your “brothers” have a long history of burning churches in every southern state over the last 70 years as well as mass murder Dylann Roof Found Guilty on All 33 Federal Charges in Charleston Church Shooting That Left 9 Black Parishoners Dead.
      Perhaps you might visit him in Prison….he is one of your “brothers”

  3. “The Maute group just emerged out of nowhere. Kind of like ISIS that one day”

    That made me laugh. Lol great post 🙂 thanks for informing. I do not watch television nor surf the web anymore. I like that BG always keeps me updated in one way or another.

  4. When people say this world is getting​ crazier well that’s how it’s designed. It’s kill or be killed and everything is a battle either for food territory pussy we are no different from a pride of lions in the jungle except we have Language and technology.

  5. In my 10 years of military service, I spent a little time at Subic Bay- The Philippines wants us, they don’t want us….they want us…they don’t want us….they want us.
    We have a military presence in over 11o countries. IF I were el presidentay- I would remove that presence post haste….and that includes leaving the UN effective immediately.
    My parting message would be “It’s be real, and it’s been fun…but it hasn’t been real fun. We’ll be back, but right now we have affairs at home that need attention. So until we return…if you need help…see China,”

    My United States has become a nation of hypocrites… We, as a collective whole, no longer are honest in our intentions, nor noble in our deeds. It’s time to fix that.

    I liken these countries, these people, these religions, as a great big wasp nest. You KNOW whom they are, you KNOW what they are capable of, You KNOW the consequences….You DO NOT go and poke a wasp nest…you leave it be, and let them do their thing…. IF they become a pestilence, you do not poke them with a stick….You get the BIGGEST fucking can of Wasp and Hornet Killer you can find…and annihilate them.

    There is one individual, from my own area here in Texas- that helped start this bullshit- He loved the Mujahadeen…He wanted to help them beat the Russians, to help them restore their way of life back at the Afghanistan…. Through subversion, back room dealings, OUR tax money…He helped build their camps, feed them, cloth them, train them, and arm them….it’s a lonnng complicated story…. That individual???? Charlie Wilson, former 12-term Democratic United States Representative from Texas’s 2nd congressional district.

    I am the first to say “You march to the beat of your drum, and I will march to mine. You are entitled to your beliefs, your ideals, your morals, and your opinions….BUT, IF you chose to subvert mine own ways, harm me, force me to subscribe to your ways…YOU will never see me coming.”

    I like to think that my time in the military was NOT a farce, a diversion, nor a waste…I like to think that my time was spent protecting, and defending the Constitution of The United States. However…When I swore in to the service….there was NOTHING in there that said I would travel to foreign countries, see exotic places, meet exotic people…and kill them….all the while I was protecting and defending the Constitution.
    Last time I checked…NO country, other than the United States, upheld, not honored, nor abided by the United States Constitution, as it only applied to United States Citizens, ON United States Soil….
    Those goat fuckers are fighting over shit that can be read about in the bible….it will NEVER stop.

    1. Wow…for a change…an intelligent post…but I must tell you I have a photo of Ronald Reagan in the White House meeting with the Mujahadeen….as long as they were anti-soviet …he loved them. We see playing out in N. Korea a reaction to American military. Since the the fighting stopped between the N and S. Korea…N.Korea has never sent troops to any nation…the USA however has invaded Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Africa…all to bring “Peace” to the world….no nation has more out of nation military bases in the world that the US….borrowing billions from China to finance the US military.

  6. So in the video, the song is, God’s word is the greatest and we will bring it back. So my thought is, “where is God when all this shitholes are killing each other in His fucking name? “

  7. SweetSilly little gooks believing in a god that doesn’t exist but then I suppose Allah is sat up there on a cloud , Jesus and Ishnu are his next door neighbours. The only god we really have is the sun strange idolising a giant nuclear reactor peace of space. But if it wasn’t for its gravity we wouldn’t exist so thank you sun. Silly humans with are silly books written before modern science.

  8. The incident at the southern part of the Philippine wont go out of hand because those so called ISIS is not ISIS but a terrorist group who wanted ISIS to recognize them so they will get funded. Also these monkeys wont be able to spread their idiocy through out the country and will remain at that location and hide into the forest. They can’t go to the northern part of the country because they will be erased from the face of the earth if they do so coz they wont be able to hide there since only that southern part are muslim infested. They can’t blend with people at the northern part of the Philippines because majority are Christians and doesnt have that goat trend facial hair among muslims.

  9. Long Time Viewer(years), First time commenter.

    Why do you think the Jews control everything…? Including Muslim factions like ISIS?

    Not trying to troll you, I’m serious when I ask that… Just wanna know why you believe that cause I’ve seen you post stuff like this so many times and always wondered.

    Looking forward to your response.

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