Mass Graves Containing Hundreds of Palestinians Massacred by Jews in 1948

Mass Graves Containing Hundreds of Palestinians Massacred by Jews in 1948

Israel – an illegitimate country built and sustained on blood. Even the blindest of the blind should be able to understand the blood thirsty nature of the Israeli thugs who perpetrate genocides to this day, but it’s not happening. How much more proof do the sheeple need that the Jews are not the victims, but the violent and destructive aggressors? Hundreds of millions of innocent people have been killed by the Jews since the October Revolution of 1917 and they’re not stopping. They’re not even slowing down.

This is hot news, only published today – six mass graves containing the remains of about 600 Palestinians mass executed by the Jews in 1948 were discovered when ground of a cemetery in the Jaffa district of Tel Aviv subsided as builders carried out renovation work. In 1948 Jaffa was a Palestinian town but when murderous Jews swept across their lands, they massacred everyone in their path and dumped them in mass graves like the savages that they are.

Researcher and historian Mahmoud Obeid of Jaffa told As-Safri newspaper that:

The remains belong to people of different ages, including women, children and the elderly, some of which bear signs of violence.

According to Jewish sources (Jewkipedia and other bullshit spreading sites), around 760,000 Palestinians were forcefully displaced during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Since Jews are notorious for fabricating and heavily exaggerating the victim count from among their own, you can count on it that numbers of those mass murdered and displaced by the Jews are heavily underreported.

But obviously, these mass graves were planted there by the evil Palestinians. The “peace loving” Israelis would never do any such think, would they?

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36 thoughts on “Mass Graves Containing Hundreds of Palestinians Massacred by Jews in 1948”

  1. At that time Jaffa was a Palestinian town, but there was a forced exodus and mass murder of most of its Arab population .

    Now when palestinians try to defend themselves and get back their land, Isrealis start crying out and nagging about a “terrorist agression” and of course , that retarded kenyan nigger Obama will add “Israel has the right to defend itself”

    1. And going on about the holocaust as well,i remember reading the excess’s committed by the “peaceful jews” on the palistinian people,man,woman with child….including children who very young….the ruthless bastart yids caused untold death and descruction,in some of the most bestial of ways possible…..for an “understanding people” who have “suffered much” one would think they could sysmpethise a little with the palestinians right?????……..wrong,i read they cut up pregnent women with bayonets,dashed babies against wall and similar obscene behaviour… mercy shown,well they sowed the wind,whatch them oi vey when things go wrong for the disgusting yids.gggrrrrrrrrr.

  2. I?ll provide you some numbers, just for the comprehension of mortality rate that the Apartheid state of Israhell caused in the countries which it has violated from 1950 till 2005:

    Egypt 19.818m/74.878m = 26.5%
    Jordan 0.630m/5.750m = 11.0%
    Lebanon 0.535m/3.761m = 14.2%
    Occupied Palestinian Territories 0.677m/3.815m = 17.7%
    Syria 2.198m/18.650m = 11.8%
    Israel 0.095m/6.685m =1.4%
    total 23.858m/106.854 = 22.3%

    Hell yea, what a nice bodycount!

  3. I hate jews and their fake nation. Perhaps the Syrians will kill a bunch of them with the Russian missiles they supposedly got last week.
    It would be a dream come true if israel were to be eliminated and a shitload of jews die.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  4. Wonder how many more mass graves are yet to be discovered?

    I remember seeing the Palastinian homes being leveled and all the contents destroyed or reports of people going to work and come home to a kosherized house with jewz who had decided to move in and the rightful owners could do nothing.

    1. Isreali policy is to kill anyone who gets in the way.

      I do think the holocost happened.

      I am an American … not a scumbag and not a NAZI but my Mom and Grandmother lived in Germany with General Kraus and his family. They graciously offered free lodging, food… put my Mom in school and got my Grandmother a job making gas masks.

      Enjoy your time in Syria.

  5. As a Canadian who’s not native, I feel incredibly discriminated. For me going into the wilderness to spend an extended period of time there is an incredibly difficult or impossible process, whereas for a native guy there would be no problem. Trust me, the privileges natives enjoy of which I couldn’t even dream are immeasurable. My predecessors lived in Europe until mid 20th century. None of them had anything to do with what was happening in North America centuries ago. What I can tell you for sure, though is that natives in the Palestine are being massacred on a daily basis to this day. Not only does this not happen to natives in Canada, the opposite is actually true – more non natives are killed by the natives than vice versa. Natives are not treated as protected species with privileges unavailable to non natives.

    That being said – I’m a big proponent of returning all lands to their original inhabitants – Palestine to Palestinians, Europe to Whites, Africa to Blacks, Asia to remain for Asians and America for Indians. In my mind, this would be the ideal solution.

  6. I read about this on Russia today this morning and I’m glad that I’ve found it here as well.
    This is what Israel is, an illegal occupation built upon the foundations of Zionist terrorism which still determine how Israel functions today.
    Death to Zion

  7. @BinaryGhost -glad you said that. I’ve always wanted to go see America, but what stopped me was the anticipation of guilt ; knowing i’d be a consumer in a country which was built on the blood of the natives. The natives had a beautiful culture but they were ruthlessly killed off en masse by the invaders. How can that be forgotten ? Maybe because all that could be robbed from them has already been robbed, they’ve been put into submission long ago. Still it’s an unspeakable tragedy what the westerners have done to the original inhabitants of A, Oz and NZ.
    (I’m from Europe, yes ‘we’ have been colonizing other countries in the past, so the sickness of greed has made Europeans do atrocious things as well.)

    Then there is Israel which gets the attention of the whole world, but meanwhile there is the genocide in Tibet going on that no one seems to care about. How come? Why is no country helping Tibet, while the Chinese are systematically destroying the culture and killing the natives?
    I wish something would be done to protect what’s left of Tibet instead of pumping all that money into the Middle-East!

    1. Guilt? Piffle!

      I am first generation American. My family had nothing to do with slavery or the plight of the native Americans. I have zero guilt.

      That others did bad things? Yes that was not good for our American history but as they say in court … I have clean hands.

    2. The Natives in america where killing each other off well before the europeans started too.

      Hell the Hopi and the Navajo still hate each other and now do gang land style violence instead of bow and arrow. They have hated each other for around 1000 years

  8. Fucking disgusting jews. I hope i’ll see that murderous and filthy nation called Israel leveled down into dust. For so many decades the dirty jews have manipulated information, made themselves the victims of the world, the poor little jews who were gassed by those evil nazis… cocksucking motherfuckers! I feel angry that up until 4, 5 years ago i believe all their bullshit! But not any fucking more.

  9. If the bible is true, and also according to the torrah and koran, they, the Jewa and Palestenians, are descendants of Abraham. They inhabited the same land area and warred for a couple millennia and continue to do so. I don’t like either. They both belive in books that condone the same things, ie war, slavery(which includes selling your child into slavery), stoning disobedient children (well i know the bible and torrah say this) and are both very contradictive of their own self. Let them war it out. The Palestinians are not exactly angels.

  10. its more complicated then that, The original European settlers paid the natives for the land,
    People will falsely claim that the natives didnt understand the concept of ownership.
    They didnt get why a individual would want to own land compared to how they viewed it which was a nation.
    This is true for at least the tribes here in CT NY MA NH RI. The original colonist had tribal nations who where allies and enemies, we went to with against other tribes to support the ones that where our allies. The told us Europeans pelts and other objects while we sold them weapons and tools.

    Even in canda with the 7 year war the various tribal nations picked sides.
    The US actions in the west during the mid to late 1800s was pathetic and outright genocidal. Yet dont think for a second the US was able to steam roll over these people it was true war and both sides suffered serious losses and the natives won many battles. They just lacked numbers to win the war If i could go back in time and stop it i am sure most people would, Yet the shit that is going on in the middle east is real and happening NOW not 150 years ago

  11. Woe to Israel does not have its it’s only just a name many people killed and the sole supporter of Israel is America mentions of the Balfour Declaration did not read all of Palestine is not entitled to talk about Palestine occupied country 60 years ago by the Jews damned …

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