Mass Grave of LRC Army Victims Discovered in Ambazonia, Cameroon

Mass Grave of LRC Army Victims Discovered in Ambazonia, Cameroon

Mass Grave of LRC Army Victims Discovered in Ambazonia, Cameroon

The grave situation in Ambazonia doesn’t need any special explanation, as BG member @african-angel described it to us very well in our previous video from Cameroon.

@african-angel provides backinfo for this video as well:

Zionists funded Military the LRC Army i.e. Cameroonian Army continues terrorizing the Ambazonians. A massive grave was discovered and bodies of mostly children being exhumed. From the look, the bodies are not even stiff and this suggests that they were killed not more than few hours ago.

The mass grave definitely looks fresh to me too. Indeed a lot of children in there. Sad sight, but it’s not the first nor the last time Jews and/or their puppets committed massacres.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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157 thoughts on “Mass Grave of LRC Army Victims Discovered in Ambazonia, Cameroon”

      1. I agree. Can’t see any lividity either .
        I would hazard this army came in and simply found a freshly covered- up mass grave ie just took the town ,drove on in and saw the freshly- turned soil.

        It seems to me the killers just murdered them before evacuating the area. Sore losers for maybe getting the worst in the battle and having to run for their lives.

        It takes a special kind of cunt that murders innocent women and children.

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      3. Rigor mortis

        (Pathology) pathol the stiffness of joints and muscular rigidity of a dead body, caused by depletion of ATP in the tissues. It begins two to four hours after death and lasts up to about four days, after which the muscles and joints relax.

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      5. I believe they have been there for atleast 4 days because they do not look fresh. The woman they dug up is at the bloated stage and that doesnt happen in the first hours also the stiffness goes away after some days. I feel like they are passed the rigor stage and in decomposition.

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          1. Before you say “racist,” remember that the Nazis were extremely anti-Semitic. Their focus was the Jews among killing blacks or Jews were the Jews to be killed first with full Nazi government priority.

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      1. @baharun1982
        Isn’t it interesting how, through the years, 4 million turned to 6 million deaths in the camps.

        I guess they’re still dropping from a 9-11 type illness.

        ‘Oh, yeah- he’s got that Concentration Camp Cough!’ : /

        1. he didn’t use the wrong means he just didn’t go far enough. Annihalation must be total. Stalin killed 10’s of millions more and the turks practically wiped oyt the armenians. You won’t hear much from a total genocided group thus proving that Hotler did not holocaust anyone, if he had they wouldn’t have survived to tell the tale
          Looking for confirmation here @hopingfornemesis

          1. Very true Mr Vile. There are precious few Armenians or Greeks left in their Motherland of Asia Minor or what we now call Turkey. There are many many Jews still left alive in most of Europe to this day so the proof is in the pudding.

            People do not know or forget that the Middle East and Turkey -as we know them now – are an occupied area of where Moslems invaded and took over Christian Lands and are still there. Now the Muzzies have killed off all the Christians of Iraq and Syria ,since Natoist Misadventure leaving nothing but Muzzies. What do you think the Crusades was all about? You all didn’t believe that bullshit about Crusaders going there to kill the poor defenceless Mohammedan did you? Of course not! They were there to kick out the invader! They were unsuccessful and are to this day. So learn from the countries that were successful ; Spain ,Greece ,Yugoslavia ,Hungary ,Bulgaria ,Romania etc These will be the Crusading States to free Western Europe when the time comes ,if there are any live men left . The Greeks and the Serbs are both the most recent and traditional Christian vanguard against the Moslem hordes .They have the most experience and real life know -how from the Cyprus War of 1974 and the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990 . Remember the “Remove Kebab” song?

            Ironically ,about the only place Hitler was successful in killing Jews was in Greece where almost ninety nine percent of Jews were rounded up and exterminated . He was less successful in Bulgaria ,Italy and even in Hungary -until the very end -because even though they were his allies they did not allow him to cart off their own Jews . So many escaped.

            It has been proven that Zionists to this day will move heaven and Earth to deny others legitimate victim status. They do want to be known as The only victims of a Holocaust. Leaked documents and interviews prove it. Ironically ,a Jew coined the terms genocide for the mass murder of all the Christians in the Middle East by the Mohammedans !

            End of today’s history lesson for BG.

          2. Excellent review. Genocide works. It would be one for the forums but as there is no access for most of us the forums have spilled out into the comments section. As i foretold.

    1. This is sad shit. I built my values on a good old fashioned (it seems) Mafia type code – no innocent women and definitely no kids. Who could fire auto weapons at a wall of women and kids? That’s really fucked up. It’s us men that is responsible for all the kaos around us and we all knew the risks when we got involved, while the weaker ones usually have no choice and kids are just straight up innocent…….

      On a side note, that is beautiful red fertile volcanic soil. Why isn’t their country covered in sugar cane like mine? We use it to make Bundy Rum (oh yeah baby)…….

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  2. Remember everyone, the Holocaust did not happen and every last word that comes out of a jew’s mouth is always a lie! There has been no evidence found of any gas chambers because apparently they were demolished to hide the service to humanity. That’s why we need a real holocaust and rid the world of these disgusting jew fuckers once and for all. All races, all religions, have to unite against them!

    1. You may be interested to know (if you don’t already know) that some Jews believe their soul is superior to that of the gentiles. Here are a couple of quotations from an 18th century work by Moshe Chaim Luzzato, although the idea is much older:

      “He (God) granted them (the gentiles) a Divine Soul somewhat like that of the Jew, even though it is on a much lower level.”
      “In the world to come there will be no nation other than Israel. The souls of righteous gentiles will be allowed to exist in the future world, but only as an addition and attachment to Israel. They will therefore be secondary to the Jew, just as a garment is secondary to the one who wears it.”

      The belief is expressed more forcefully elsewhere – in The Tanya, a work of Hasidic Judaism – but I can’t find it at the moment. To be fair, I don’t think many mainstream Jews believe that nowadays. It’s mainly to be found among Hasidic/Haredi Jews.

    2. Regarding The Tanya (see my post, above), I believe it states that we gentiles have an Animal Soul, which all living things have, including Jews. However, we completely lack the Divine Soul, which only Jews have.
      The Tanya (published in 1797) was written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad school of Hasidic Judaism. It is still a highly regarded work among Chabad Jews.

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          3. @illegalsmile55
            No I had a little run in with the boys in blue, and they claimed I was drinking while driving…just waiting for opening now. It will be a nice break, but no access to BG. Fuck! In the infamous words of my Jewish side piece Amy Winehouse, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no,no,no.”

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