Mass Shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

A gunmen opened fire at a Sikh temple on S. Howell Avenue in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, USA killing at least 6 people on Sunday, August 5, 2012. In a shootout with the police, the gunmen was eventually killed bringing the death toll to 7 thus far. The officer who took the shooter down was wounded but is expected to survive. I wonder whether he’ll claim to have taken a shot after taking a dive to shield his girlfriend. It seems to be a popular trend these days.

The story is still developing. No graphic images leaked as of yet. I will update as soon as there is something. BTW, did the shooter confuse Sihkism with Islam?

It sure is a good thing they have the right to bear arms in the USA. It would make for a boring life if people couldn’t just go randomly nuts and have a good old fashioned wild west shoot out every few weeks. Let everyone have guns cause we all know that all people are sane and never flip. Nearly 700,000 youths aged 10 to 24 are treated in emergency departments each year for injuries sustained due to violence-related assaults in the USA. 50,000 people die in violent attacks each year in the United States, 48.4% of them are committed using firearms.

Gallery of a few photos which are currently available:

Photo credit: Jeffrey Phelps, Associated Press

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92 thoughts on “Mass Shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin”

  1. Very sad.

    I hold a particular affinity with Sikhs. They are respectable, hold good ethics and make excellent soldiers.

    Their skill and ferocity in battle made them legends in the old British Empire… Where they served with loyalty.

    Pity the fucker that did this didnt go to a Mosque…

    So I reckon it was a Muslim that did it.

    1. For some reason i believe it was a red neck behind this not knowing it was a Sikh mosque. Ive ran into a couple of ignorant racist idiots driving threw alabama before, wouldn’t suprise me at all. But then again you know how peaceful those muslims are!!

      1. India wasn’t a unitary state until we stepped in and sorted the rascals out.

        It was a group of constantly warring fiefdoms and empires (namely the Maratha) that were going nowhere fast.

        It was we Brits that introduced Parliamentary Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Modern Agricultural and Healthcare practices and the Rule of Christian Law into India.

        Before we came along… Indians had a certain infanticidal practices that were abhorrent to a Christian’s eyes.

        The Sikhs were serving themselves as well as us.

        @Packabowl… You might be right. Chances are it is another Sikh though!

          1. He just has a shaved head lol It’s plausible that since the target was a non-white, non-Christian group that he was part of AB or was a Neo-Nazi or Skinhead etc. But just a picture of a guy with a shaved head doesn’t really tell us a whole lot.

    2. Tom: I don’t know much about their history with military service, but having read a couple of books based around Indian culture (Salman Rushdie), I have to agree with your sentiments here. It’s another sad, shitty shooting that shouldn’t have happened.

    3. yup, thank God we do have the right to bear arms. If not, only more whackos would come out of the wood work. Its the fear of maybe confronting an armed citizen that keeps these incidents lower than they could be. Thank God I dont live in Mexico or the Mid East. At least here, they dont cut your fucking heads off for thinking a little different than someone else. God Bless the USA and our Bill of Rights that includes the 2nd ammendment!

    4. Totally agree, Sikhs are very respectfull and don’t bother anyone. If you try to fuck with them and give them no way out though, they will mess you up.
      After the London bombings with all the paranoia around muslims going on some Sikhs were wearing badges saying
      ‘Don’t freak, I’m a Sikh’.

      1. In fact… Sikhism is possibly the only Non-Christian religion that I admire and respect.

        I am indifferent towards Hindus.

        I don’t think I need to go into detail with my opinions towards Jews and Muslims.

  2. Oh God… Now Obama has to say some shit about grieving for their family and how its a tragedy and now we need to confiscate the guns yadayada, and more conspiracy theory. CALLED IT.

    1. yeah, turks do. Or did, it kinda went out of fashion in civilized parts of turkey, but you can still see guys wearing turk-style turbans in turkic populated ex URSS republics like turkmenistan, uzbekistan, and everything ending in stan.

  3. What kind of person goes and shoots up a temple? Good thing he got killed in the shootout though, wouldn’t want another prolonged trial just to hear his lawyer say he was insane or something. Two mass shootings in one month and both in places where you wouldn’t expect someone to go in and carry a gun, maybe it’s time I listen to the call of the wild and hole up in some shack in the mountains.

  4. a redneck probably mistaken them for akburs, jews or something.

    PD: people go on killing sprees in countries with gun restriction laws too, just as people keep getting high in countries with drug restrictions. And they keep getting drunk as fuck in US states with ridiculous ABC state owned and regulated liquor store chains, like the one were im right now. So far, that’s the most ridiculous thing I saw in USA, and you just can’t help laughing your balls off when you find out that WALLMART sells shotguns, but not a godamm bottle of jack daniels….what bthe actual fucking fuck?

    1. Ha ha ha, sorry Tulio I had to laugh at your rant about state owned liquor stores and Wallyworld selling shotguns but no liquor.
      Hate to ask you this but; are you having fun yet in Virginia, USA……LAMO!!

      Oh God, Tulio you crack me up sometimes.

    2. yes, actually, my rant is more theoretical than practical, as the ABC liquor store I visited last week was actually far better equipped than any banana republic supermarket or winery store, with the booze being cheaper, better and most importantly, BIGGER (in BR it is extremely rare to find a liquor bottle bigger than 750ml, sometimes you can get lucky and find a 1liter Johnny Walker Red, for example).
      So it left me thinking what the fucking fuck is the objective of all this ridiculous URSS-like system, since you can still buy more booze, cheaper and better than in un-regulated countries…
      There were so much bourbon varieties to choose I almost fainted…ended buying a single Jim Beam Rye bourbon bottle (unheard of in BR), because I feared that buying more than one bottle would be “suspicious” to the authorities or something, haha, as people exited the liquor store looking like if they were exiting a gay brothel or after confessing 500 mortal sins to a priest or something….

      1. Well Tulio, I wouldn’t know much about BR liquor stores so I’ll have to take your word for it. I do know about German ones though since I’ve been there many times and you can get sizes larger than 750ml over there.
        I have never felt that way about leaving a liquor store. I go in, buy what I want and leave. Quite simple but rare for me to do so anyhow; I don’t drink but on rare occasions. I do remember back in 2004 buying 15 bottles of 1.5l Canadian Mist though but the store owner didn’t say anything since I had this fuck you look on my face as I was one hell of a pissed that day. Not going into details so don’t ask.

        Like I said you crack me up sometimes Tulio with your rants.

  5. Just once, I would like for one of these shooters to make the Nick Swardson joke a reality! Right before they start the shooting spree, the shooter yells out “OMFG! Who farted?!?!” And any survivors would be completely confused for the rest of their lives and would be like “Omg… what did they guy say before he shot everyone? “Who farted??” Omg.. Hey, who farted?!”

  6. Probably a copycat shooting from what happened a week ago, just different location and different population, but same idea. I dunno about the right to bear arms, just seems to me that all people want to to these days is go around shooting at others with those arms that they bear.

    1. Good observation there @gunkgirl. Yes, that’s usually what happens but not always.

      I think what happens is that you have nuts that are just waiting to go off. Kinda like a time bomb. The trigger is the media over sensationalizing a previous massacre only to have another one pop up weeks to months later. Nut case see how much attention the last massacre got so now he wants his 15 minutes of fame too.

        1. Tons of shit happens in Wisconsin, you just never hear about it.

          Just a few weeks ago in my small ass town of 4000, some dude shot his girl friend and then himself in the front lawn. She lived.

          Oh, and cheese happens all the time. Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Provolone, cheddar, and that nasty ass Swiss….fuckin barf. I also think we wear the cheddar on our heads. The Packers are the only football team in the U.S owned by the people. And the state was started by fur traders (not lesbians).

          1. @ThaDRIP

            I guess a guy committing a murder suicide in a small town would be big news.. but that type of shit happens daily where I live!

            Ohh.. Lots of cheese… I like cheese..

            FUR TRADE!? Fuck your state.. I hope it burns to the ground :/ .. Just kidding.. but seriously, fuck wearing fur.

            @misfit5591354424424 – Jackie and Kelso best step up and help those victims then.

    1. @kels the 70’s show thats what’s happend O_o the 1% are fed up and they are finally sticking it to the 99%. 2012 eh.. 🙂 And once againg the united states has pissed off and shocked the whole world take that Canada god bless America!!

  7. *scratching head*

    WTF… okay…. temple…. I get it….

    but why still…. are we waiting for police…. CCL??

    *full open carry, buying Hi-Point for general carry*
    *leaves Colt at home with lady*

    Also, speaking of my lady….. Just got the shit bit out of me by my 6 foot Boa because my girl decided to panic and dump her into my hand. No majority body support + screaming girl = Snappy snake.
    -never handled a snake? think horses…. your scared, they know, they get insecure and scared

    1. I know what you mean dude. I had a ball python it was the most docile little girl never bit anyone its entire life. (Though I never mis-handled her or let anyone who didn’t have the right mindset get a hold of her). Anyone who gets bitten just makes me laugh and ask “What did you do wrong?”

      1. first time she ever bit me… first time in years i’ve even been bitten…

        simply trying to keep her contained on couch with 1 hand full of paper towel and poop, because the volunteer failed and panic’d, nice solid bite to bicep… forgot how much snake bites fuckin hurt lol

  8. This fucking sucks. One of the nicest people I ever met was sikh, the kid was pretty much the most sane person ever. So calm and just down to fucking earth and you just get these good vibrations from the guy. I have a feeling its a case of mistaken identity because some backwoods Alabama redneck thinks this what Muslims look like. From what I understand sikhism is much like hinduism and buddhism.

  9. India’s current prime minister is a Sikh. Sikhism originated in the Indian region but has completely different philosophy as compared with Hindusim, Buddhism or Jainism. Back in the old days, they were seen as the warrior class and hence they made the best soldiers for the British. Most Sikhs that live outside India are not actually recent immigrants but the children of the soldiers that fought for the British.
    They are extremely proud of their “Warrior Class” identity and will fight if cornered, and if something like this happened in a third world country like India, man it’d be 1984 again. They basically assassinated the then Prime Minister of India (Indira Gandhi) and also made her son “Rajiv Gandhi” apologize for hurting the Sikhs. So yeah. In India they are some of the most egoistic and religiously intolerant people I know. Idk about Sikhs in the west. They will retaliate either in the Gandhian way or in their old ways.

  10. tragic , to say the least . This is now getting way out of hand and their lax gun law government does not have a fuckin clue what to do about it. I truly feel for our american friends . for most of them are decent , family oriented , law abiding citizens . But because of a few mentally challenged individuals it screws it up for all the hunters , and responsible gun owners alike. people at large have to stop condemning americans as gun happy , fuckin yaaaa whooooo hillbillies. I myself live about one hour from the U.S. border and travel there often. The united states of america is a beautiful country with amazing people and sites to see. One thing i noticed while crossing this country is how proud the americans are , flags on almost every front porch ,store fronts & in front yards on long flagposts. Our travels included the state of florida. Stayed in a condo for a month in good ol port charlotte ,very safe and clean between fort myers and st petes clearwater. Never ,ever did our family feel unwanted or unsafe during our stay . on the contrary ,the residents were helpful with directions to disney, area beaches and fine dining. The evening before we left ,the condominium residents organized a huge outdoor b.b.q. for us ,great food ,drinks and of course ,good old american chatter. had a wonderful time and met some great ,fun loving people. no ass kissing,just the truth…

  11. From what I’ve read – it was a White guy with a 9/11 tattoo. A dumb-ass who should have went to Wiki, found out the difference between Sikhs + Muslims, and saved all that expensive ammo for a mosque. Crimes against Sikhs have gone way up since 9/11. Some retards burned a Sikh temple in northern NY + the Sikhs forgave them. Funny hats, decent people.

    1. Yes, but for a inbred American redneck typing in a few words into Wiki and taking the 10 minutes to see the difference between the two takes too much effort. Not a wonder we lead the world in nothing when it comes to education. Not a wonder I moved as far away from the midwest as possible. Too many cheese covered brats turns ya stupid.

  12. If people want guns, they will get them by any means. Banning guns in the US only stops law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves against the people who mean to do unlawful harm. I’m not saying that nothing should be done to try to prevent attacks like these. I just don’t believe taking guns away from the decent people (i.e. the ones who don’t go on shooting sprees) is the right answer.

    1. Not only that, then guns just become an even bigger black market then they already are. If guns were 100% illegal or strictly controled, it would just create another market for asshole criminals to make money. Just like drugs, etc.

  13. I’ve been lurkin for over a year love this site,had to finally open an acct.. i Hate censorship and am ANTI establishment when the establishment thinks they’ll ever control the firearms I own! Strict Gun control = easier victims.. stats don’t lie, states with more CCW permits issued have lower crime rates in comparison with stricter states..a study was conducted on inmates in Corcaran State Penitentiary, one of the worst fears of inmates, to be shot while commiting their crime..

  14. I teared up while reading this. Sikhs are very peace-loving people, and it’s sad that many gunmen tend to attack the peaceful believers, just to make a statement. And sad thing is, he might have mistook them for a group he wanted to target. Just so sad condolence to the victims and families, and swift justice to the shooter. Oh no, it’s dished already. Just hoping the Sikh community will find closure

  15. I believe in the right to bear arms. Not for protection. To hunt. Personally I do not own any handguns or riffles. See no need. This guy who did this was a military man. Wisconson isnt the kind of state you would expect to see men with towels wrapped around their heads. Also

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